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Juniper Bank / Shame on Juniper Bank customer service

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Today was a first for me. Juniper Master Card. Juniper increased my Rate from 7.99 to 23.24 APR. Their reason, my payment was late. Mind you, the payment at best is 4 days late.

As a rule I pay all payments via bill pay accounts and until this late posting of my payment, I have never missed or been late with a payment with their firm. After heated conversations with them my opinion and actions of Juniper are as follows: They are crooks. Juniper Master Card and this industry will continue to rob people unless they become regulated. The reasonable interest that they make on transactions are not enough, they subscript to greed and will not end their blood sucking practices without the applications of a strong hand that is heavier then the one they currently swing.

My responses to their actions are as follows.

1) I closed my account on the spot.
2) My wife closed her account.
3) I have issued payment in full to bring the balance to zero. (I refuse to allow them an opportunity to make one extra penny at my expense.)
4) I will write both to the state and federal Congress and Senate concerning their policies.
5) My memory is long, and I will protest their action at every opportunity and event that I attend. I believe that I come in contact with no less than 30 people per day. Do the math (30 people * 360days). I will commit to this campaign for at least one year none stop.
6) I will never knowingly support any business or associated business related to Barkley Bank and any of it associated firms and or holding.

Note the number 6. The number should really be 666.

Shame on you Juniper Credit Card and the members of its senior management that would support such a business tactic and strategy.

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