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Aug 12, 2019

Kenmore — kenmore electric oven

My oven glass front door fell off out of the blue today while cooking I had my grandchildren here and thank...

Aug 10, 2019

Kenmore — kenmore elite high efficiency washer model 796.2927# 5.2 cu. ft.

We purchased this washer and dryer as a set from Sears on 5/20/11, and several years later noticed rust...

Kenmore elite refrigerator

My four year old kenmore elite refrigerator that I paid $3, 000 for died on july 6th. It worked fine in the morning and was leaking water from the ice bin and was completely warm when we got home after being gone for the day. I immediately called sears and was told it would take 10 days before they could come out. They came out 10 days later and diagnosed that it was a bad compressor. I had logged my problem before they came and yet they didn't have the part with them (duh!). The tech said they were not allowed to carry the part (compressors) on the truck. Then they announced it would take another 10 days before they could come again with the part. Just getting the part took me hours and hours to get. They were supposed to be here two days ago and surprise!!! They never showed up and never even called! Apparently they were overbooked and couldn't come (somehow that is my problem). They automatically rescheduled our appt for another 10 days out without any explanation or making sure we were even going to be home. We have been promised twice that a mgr from the "escalation" dept would call us... Of course they did not. My husband and I have each taken a day off of work and we still do not have our refrigerator fixed. Today is day 23 without a refrigerator and they are not coming for another 9 days. This is beyond ridiculous!! Absolutely no excuses. I am sick of it. I have spent over 9 hours on the phone and numerous chat sessions with absolutely no resolution. I was also told that I had to use sears/kenmore techs because the part is under warranty. The labor amount they have quoted me is $400.00. This whole thing has been a nightmare. I have never had such problems in my life and I have never worked with such a horrible group of people that don't care about you or your problem or the fact that they are taking over 30 days to fix their product.in addition, there is a class action lawsuit against lg for the compressors in these kenmore/lg appliances. I encourage anyone and everyone who is having this same problem to join the lawsuit.

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    • Kh
      Khan52 Aug 09, 2019
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Same refrigerator, died completely after four years. It was the compressor . Known issue that neither Kenmore nor Sears want to acknowledge. same fridge 6 month into purchase the entire mother board died which also a known issue. all kenmore, whirlpool, kitchenaid many other fridges brand that use LG linear compressor will last not more than 4 years. another way of making Money. do you homework before purchasing fridge.

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    Jul 30, 2019

    Kenmore — kenmore front load washer 796.[protected]

    I purchased this washer in 2015 brand new, it has been 4 years and it was fine, it broke down and the...

    Kenmore kenmore refrigerator

    We purchased a new Kenmore refrigerator April 2018. In July 2019 the refrigeration section went out and we lost hundreds of dollars of food. The Kenmore appliance repair said we needed a new fan for $400 (plus the service fee of $185). In addition to that they needed to order the part and the repair will take 3 weeks. So for 3 weeks we will be having to use an ice chest. After more than 45 minutes on hold and being transferred to three different people who could not help and could not provide us with the correct number to call Kenmore said it was out of warranty and would not take any responsibility or share any of the responsibility with us. We expected some semblance of quality with a Kenmore appliance and also expected some semblance of customer service regarding their quality but we received neither. They were only proficient at passing us along to someone else equally as unsympathetic and unobliging as soon as possible. We will NEVER buy another Kenmore appliance and we encourage anyone reading this review to beware of the Kenmore brand and extremely poor customer service.

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      Kenmore kenmore elite refrigerator

      I moved into a rental unit so I was not sure on the history of fridge. I immediately noticed a smell- and went on the endless search for the source like all the other people. I thought I was losing my mind. Since it appears Sears/Kenmore has no answer to these complaints I'm getting the idea we are out of luck. I am just so happy that others are saying the same thing. -but really pissed that this is obviously an issue that they can't fix.
      It's so gross. I will never buy a sears product again for this reason. Who wants to smell such disgusting odors where you keep your food!?

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        Kenmore kenmore refrigerator

        Kenmore sucks have a grab n go refrigerator purchased november 2015 and is now out of commission! Cost me almost 200 in food, does any company take pride in their product? Im so sick of these big corporations sticking it and breaking it off in the consumers. Its time to humble up and work on quality control! In my eyes your robbed me of money! I should still have a running fridge but thanks to your poor craftsmanship im outta pocket to get this pile of garbage fixed! Never buying a kenmore ever again!!!

