KFC Malaysia / 1hr delay on the orders and unprofessional service

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I ordered a 12 piece chicken delivery service from KFC on 10th June 2015, requested that it has be arriving at 12 noon 11th June 2015. I also got a confirmation from the staff in the morning about the delivery item, time, and address on 11th June morning. However i have wait until 12.15pm, still did not receive any call from KFC.

I decided to call KFC at 03-[protected]. Not sure which branch is this, they said that driver has already took off at 11.45am and there might be some delay at Sri Hartamas and thus causing the delay. I have a whole bunch of colleagues waiting while they are having dominoes pizza, I agreed and understood that i have to wait due to the rain (although there was no rain at my area, but i do not about Sri Hartamas.)

All of us waited, and called KFC at about 1230pm, 1245pm to find out about the status. Worst of all the food were finished and all of us were still not full. At 1245pm there was a lady calling from 03-[protected], said that it will take another 15 mins as the driver was not familiar with the road.

Then here came the 'best' customer service i have ever faced in my life. I apologised to the staff as i might sounded unpleasant because i had waited so long just for my lunch. she asked me if i we were willing to wait, we were enraged. However, there were few questions we had and caused us to have such unpleasant experience with the Bad customer service KFC has:

1. Why are you hiring a driver which does not know the area at all ? Heavy rain and therefore you were late for 45 mins -1 hrs ? There is also no intention telling us when is the ETA, only willing to telll 15 mins everytime i asked about.
2. When we asked "if there is a mean that i can file a complain". This lady sounded funny and answered back "Thank you, terima kasih, and bye bye" and cut down the line, which really made us so angry. This is the worst service i had with the F&B industry. I think it would be great to just apologise if your service is late. However, this lady tried to sound funny and really made the customer had a very bad impression with the KFC. It is unprofessional and bad service. She has no means that the staff would like to apologise for the delay, and even tried to take customer's complain as a joke.

We seriously think that there can be a lot of improvement with the KFC, especially when it comes to customer complain handling.

Jun 11, 2015

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