Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / I am complaining about service

leboakgomo, South Africa

Today I received very bad service from a lady called Doree at leboakgomo kfc, she firstly didn't greet me very rude face with attitude, I ordered a zinger lunch box meal she told me I had to pay extra as her soda machine is not working I said to her I don't want soda she.than said she won't help me coz I don't want to pay extra Becoz I don't want soda she made a big deal out of it I was so upset. I think kfc stuff in lebokgomo should be taken for service delivery training because even the manager didn't apologize on her behalf they treated it as a normal purchase. I would like this resolved as I feel sorry for leboakgomo kfc customers

Oct 21, 2018

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