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I visited the Wendy's restaurant located at 9 de Octubre 730 y Boyaca, Guayaquil, Ecuador. 2323844 with my wife just 3 hours prior to my return flight home.
Wendy's is familiar to me and I considered it to be a safe place to eat whilst being in a foreign country.
I bought 2 ice cream sundaes and we sat inside the restaurant to eat them. As we were just about to head off to the airport I was carrying a camera backpack which contained a Nikon camera and various lenses. The bag also contained our passports, my phone, wallet with money, credit cards, android tablet, two other cameras and various accessories.
Just as we were about to leave a woman who was speaking out loud Spanish approached our table. This was a distraction to allow an accomplice to steal the bag. I realized quickly what was happening and chased the thieves from the store but unfortunately lost them in the streets. The police were called but despite there being some security cameras in store, they were not examined for footage of the crime and no effort was made by either the store or police to recover my stolen belongings and as there was no offer of a place to sit inside the store, we had to discuss the particulars of what had happened for over 1 hour at the front doors to the store.
My wife and I have found the entire event extremely traumatizing as we missed our flight and had to stay for 3 days longer than expected as we had to wait until emergency passports were issued and get seats on a re-booked flight.

Jun 13, 2017
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      Jun 13, 2017

    So are you complaining about Wendy's or KFC - since your title suggests it was a KFC where this took place

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