Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) / ordered online one month ago... still haven't received

75 Tacoma Drive, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

I placed an online order on October 20, 2015 to the KFC in Dartmouth, NS..upon receiving my confirmation number my family and I proceeded to wait for an hour and a half, after the estimated delivery time. We finally drove to the store to have the lady tell us that no order was placed. After speaking to the complaint line that evening, I was assured they received my order or I wouldn't have a confirmation number. I'm now on my 5th call to the complain line, where they assured me a general manager or someone would contact me to apologize..It's now November 23, 2015 and still no phone call. I am disgusted by the lack of concern for ruining the dinner I was trying to set up for family, but even more disgusted by the lack of care and concern to try to rectify this situation.

Nov 23, 2015

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