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JennAir Appliances reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 3, 2007. The latest review Dual fuel convection stove - aqualift cleaning is ineffective was posted on Dec 22, 2020. The latest complaint Poor customer service was resolved on Nov 12, 2009. JennAir Appliances has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 13 reviews. JennAir Appliances has resolved 4 complaints.

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Dec 22, 2020

JennAir Appliances — Dual fuel convection stove - aqualift cleaning is ineffective

I renovated my kitchen in october 2018 and I purchased a new appliances. I selected a jennair dual fuel stove...

JennAir AppliancesGas cooktop

Cooktop is about one year old and the controller to one burner became stuck in the closed position so that the burner could not be used. Took over one year to get it fixed. Now a few months a controller got stuck in the open position and could not be shut off. All the gas to the cooktop had to be shut off as this is a major safety issue. The repair department cannot fix it for 1.5 weeks so the cook top cannot be used safely. I called jennair and spoke to a rude and obviously imcompetent person in their specialist department. He did not care and certainly could not provide specialty service. Do not buy jenn air appliances. Poorly made and even poorer is their service department. Obviously jenn air does not stand behind their so called high end products.

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    JennAir Appliancesdouble wall oven

    this piece of equipment is going on 3 years old and has had problems less than 6 months of use, the control panel has been replaced 3 times and I have been waiting for over a month for it to be replaced again. I am on the phone now waiting for the repair department extended warrantee, I have been without use of this oven over the waiting time to get repaired for at least 5 months and the company will not compensate me for any food lost during cooking break down or takeout food because I had no workable oven, I purchased this name brand because it was top of the line product, well guess what it is NOT and the service to get it repaired is deplorable, I purchased 3 items of JennAir and two out of the three have been problematic . after waiting 35 minutes I am finally speaking to a representative, and they are telling me I have to wait two more weeks, over a month to get this oven repaired with ZERO compensation. time to get a lawyer.

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      Jenn-AirRebate Scam

      One of the motivations for purchasing over $20k worth of Jenn-Air appliances was a rebate to reimburse installation charges. I filled out the rebate form, provided proof of purchase, serial #s, and made absolutely sure I included the separate invoice for installation. I later received an automatically generated post card from Jenn-Air stating that my submission is invalid because it didn't include a receipt for installation charges. I called them to straighten the situation out and the customer service agent literally just kept repeating over and over and over that I need to submit the receipt. To make matters worse, I have 2 weeks to get it to them (via mail) and have it processed prior to rebate deadline. During the 2 week time frame we have weather, Christmas and New Years to deal with. What a scam. No wonder Jenn-Air has fallen out of favor in recent decades. Why run a marketing campaign to lure customers and then piss them off?

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        • Hp
          HPC Feb 18, 2016

          They said the same exact thing to me and by the time I could resend information via fax they said it was too late. Jennair has no intention on paying installation rebates.

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        jenn airStay away, don't buy


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          jenn airExploding grills

          I am a forty year old BBQ professional. I have had catered BBQ for over 10 years and am very familiar with the set up and safety procedures with BBQ grills. I have seen some shoty products in my time, but Nexgrill takes the cake.

          I have a gas grill. Made from Nexgrill, it's three years old. Always covered and clean. On Dec. I started the grill, and an explosion followed. My both of my legs were burnt to the point that skin was pealing when the front doors blew open and a ball of fire blew out. I contacted Nexgrill and and after 6 months of stalling they said they are not going to do anything because I did not follow proper safety procedures.

          I had found that the gas hose concealed under burners had rusted through to the point gas was leaking out and filled the chamber with gas just like some of the consumers on the web sight below.

          **First off there is not a rotisserie infighter, the grill only has one.

          **Secondly the hose that was faulty is not near gas supply, it is concealed under cabinet, it's not visible.

          So the soapy water test they refer to would not have shown a leak. A visible inspection also would fail to show a leak.

          After investigating on the Internet, this is a big problem with several of there products.

