H Nov 27, 2017

30 minute wait times all the time bad customer service. People on cell phones standing around management not doing a freaking thing about it. Major part of the problem. They got robbed because the door had been broken for well over a month staff in this place is just [censor]. Corporate needs to clean house major. LaZy asa people especially management. Cell phones do not need to be out wait times should not be 30 minutes. Food orders are always wrong. This is the worst place I have ever been to. Fire the whole staff. When people have real day jobs and you tell them I make $18 a hour as a carpenter do not schedule me to close because I get up at 4am and the manager is to stupid to comprehend because her life is that job and that person walks out it's her fault. I witnessed that. Now her wait times went up even more I got my money back and left I was so mad. Never coming to this place again. This place is horrible that poor guy I would walk out and tell you to take that job and piss off to the way you talk to people is horrible you don't talk to your employees like they are not good enough to lick the dirt off your shoes he's a grown man. Who do you think you are? And he does have a carpenter job I know his family he does not need that piss ant fast food job. Lol joke is on you cause you just made your self behind because he was the only one working while the rest of your so called staff what standing around doing NOTHiNG

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