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          Kenmore washer

          I bought my washer back in January and I've had to use the warranty twice because there are bad parts in my washer. The last guy that was here and said he'd basically replacing everything in my washer, and now I've been without a washer for about a month and it's STILL not fixed. They've been waiting on parts they said for over a week. I have a baby on the way due any day. and frankly don't have the money to go a laundry Mat, and no friends live close enough to use theirs, so for the past month, I've had to do laundry by hand and I can't even wash her clothes to prepare for her to be here. I'm getting extremely frustrated. It's a new washer, And I can't even use it. I might as well have kept my old broken one.

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            Kenmore elite refrigerator

            Refrigerator stopped cooling after 3 years of use. I paid $110 to my local appliance person to tell me it was was obvious that the compressor was leaking freon and needed to be replaced. I contacted Kenmore for a warranty-covered replacement. Kenmore transfers me to Sears (case# 635-4191) which wants me to pay their technician $120 more to come out and diagnose the issue themselves. On top of that, Kenmore will supply a new part as part of the warranty, but I must cover the labor costs myself. The Sears technician stated that it could be $350-400 for their labor costs. That totals around $600 out-of-pocket for me to replace a defective part by Kenmore on a refrigerator still on the market today selling new on Sears for $1100. Obviously this is unacceptable, but the supervisors that I spoke with at Sears (Samantha/McKayla) stuck to the script and provided me no alternative. No percentage off for being a loyal customer, no flexibility on the fact that I had already paid to have someone diagnose the problem, no discount on a new fridge...nothing.

            As someone that has grown up around Sears products (parents owned a Sears store), it is extremely disappointing to see their brands come to this, but I must now end my relationship with both of them. This level of customer service and product quality is unacceptable today. I realize it is probably too late for them to take corrective action at this point, so I'll just warn others not to purchase anything from them thinking that they are the same companies that they were 10-30 years ago.

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              Kenmore kenmore elite refrigerator 73167 28.5 cu. ft french door

              We purchased this Kenmore Elite on November 28, 2016. July 9, 2018 refrigerator stopped functioning. We lost all food in the freezer along with dairy products. A representative requested that we unplug the refrigerator and re-plug in; refrigerator began to work but not for long. We filed for compensation for lost food products. Sears sent check for $ 115.00 for a refrigerator repurchase and $300.00 for lost food. Needless to say the checks bounced leaving us with the bank cost. A Sears technician arrived on July 25, 2018. The technician stated that since the parts didn't usually go bad, it would be a couple of months before the parts would be available. We waited and contacted the original technician and he said the tariffs were holding up the parts. We waited until November and called Sears for another Technician . This is a different technician who ordered the mother board which arrived at our home in six days. Technician installed part on December 6, 2018. This refrigerator broke again on June 22, 2019 while we were out for a day. We lost all the frozen foods, and the refrigerated products along with my diabetes medication (Trulicity). With the local pharmacy closed over the weekend, I haven't been able to get a refill. This medication has a co-pay of $200.00 per dose ( I lost my weekly doses) and since it's so close to the last refill, there is a chance the insurance won't cover it. Called sears for a repairman and was told we would need to wait until July 17, 2019 to see a technician. Almost a month from the time the refrigerator broke again. We contacted Sears again later in the day to try and get another appointment sooner and the system cancelled the appointment she set for June 26 and changed it to July 18. Today is June 23, 2019. I am a 100% disabled veteran and getting appointments with my healthcare provider could take a little time. I need my medication and a reliable refrigerator.

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                Kenmore washer/repair service

                I am writing this because I am at my wits end with the incredible bad service and support I am receiving from Sears/A&E/Sedgwick on my Kenmore washing machine.

                Back on February 14th our Kenmore washing machine broke and we called for a service visit. February 15th a technician arrived and told us that the washer needed a new transmission. He ordered the part and we were told to call once we received it.

                We received the part and scheduled a repair on Feb 25th where the Technician "Pedro" supposedly fixed the washer. When he ran it, my wife told him it was very loud, and his reply was "That's normal because it doesn't have water in it" Since we never had issues with service with Sears before she accepted the explanation and he left. The next afternoon my daughter did a small load to wash her work clothes before her evening shift. This was the first operation of the washer since the repair. The washer proceeded to leak soapy water that flooded my basement laundry room, ruining the entire new floor in the laundry room as well as about 30 or so square feet of our almost new 1 1/2 year old laminate floor. We have filed a claim on this, but we seem to be getting the run around from your claim company Sedgwick as they do not return calls from me or my attorney who I got involved after 2 months.

