Jpmorgan Chase / bad bank

IA, United States

Denny f, (Chicago)
I’ve had a chase credit card since 1985. I opened it with a 4.99% rate, I only opened it because it was clearly stated in there fine print that the 4.99% rate would stay that way until either of us died. Joke but you know what I mean. Here it is now 2010 with 2011 approaching very fast, and black friday is right around the corner. I just received a letter from my chase credit card co. And it said, they are raising my credit limit for a tenth time since i’ve owned this account, to a mere 25, 000, oh and get this the rate is still 4.99%. Oh and btw, my credit rating is near 460, plain english, it sucks. Thanks j. P. Morgan chase manhattan.

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