          This problem would not have been found following here method of operation in the owners manual. I thought they were joking.

          Nexgrill is not taking any responsibility.

          I think this is an issue that needs to be looked into. My son, wife or I could have been seriously hurt. possibly killed.

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            • On
              on-looker Aug 19, 2011

              Try post your complaints on the Facebook:


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            • Mi
              Mike Paulison Aug 17, 2011

              I would never again purchase a Jenn-air product. I had a stove top for less than three years and it cracked. It was not due to any thing dropping on it. The company would not replace it and it was installed properly. Do not buy Jenn-air products. They are overprice and are poor quality. They do not stand behind their products and it will not stand up to simply home usuage.

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Jenn-AirPoor customer service

            After one succesful repair to our $1600 slide-in range, the same part, the control panel, digits 7, 8, 9 and 0 stopped working. After two service calls, two different service call charges and numerous calls to Jenn-Air customer service (if that's what they insist it is called), I was informed that the part was no longer manufactured, due to defective issues they have been unable to correct. Our 7 year young oven was basically now trash, as it is unrepairable. The best the Whirlpool Corp (owner of many fine brands such as Jenn-Air, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid, and Roper) would do is offer us 20% off of our next purchase!
            This was after many horrific experiences with their staff on the phone, including their refusal to step this up to a manager, literally telling my wife she would not transfer the call!
            I would never purchase another appliance, no matter how small or inexpensive, from any of the companies under the Whirlpool Corp and would strongly encourage you to do the same.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Jenn-AirAwful customer service

              There is a natural gas problem with my control valves of my Jenn-Air Range. I called customer service they took the information and forwarded it to there safety department. They called me back and said there is nothing that they could do with the problem, that I am having. If you were to bump into the handles they will stay open and allow gas to enter the room. This has happened several times in the last year. Last week two gas valves were bumped at the same time and the gas valves stayed open, filling my house with Natural gas. When I had called the Maytag company, they gave me some service company numbers to call, I finally had One person come out after several attempts He said, that there was in fact, a potential hazzard. He called the Maytag Company, There answer was, There is nothing that can be done. This was their answer to a hazzardous problem. The safety Lady that had returned my call, said that this Maytag unit had been approved. She replied the only thing that they could do was to allow a 15% discount. This was there answer to my hazardous problem in my home. I would just like my gas range to be save for my home.

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                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Jenn Air French Door with bottom freezer — ice maker defect

                I purchased a Jenn Air french door with bottom freezer refrigerator model #JCF2089HES less than 2 years ago...

                JennAir — Refrigerator is a lemon and needs to be replaced

                We completely re-did our kitchen using all Jenn Air products, because I liked their oven. The top of the line...

                Jenn-AirTerrible experience!

                I own a Jenn-air refrigerator. Aside from the fact that it is one of the worst designed side by side appliances, the ice-maker does not work. It has been changed 2 times already in the last 6 months. Every couple of months or so, it stops making ice but also initiates a hi-pitched screeching that is unstoppable and does not let us sleep. Stay away from anything made by this company. Their product looks good but is "junk" to repeat the term used by the repairman. The range's computer had to be replaced as well not too long ago.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Jenn-AirPathetic American company

                  Here is a letter I sent earlier this year about my crappy Jenn-Air mixer. I got zero response from these jokers at Whirlpool/Maytag/Jenn-Air. Never, never again will I buy any product from this pathetic American company, which makes Whirlpool, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana, Kitchen Aid products. It's unfortunate when American companies seem to go out of their way to alienate their customers, driving them to buy overseas products.