                A technician "Dave" arrived Feb 28th after the flood and noted that the basin was cracked as well as the gear case teeth were completely missing, so there is NO WAY this washer was left in running condition, not to mention the basin would have leaked if it was tested with water, which I was told was supposed to be standard procedure. This technician (Dave) ordered the parts to repair and told us he would have them inspected and hand delivered to insure there were no damages in shipping. I did appreciate the professionalism of the second A&E technician Dave.

                This is a open and closed case of who is at fault and Sears, and their lackies Segwick, and A&E will not do anything to close this case. Its clear that these companies do not stand behind their work and hide behind the "Segwick" name to refuse to repair damage their incompetent technicians do.

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                  Kenmore kenmore side by side refrigerator with grab-n-go door

                  I bought this refrigerator in October 17, 2016. The compressor went out on June 2, 2019. Not even 3 full years. Our last refrigerator lasted 14 years. When we called it would take 7 days to send someone out and cost $95 and they only paid for the part. Then it would take another 10-21 days to get the part and install it and we would have to pay for labor. So possibly 17-28 without a refrigerator and cost us money. An appliance guy came out the same day for $95 to assess. Then $600 for the part and $600-$800 for labor. So $1200-$1600 after parts, labor and taxes. We just decided to buy a new frig from Home Depot with the discount it was $1600. Samsung seems to be the best ones out there that are built and we got a 5 year warranty. Plus we had to go a week without a frig and lost $300 in food and supplies. Kenmore is the worst! Total RIP off.

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                    Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator

                    Purchased this refrigerator to replace an older whirlpool. This was done in nov, 2018. Delivered nov 23. Starting hearing a very loud hum and wasn't keeping food cold. I adjusted temps as I called on may 12, may 13 still wasn't cold. Asked for service. Apt for may 20. Took time off from work for them to repair. Repairman said think its an issue thinking door wasn't closed... Which I told him wasn't true, the bell sounds and it is always closed. They did some defrost of freezer and said it should start cooling down. I had errands to run and came back a few hours later, still not working. I called they said they will send tech back out today. I waited 3 hours and no call or tech. I called again, they said he is out of the area, will make another apt. Apt for may 23. I take another day off. Tech came said need to order parts, will take 2 weeks, gave apt for 6/10.
                    On 5/31 I receive parts in the mail, call to see if I can get an earlier apt. Apt for 6/7, took another day off. On 6/6 receive a text apt. Rescheduled to 6/13. I take more time off from work, for that day. Today, 6/12 I receive a text message yet again saying reschedule until 6/24. Parts are still on back order. I evidently only received some of the parts. I just read all the recent complaints on your kenmore products, which I wish I would of done prior. My parents always bought kenmore. A refrigerator should last a long time. Not 6 months. I do not know where these appliances are currenly made. The customer service is horrible!!! I believe it is out of the us, and they are reading a script.

                    I am writing the better business bureau, and the attorney general of michigan. I have been without a fridge for over a month, and have spent a lot of money replacing food! I had a friend loan me a fridge which is in my garage to store my food. I am lucky in that respect. I waited a long time to purchase a new fridge.

                    No one should go through this. I called a local repair shop and they could be here tomorrow, but of course I would have to pay for everything. What good is this warranty you have if you are not standing behind it???

                    I asked for someone to come and take it out, and I will purchase elsewhere. I was told I do not have that option. I have to wait for parts, and it to be repaired and if it can't they will get me another one.

                    I will never ever buy kenmore again, it is not kenmore quality it is someone else with your name on it. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

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                      Kenmore kenmore induction range 790 - explosion

                      On June 4, I was using one burner on the stove to steam vegetables, turned the stove off, and suddenly there was a large boom and flash. The stove exploded and tripped the breaker.

                      After restoring power, the oven worked normally, but the stove had no power only showing error code 31. This is when I called the first time. Kenmore told me that the manufacturer only guarantees the quality of this $2000 stove for 1 year. It is 7 years old. They said that some parts are warranted longer, but the only way to find out if this part was one of those covered by a warranty was to pay a technician $129 to come verify the damage. That makes no sense.

