Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / service and product

Salisbury, NC, United States

The cashier in the drive thru was very nasty and rude!! She got mad every time I asked a question! My sandwich was made very messy with mayonnaise all over the bun! I eat at KFC all the time I love KFC but idk if I want to come back ever cause I was treated really bad!!i come to this KFC all the time and I never have this problem but that day I don't know if the cashier was having a bad day or what but she just didn't want to be nice at all!! Any other time I've been there she is friendly! I've never been talked to that way!! I think my food was prepared messy on purpose! I tried to talk to a manager and she kept telling me the manager is not here and I asked her when will she be back in and she said she didn't know! I ask for the 1800 number and she walked away!! I had to look the number up myself!! Thanks for taking the time to review my complaint and I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else

Jun 09, 2017

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