                  April 6, 2007

                  Jeff M. Fettig
                  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
                  Whirlpool Corp.
                  2000 N M-63
                  Benton Harbor, MI 49022

                  David L. Swift
                  Whirlpool North America
                  200 N M-63
                  Benton Harbor, MI 49022

                  Re: Notice of breach of warranty

                  Dear Messrs. Fettig and Swift,

                  My Jenn-Air mixer permanently stopped working, and I have not received satisfactory resolution from your company. Quite frankly, we have been given the run-around from Jenn-Air/Maytag/Whirlpool. Each time we talk to your representatives, we are given a different story about what we need to do and how to get reimbursed for this machine, which quit on me less then one year after I received it as a gift. My husband and I expected reimbursement weeks ago, but your company has not made good on its defective product. You are in breach of the product's warranty, a copy of which I have enclosed.

                  You are also in breach of the reimbursement offer we received from your company in March.

                  Here is my story:

                  For Mothers Day 2006, my husband bought me a Jenn-Air mixer. (Please see copy of receipt, enclosed.) In March, less than one year later, the machine inexplicably quit on us, never to work again. My husband called the local retailer, expecting that the broken mixer would be fixed or replaced. Simple, right? Little did we know.

                  My husband was told the mixer is on recall, that they're not being manufactured anymore and that we can't get an exchange. He then called your Jenn-Air customer service and they confirmed that there have been problems with the machine. Your company offered to reimburse us the full purchase price in exchange for us faxing the purchase receipt to Jenn-Air/Maytag. My husband accepted this offer and was directed to fax a copy of the receipt to them (fax # [protected]). He was told that upon receipt of the faxed receipt, a check would be forthcoming. Vann's, the store in Helena where my husband bought the mixer, agreed to fax the receipt for us.

                  A month later, we had not received the reimbursement check and I called to follow up. My follow-up phone call occurred on April 3, 2007. At that time, I was given no information about the status of the reimbursement check, only the vague information that the file (whatever that is) had to be forwarded to Benton Harbor for processing. The customer service rep explained that the terms of the reimbursement offer had changed but didn't provide any details. I stated that we had fulfilled the terms of the offer and that we should receive a reimbursement check, pursuant to the terms of the reimbursement offer. She assured me not to worry and that I will be getting a call within 24 to 48 hours. I asked for confirmation that we would be getting our money back, as promised. She gave me vague assurances that the company would honor its promise.

                  On April 5, 2007, I received a telephone message from Whirlpool and was told that we needed to fax the receipt (again), this time to a different fax number. Apparently, the file in its entirety was not transferred. Once again, we called Vann's and for the second time they kindly faxed the receipt. Then Kathryn, your customer service rep, informed me that the terms had indeed changed96 Whirlpool now was offering to replace the mixer with a Kitchen Aid mixer or refund the money, but only if we sent back the power cord to the Jenn-Air mixer.

                  At this point, I was thoroughly peeved. Why weren't we told this when my husband called the first time? Why didn't Whirlpool/Maytag/Jenn-Air call to inform us of this change? It was only after I took the initiative to call that I receive this information. How long would it have been before your company had the courtesy to call us and inform us of the status of this matter?

                  Here's why in particular I was peeved:

                  First, I have already replaced the Jenn-Air mixer with a Kitchen Aid mixer, at a price much higher than the $199.99 we paid for the Jenn-Air. We had expected to receive the reimbursement check, so we went ahead and splurged on a Kitchen Aid, figuring we'd put the $199.99 toward it as soon as we received the check. To date, no check. Had I known you were offering replacement with a Kitchen Aid mixer, I would have opted for that and not bought my own.

                  Second, we were never told that we'd have to take the trouble to send back the power cord at our own expense and hassle. I balked at that. This demand is contrary to the warranty. Plus, why should I be inconvenienced, all because we made the unfortunate decision to purchase a Jenn-Air mixer? I asked whether Whirlpool/Maytag/Jenn-Air would be sending me a pre-paid mail envelope in which to send back the power cord? Answer: No. Then, I offered to return the power cord to Vann's, the local retailer.

                  Answer: No.

                  I have enclosed a copy of the warranty information I received with the mixer. Please note that it explicitly states: Jenn-Air will arrange for it to be returned free of charge.

                  The same should hold for the power cord. I refuse to be inconvenienced by having to send you the power cord, especially since this is a change from the terms of the offer made in March.