                      There was a loud explosion of a cheap fuse used in the circuit board. I removed the back panel of the stove, and the surrounding metal is charred and melted (see picture-- burned component is circled).

                      A look online shows that many other consumers have had the same experience, and Kenmore's only solution is to sell you a $540 new circuit board and then pay someone even more money to install it.

                      An electrical repair man looked at the circuit board and said the explosion must have been big and likely damaged the surrounding components as well. Yes, it was a big flash and boom in the kitchen while I was cooking with my small children. This is not only a safety hazard, it is enormously irresponsible. The repair is likely to cost close to $1000. This is criminal-- if Kenmore is gambling on installing a cheap device guaranteed to fail then they should also cover the cost of repair. In fact, they have a duty to make consumers aware of this failure and safety hazard before someone is injured.

                      I urge Kenmore to recall this item for this well-documented problem. In the meantime, my family has no way to cook.

                      Thank you,

                      kenmore induction range 790 - explosion

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                        Jun 05, 2019

                        Kenmore — model 796.3151#21#

                        Washer is rusting around bleach dispenser and inside by detergent holder. This machine is only about 6yr...

                        Kenmore elite washing machine

                        The inside of this washing machine is rusting horribly. Flaking off to the clothing, and seems to be spreading. I have tried calling and continue to get transferred then hung up on. It's a washing machine and should be RUST resistant correct? Water is running in them so why hasn't there been a recall? I can't seem to get any answers.

                        The water valve is falling apart.

                        The lid is now starting to rust as well. I just can't understand why an Elite washer would do this and then they ask if you have extended warranty.

                        Has anyone spoken what them to see if they can get replacement parts? I would imagine the entire top needs to be replaced.

                        elite washing machine
                        elite washing machine

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                          Kenmore kitchen appliances

                          We bought a Kenmore Elite kitchen suite in 2016 for our retirement home.

                          Microwave/Convection Oven/Oven
                          Warming drawer
                          4-Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator w/Dispenser - Stainless Steel

                          In the 4 ensuing years we have had
                          - the refrigerator compressor fail TWICE!
                          - the oven/microwave mother board fail TWICE!
                          - the handle on the Microwave come lose and fall off
                          - and the replacement handle/door for the Microwave come from the warehouse defective

                          We have lost food and we have lost the use of our kitchen because of these quality issues.

                          And, since the replacement parts are the same as the original factory parts we know they will fail again.

                          We have lost all confidence in the brand.

                          This is especially sad since we have used Kenmore Elite in all our previous homes and have even encouraged our children to use the brand.

                          Mike Mix

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                            May 09, 2019

                            Kenmore Elite (Sears) — kenmore elite top-loading automatic washer - model 796-3151#21#

                            My name is Callie Williams and I purchase a Kenmore Elite Top-Loading Automatic Washer, Model 796.3151#21# in...

                            Kenmore kenmore side-by-side refrigerator, model# 106.5113

                            I'm writing on behalf of my elderly Mother, Mrs. Roxie Falconer. Would like a replacement refrigerator based on the following:

                            Purchased refrigerator on or about Jan/Feb 2018 from Sears
                            24 Jan 19 replaced refrigerator motor
                            20 Feb 19 replaced ice maker motor
                            8 Mar 19 replaced ice maker dispenser motor

                            This is a defective product and should be replaced. Parents are elderly. Please call to discuss at 360.475.5082. I'm Marquita Hooks (daughter).

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                              Kenmore 600 series vacuum

                              I purchased a 600 series canister about a year ago and it is TRASH! It was a waste of 260.00 plus bucks! The suction is good but the maneuverability of the canister is a ZERO. The wheels WILL NOT ROLL OVER THE CORD! When you pull it too hard to get over the cords it then tips over - it will NOT go around corners easily so you HAVE TO STOP vacuuming and go get it. For many years I purchased the Magic Blue but you no longer make the best machine you ever made! Go Figure. I have a 4 year old fridge Elite 3400.00 that has been down more than up...I have spent 1000's on repairs! Do you really think I will buy again? NOPE! I am DONE with Kenmore...no wonder Sears is struggling! Your product sucks! I feel duped by Kenmore so I will no longer purchase the product

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