KIA Motorsproblem with a kia forte 2016 in mexico city

Mexico may 8th. 2017
president & ceo of kia motors
dear sir:

my name is vicente garcia. I live in mexico. I have a forte 2016 bin num knafz4a73g5587100, bought in march 2016.

I am writing this letter because i request your help.

As i told you when i bought it, the first required service was made on september 2016, i piked it up, and the next day arriving home it had a total leak of antifreeze and burning smell so i requested the kia assistance and it was taken to the santa fe dealer on a tow. It was there from september 25th to september 27th. It was supposed the i had a rental car after 24 hours on the dealer. But didn’t get that, because they said it has no failure. Only the radiator cap was no fully closed. (i have the information from my documents of kia assistance that i deserve the rented car).

I had the second service on march 28th. And every thing was reported ok.

On this second time on abril 21st 2017 coming back home from a trip. On the freeway passing trough mexico city the car became presenting failures like no air conditioning. Later passing about 100 yards in front of the santa fe kia dealer i felt a lack of power. That was the time to go and have a check to see was going on. Because i was far away from home and the dealer was right there.

I stopped across the street and the only indication i had was a rise on water temperature, and later, like a false contact, the temperature went totally down.

When i got there they told me it had no antifreeze and the oil was a little low. So i told them it is the second time but no smell and so the engine had a defective problem.

At this time the car was running and when they dicided to turn it off they couldn’t start it again and that the car had to remain on the service for a diagnose.

They couldn’t give a diagnose the firsts days because they couldn’t start the car and had to wait instructions from the plant.

At that time i called kia assistance for a rental car and that they will take care of that.

I called the dealer several times to see what was going on. This diagnose and tests took until the may 2nd.

After they gave me the diagnose it was until may 5th, they told me that there was bad news.

“the waranty doesnt’ covers you” it was your fault (negligence) no to call for the tow, even as i said i was across the street. Also kia assisstance, just today, said the same thing. I don’t agree this because when i used the first time the tow, they didn’t give any car. For this second time that i didn’t request the tow because as i said was across the street from de kia dealer and my car didn’t have any visible leak, smoke or noise.

I know not much about cars. Only saw a no reliable indication of high water temperature with out smell or smoke. That was why i went to the dealer for a check.

Up today i don’t know what are they going to do for the repair.
They want me to pay just the parts with no labor cost.

What it realy bothers me is that “kia is world wide recongnized and well qualified”, and here in mexico are not doing in this case the things right.

So as you can see, i have a this time no attention from kia dealer or kia assistance.

I said this because i have in texas a sorento 2013, so very happy with the attention that i have there, as so, i came and bought my forte 2016, with out looking for any other car.

Thanking you in advance the attention and help for my request.

Yours truly:

vicente garcia
cell [protected]

cc: woo yeal park, ceo kia motors mexico
jang won sohn, president and kia kma
michael sprague. Executive vice president
horacio chavez managing director mex
global team pr, south korea

May 13, 2017

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