                  Then I spoke with a supervisor. I again asked about the pre-paid mail envelope for the power cord. Nope. How about if I drop the cord off at Vann's? Nope. I persisted in questioning why the company was not fulfilling the terms of its reimbursement offer. Your supervisor had the nerve to say, There is nothing to verify that that's what you were told in March when you first called. Later, when I again stated the terms of the reimbursement offer, she said, 'That's just hearsay.' Now you're calling me a liar! Not good �?ustomer service.

                  Apparently, you want the power cord to ensure that our machine can't be used, perhaps because you think we're lying about the fact that it's broken. If you don't believe us, I suggest you go to any product review website (Epinions, Overstock, etc.) and you will find many others who have experienced the very same problem with this mixer.

                  It wouldn't tick me off so much about sending the power cord back if only we had been told that the first time we called. Same with the offer to replace with the Kitchen Aid. We dug deep to pay for the new Kitchen Aid and now, one month later, you unhelpfully offer to send me a new Kitchen Aid. The fact is, every time we called, the story changed, the promises changed. Next, I expect you're going to tell me I have to package the entire machine and send it back to you, at my cost!!

                  Here's some advice: Get your story straight, live up to the promises you make to your customer, keep your customer informed (especially when you've sold them a defective product), honor your product's warranty, and don't call your customer a liar.

                  Consumer confidence is an intangible asset for which any company, small or large, should strive to acquire and maintain. When your industry is facing intense competition, particularly from overseas companies (LG, Bosch), I would expect a lot better from an American company. My confidence quotient in your companies is an absolute low and would think twice or three times before purchasing any of your products. Perhaps you can restore some semblance of confidence in me about your products and your company.

                  Now, may I please have my money back?

                  Brenda Thompson

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                    • Updated by Wp2008 · Mar 19, 2012

                      Hello Bryan Stahl. We are sorry to learn about the concerns you are having with your range. If you are in need of assistance, you can send us your contact information, including your phone number, address, site that you were contacted at, and the full model and serial number to [email protected], and we would be happy to address your concerns. Sincerely, Melanie.

                    • An
                      Angry Design Professional Apr 19, 2016
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      We bought a full Jenn Air package for our kitchen 4 years ago - refrigerator, cooktop, microwave, oven, and dishwasher.

                      In 4 years the following repairs have been made, all at our expense:

                      - Microwave control panel replaced.
                      - Microwave magnetron replaced twice.
                      - Icemaker repaired twice and replaced twice.
                      - Two refrigerator control boards replaced.
                      - Dishwasher leak repaired.
                      - Dishwasher control board failed.
                      - Control panels on both cooktop and oven are failing, giving intermittent error messages.

                      What does Jenn Air say about all this? "We are not getting good components from our suppliers." Here is a suggestion, Jenn Air - get different suppliers! There is a difference between a reason and an excuse.

                      There have been no offers to help with repair or replacement of this junk, just an offer to sell us an extended warranty on the refrigerator for an additional $1200. The refrigerator only cost $2000 new, so that tells you how confident Jenn Air is in their products.

                      I am a design professional who specifies appliances for projects dozens of time each year. We are replacing our Jenn Air junk appliances with a different manufacturer's products as they fail, and neither I nor any of my clients will ever have a Jenn Air appliance again.

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                    • Br
                      Bryan Stahl Feb 28, 2012
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer


                      Jenn Air has given me nothing but trouble with my $1100 Range I purchased...They are screwing people left and right, they have no consience. It will cut their own throat shortly, I am sure of that. You can not treat people that way for too long. I won't tell my horrible story to 11 people like the studies show ...I will tell at least 33...I will never buy from Whirlpool or Jenn Air again that is guaranteed..Bryan Stahl

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                    Jenn Air Refrigerator — Miserable product

                    I have had my side-by-side Jenn Air Refrigerator for about 7-8 years. This is the third time that I have had...

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