Kenmore Elite Smoothtop Slide-In Range / sears product and service is bad

Sears Home Skyview, Edmonton, AB, Canada Review updated:

We just got this Stove at the end of August and used the self clean for the first time. It went into an error mode, the door will not open, the vent fan won't stop, it won't stop beeping and the cooktop won't work at all. Sears repair service books 3 weeks into the future. I told them that to expect someone to be without a stove for that long was rediculous so they said they would see what they could do.

They moved me up to a week and even though I explained all the problems with this stove and stressed that I didn't want the tech showing up without the proper tools and parts to get it fixed, the guy shows up and trys to open the door with a coat hanger which certainly didn't work and then said he was going to have to go to the shop and get a service manual and come back on another day.

After the miserable time I had getting these delivered - 6 days late and two days lost to waiting around for them, I phoned customer service and they told me I should demand an exchange for a new one so I called the Skyview store where I bought it and talked to the salesperson who sold it to me, who said she would talk to her manager and call me back - she claims she did but their number never even appeared on my call log. After I called back she gave me the "Manager's" name and told me to call her. After telling my story to her secretary she finally let me talk to her manager who I told I wanted a new stove, this lady then said she would phone service first thing Monday morning and try to get me emergancy service, All day Monday, no call back, half way through Tuesday I call the store back and am told she's not in. I again explain my situation to the secretary who says she will have the "Store Manager" call me back, I gave her all my numbers and suggested which one was the best to reach me on and when. Here it is Wednesday evening and I still haven't gotten a call back.

Customer service is now telling me it is more than 90 days past my delivery date and it is now too late for an exchange - even though my initial call for service was within that period.( Ther records still have the original delivery date not the actual one it was delivered on 6 days later- they claimed my stove was delivered even when it wasn't - they send their guys out without cell phones and when they can't find your address they just take it back to the warehouse and the system shows they delivered it anyway- fun fight that one was).

Needless to say, I am regretting the over $4000.00 I spent on my stove, dishwasher and microwave from Sears this summer. It also is no matter to them that I have also recently spent several thousand dollars on bedroom furniture at that same store. Well due to the unbelievabley bad service from delivery, to quality of product, to repair I certainly won't be spending any more money there and I do not recommend any one else do it either unless you like having no stove for 3 weeks and then just hope the guy will actually fix it when he shows up.

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  • Jw
      18th of Dec, 2008
    kenmore slide-in-range - my racks in the oven keeps falling, technician said the oven lining separate. The range is almost 2 years old
    United States

    Whenever you put anything on the middle and top racks the racks fall, the oven bowed out

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