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Florence, AL, United States Review updated:

Our last three visits to our local KYC have been terrible. The people who work there are very nice however the food is terrible. We didn't eat any of our food tonight because the chicken was dry as paper, the corn was dry, etc. It is convenient for us therefore we decided to give them chance after chance but we will not be back. It makes me sad for a co. to go down like KFC has.

Mar 22, 2013
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  • Am
      Feb 01, 2010

    I went to KFC on Columbia road in Westlake Ohio and I ordered Original Chicken and my friend ordered crispy. The breading for bothe the origianal and the crispy appeared the same and it was awfull. It did not look or taste at all like the original chicken or the crispy. It appeared as if the better was messed up and they sold it that way. It was a terrible experience and I am highly dissappointed.

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  • Jo
      Nov 05, 2011

    8:00pm on a Friday night, my wife, my daughter and I stopped by the KFC at Mobile Highway and Michigan to have dinner.. I've always loved KFC chicken and several of thier sides, but tonight I ordered the 'Delicious Sandwich', my wife smartly ordered the two piece chicken, w/ a couple sides and my daughter had an easy KFC snacker w/ mashed potatoes, but I unfortunately had the 'Delicious Sandwich' which consisted of a burnt piece of chicken breast on a squished bun, w/barely melted cheese and old bacon... I only mention this to also mention my potato fries, which were so burnt and overcooked, the potato inside was almost non-existant, not to mention dried to complete oblivion.. I do not understand, because after thirty years of decent chicken service, the last few things I've tried, (especially my last service) was totallly unacceptable, well, it makes me think, maybe KFC should stay with what they know, chicken, but that's just me, if you have other complaints about 'your fast food' please acknowledge your patrons by changing yourselves back to what you know, chicken, because obviously you've taken on too much... Thank You.. I really do love KFC, at least the old one! Thank You!

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  • Fo
      Mar 22, 2013

    Did you complain to them about the food? Usually when a person gets bad food in a restaurant, if you complain at the site, they will correct it.

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