Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]service at kfc, ezdan mall, wakrah

We have been in Qatar for more than 9 years .We are a regular customer of KFC. Last Friday we went to dine in KFC, Ezdan mall.We ordered two dinner box. They served the chicken in two very small paper plate without the normal KFC plate or Box. We thought not to complain. Today also we bought 9 piece family meal. They put all chicken in a box and gave 3 paper plate and two glass extra. We requested them that it's really hard to eat in paper plate and ask to provide the kfc plateand 4 glasses.The cashier Mr.Rolando argued with us that they cannot provide KFC plate and will give only paper plate. We told We want KFC plate .Atlast he gave that with a very bad face. Before coming to Qatar we were in Dubai also for 8 years. We always got good service from KFC since 17years in gulf !!please provide a good service to the customers. It's really hard to eat in small paper plate which will become wet after putting colesaw. So please take care of this issue seriously.

Jun 01, 2018

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