Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]about the service from sales desk

To whom it may concern,

This is for complaining against kfc anas, uthman ibn avan road, ksa, riyadh.near Panda.

Within last two week I buy your spicy light snak box of sar13 for at least 4 times. but some times I didn't get bread and sometime no french fries, and also all the time they are not providing the tissues, and ketchup.

Today I go again and oder the same, and when I got the parcel i check it before leaving the shop. i saw only two pieces of chicken and a very small quantity of french fries, if say exactly 15 pieces. I asked the boy in the counter where is the bread and tissue, and ketchups. He said no bread, i told him in your display for this order, shows one piece bread and I want that, he said "instead of bread i put two big piece of chicken". I insist him for the bread he go inside and give one bread and I sow the 2 chicken pieces are changed to small one, and that are not spicy, i ask him about that. he said no spicy . I asked him for the tissues and ketchup.. he become angry and put me a bunch of tissues in my bag, i said I didn't ask these much tissues . Give me what I need. i didn't order tissues, i order kfc.
These guys are always doing the same whenever I buy your prodects from this shop, i am really feddup and I got realy angry, i feel bad because in front of other customers they playing game with me and not even considering me as a customer.
I realy want to say that thi is not good for a company like kfc. I take food from kfc in india, Dubai, and also from riyadh i was happy for the customer care of all these places. These type of negligence towards a non saudi coustmer i saw in this branch only.
I think these peoples doesn't want to come other nationalities in there shops, if so you may please stick a notice in front of your shops that showing non saudies are not allowed.
Any way I will told this incident to all my friends and family and insist them to avoid kfc, i know they will agree with me because meny of them told me before incidents like this. but they dont want to waist there time by complaining like me...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]

Jun 08, 2018

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