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Kentucky Fried Chicken / poor service

1 Lichfield road Walsall WoodWalsall, England, West Midlands, United Kingdom Review updated:

Went to drive through, one car in front, had to wait ten minutes despite my vocal complaint whilst server was busy chating up the girl in the car in front, to add insult to injury when I returned home my fillet burger was not based on the standard burger but a single tiny chicken strip.

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  • Do
      6th of Jun, 2008
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    I'm a local resident and have been going to this restaurant for the past eight years. During that period of time the orders are almost always wrong. Never should you leave the restaurant without counting every item in your order. I have seen every thing done wrong that could be done wrong it seems up to and including having no chicken on Sunday morning! If the owners of this restaurant would take the time to take a poll of the local residents they would find that this is probably the worst service of any restaurant of any type in the Whole Tulsa area. I think that the only reason that they are able to stay in business is that they are the only one for miles around. Avoid this place at all costs. If not you will be sorry also. Ask anyone in the Catoosa area that has been there.

  • Jo
      6th of Jun, 2008
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    Don't patronize there. Who has the gun to your head making you eat that?

  • Va
      4th of Jul, 2008
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    Its funny how people think Tonight, I stopped and picked up my very last KFC 20 pc bucket meal with additional fries, gravy, salads and Pepsi from the Kingsdale Avenue KFC in Blossom Park, Ottawa, Canada. After waiting over 18 minutes for the 'cook' to make more chicken, I then had the unfortunate honour of watching 'Jeremy' the 'cook' put the cooked chicken on a tray and drop one of the pieces on the floor. Sorry but I don't even work with a '2 second rule' in my own home. He picked it up, I thought he was throwing it out but nope. It was put right on the tray along with all the other pieces. He looked over at me a few times and when I questioned him about this practice he just smirked and started singing. He then took the tray over to the counter ready to be put into MY bucket. At no time did he make any attempt to remove the chicken and for all I know he might have done a few other 'dandy' things to it while he was out of my sight.

    I mentioned what had happened to the woman whom I take it was the night supervisor and she went out to speak with Jeremy, who was now outside having a cigarette. He claimed to have set that piece elsewhere, not combining it with the other pieces.

    When she returned to tell me that dear 'Jeremy' insisted he'd not placed that piece with the rest. When another staff member wanted to know what the problem was, the woman began telling her that 'allegedly' this and that had happened. I informed her there was no 'alleged' about the situation. She stated that nothing like that had ever happened on 'her watch' before. Apparently they have a 'red' bin that all dropped food is to go into so she can 'count' it at the end of the night. Well that's perfect but still leaves a dropped piece in MY bucket...or perhaps even in the guy behind me whose box of 10 pieces was ready to go at the same time. She didn't know what to do about this situation. I spent over $60 on this meal to feed a larger group and as it was already after 9pm I certainly had little time to go and stand somewhere else and order something new.

    I was nauseated by this time and just grabbed the 'garbage' and informed the woman I'd be ensuring 'Jeremy' lost his job and would be speaking to someone a little higher than her or her Manager. I did apologize to her though and told her I normally don't come off so outspoken but I'm sorry, my food is crawling with what right now. Ewwww.

    Of course I should have demanded my money back and I should also have asked the counter people to 'please have a piece, I'll watch!'. Unfortunately, I think after the fact when I'm irritated so here I am complaining on a site while I'm only becoming more irritated by reiterating the story :) One small consolation, a gentleman listening to my complaint tapped me on the arm, apologized to me and said he was going elsewhere if this was how they managed their establishment, and he left.

    My son used to work at this store a few years ago and he told me that employees would never eat anything that fell on those floors because they were 'disgusting'.

    Regardless of whether that horrid little piece is in our bucket or the other guy's, tomorrow I have a get Mr. Jeremy fired. When I left he was still outside laughing about my 'attitude' with some other fellow. Hopefully he has enjoyed himself this evening because perhaps it won't be quite as amusing tomorrow. But then, I'll never know if he got canned because I won't be buying even a can of Pepsi from any KFC store again. Something tells me that he'll still be there chucking food around tomorrow night though.

