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K Mart Pharmacy / automatic refill system

1 54 st San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 619-286-8041

Couple months ago, the automatic refill system was introduce to the customer. There was a voice messages promted when you call for refill that the K-mart having the autometic refill, just inform to the associate worker or phamarcist to enroll the program. I have never enrolled for the automatic refill.

This afternoon, I called in for refill the medication. The Pharmacy tech. told me that there was no refill left, she would call the doctor. She was then told me that it was her mistake, the last refill was filled on 11-14-2008 and ready for pick up. I was confused and asked how come? I did not call for refill. She explained that the automatic system allows her to refill this and it is ready for me.

I was surprised, since I did not ask to be enrolled this system; why it happens? I spoke to pharmacist in charge at the moment; he said that before you have to enrolled, but now you don't have to it is the K-mart pharmacy policy that we refill the prescription for the patient who has refill every month, and you will informed by phone that the medication is ready for you. I said that what is happening if I do not need to take anymore. He said that the medication will be restock/ When I asked is your policy. He said "YES". I said you better give me the K-mart policy in writing. He said well if you do not like he will take me off the automatic refill system.

This is non sense:
* do not want to be bothered and surprised when someone call "medication is ready for you!"
* what else they are trying hide? Are they going to bill the insurance and the Medicare/ medical? A senior over 70 years old does not care if the K-mart bill to the Medicare/medical. Only the people paying tax who cares.

Next time, when you fill your medication. Do not let them enroll you to the automatic refill system.

I personally did not believe there is a policy; they could be in trouble if they want to disturb people by calling “medication is ready for you!"

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  • Jl
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    CVS also has this automatic refill system. I find it is so much quicker than having to call every single time I need a refill. Geez...maybe you should excuse Kmart for trying to make your life easier !

    Don't you have anything better to complain about?

  • Mo
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    The automatic refill is good If you wanted and enrolled.

    I have issues in the pass that the medication just automatic appears in my mom's mail box from one of the pharmacy even though my doctor already changed her medication. When I called they said someone called for refill. They wanted to get money from the money from Medicare. My mom by the way, she was 80 at that time, she did not care...

    K-Mart should ask there customer before they enroll them to the automatic refill system.

  • Tv
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    That's what I am talking about!

  • Wi
      12th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Kmart Corp. routinely enrolls customers for AUTOMATIC refills, whether they refuse this service or not. The company has a software application that searches each store's prescription database and switches the patient profile to AUTOMATIC refills & billing even if the pharmacist opts the person out of this. This is the corporate practice! Additionally, the computer system under corporate control TELEPHONES patients at home to remind them to pay for their prescripts up to 1-2 weeks after the prescription has been purchased. Corporate HQ is aware of the tremendous number of complaints from customers, but they refuse to remedy these practices because they believe these increase the number of prescriptions filled and enhances sales figures.

    There is more to know. I am aware of one pharmacy that stores medications (insulin, other cold items) in a refrigerator that does not work. As long as the latest batch of medications to be dispensed are placed in the working fridge an hour or so before use, the company refuses to spend a few dollars to keep the medications cold as specified by the FDA and federal law. This results in loss of potency for many items, including insulins. In turn, this may lead to a doctor’s visit for poor glucose control (because of bad insulin) and further prescriptions for more expensive types of insulin or other glycemic control medications (i.e., more business & sales).

    While most all large pharmacies have standardized "E-Script" software that allows doctors’ offices to send a computerized prescription directly to the pharmacy computer, Kmart software is the only of the large chains with software that is incompatible with this safety service. Worse, Kmart "encourages" their pharmacists to promote their "E-Script" services to patients and doctors offices in order to appear to be state-of-the-art. The truth is that each E-Script received by Kmart usually produces 6-7 separate prescriptions in the computer that all contain errors. Pharmacists are expected to pick and choose what they "guess" is the most likely correct info for each piece of information. E-Scripts never arrive without multiple errors---which is unacceptable under FDA regulations, state & federal laws, and it contrary to accepted standards of professional practice.

    So much more..."secret source" generic drugs are shipped to pharmacies without a paper trail. Fraudulent insurance billing practices (bill for one product and dispense another), etc. and an array of other ongoing violations.. How does Kmart Corp. handle suggestions to help correct these dangerous deficiencies? They threaten and attack anyone seeking to make their customers happy and safe. This is a slap in to the face to the entire USA public by Kmart Corp. and the regulatory government agencies. The government offices will ultimately inform anyone that seeks assistance with these matters that the agency must protect the PUBLIC, not individual persons who constitute the public. The government agencies act to protect the large business with complete ambivalence to the hazards and harm caused to American citizens who trust the government to protect them.

  • Gr
      24th of Mar, 2010
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    I couldn't have said it better. Of course doctors change prescription and patients are admitted
    to hospitals and other institutions that provide in stay medications. Patients also die and no
    longer need the Rx. Automatic refill is tantamount to a years Rx for maintenance medications.
    Patients that are old and dieing are being used as a means to milch medicare and other institutions.
    It's hard to keep off automatic refill for the obvious reason that medications will be dispensed
    whether they are needed/used or not. Especially at a time like this when the price of
    health care is under scrutiny, this gross mismanagement should be put to a screeching halt.
    Simply fraud under the guise of better service.

  • Sa
      11th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

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