  • El
      7th of Apr, 2009
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    Today i went to KFC IOI Mall, Kulai, Johor at 7.50pm and i've ordered dinner plate, chicky meal c, fun fries and cheezy wedges (total amount RM 24.45). I had paid and take the foods from counter and eat but the cheezy wedges were missed, than i went to counter and ask for receipt and cheezy wedges. Then the cashier ask the back up boy to prepare the cheezy wedges. After 20minutes still yet to get the cheezy wedges and i went stand infront counter and they just ignore me, i wait for a while and i fed up just work out from there.

  • So
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    Just popped into the KFC - Ferndale, only to find a 20 minutes queue at the drive through which is a good sign generally. However I inched forward and finally reached the order counter only to be told that they could not take debit card payments. I was incensed, not being able to purchase lunch was irritating enough after having waited so long. But really incensed me was that it all could have avoided had they simply pasted a sign up letting their customers know BEFORE WE IDLED FOR 20 MINUTES in the queue.

    Finger sticking service - for sure!

  • Pi
      7th of Dec, 2010
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    hi there, my name is Pilly. on sunday we went to kfc in jhb we were served by a lady called Melba and the supervisor is Mashudu. We were willing to purchase the bucket and she spoke to my friend who didnt understand the difference between a variety bucket and a normal bucket so she was told that she cannot change that for a normal bucket she must take what she is given by Melba i went to speak to Melba as i was sitting upstairs and she told me the same thing i asked to speak to the manager whom i was told he was not at work that the first point of showing how poor their service is: secondly i spoke to the supervision who was driven by Melba the cashier that she will not change the meal to anything we must just get lost the supervision kept on coming back to us up to a point Melba decided to throw food (variety bucket) infront of us telling us that she knows her right she is not scared of us and we got carried away with this kind of service we asked for the head office number which were told that we will get the 12 picies of chicken and that is all they can offer us we had no choice but to take what we can get as they didnt even want to give us our money back. my question was to them: what are you going to do with the variety bucket because we will not take it? are you going to take it home and feed your kids with someone else's money? the answer was:NO YOU DIDNT PAY USING MONEY YOU USED YOUR CARD, , , where does the moeny comes from? no we dont know"KFC YOU NEED WELL TRAINED CASHIERS NOT PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT TRAINED AS YOU KEEP ON LOSING UR CUSTOMERS AND YOU WILL KEEP ON GETTING COMPLAINTS LIKE THIS. first of all" The supervisor was listening to the cashier he knew nothing. second of all why dont you have the manager in charge in your KFC's everyday? thirdly" i think if Melba had a good attitude we should have tolrated her attitude buit since she had a very poor customer service and couldnt do anything except shouting at customers you wouldnt have faced such occurances. I am really disappointed with the she acted infront of customers that shows me that you just dont train anyone you just employ these people that is the only reason they can treat your customers like this

  • Re
      17th of Apr, 2011
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    I went into KFC and got a $ 12.bucket of chicken ( That is what I got for a 20 piece a few years ago) with biscuits and coleslaw. Walked out the door and looked in the Bag no napkins! go back in and no napkin dispenser, so I ask. Down the road I pulled over to eat and no utensils !!! What do you teach these Kids ? to be dumb ?? My cell phone is 734-612-4942 for communication with me only! They didn't have Extra Crispy, then they did, But know I have a hard time going out for something to eat, & this makes it even harder. It makes for a bad experience ! Reed

  • Ni
      18th of Dec, 2011
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    18 December 2011(11.30 PM) i went to KFC Tmn Sutera beside Jln Skudai Johor Bahru, my wife ordered dinner plate, she want to exchange drink frm coke to milk milo, becoz she dont like gas drink but manager incharge say cannot bcoz customer only can choose follow by original KFC menu, plz take note she haven take the drink b4 ask for exchange.My question why another restrn fast food can exchange ?i know KFC is very familiar fast food why still higher manager not professional..thnks

  • Bo
      20th of Jun, 2012
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    MY Names is Kris L. Dean
    I went to Kfc in chalmette, la that was a nasty kfc it need to be close down I'm going to send the broad of help in that kfc the person name bryant have nasty ways he do not need to be working at this kfc and the store manager is the same way the people i saw this for my self i don't want my money back i just wish it can close down

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