JPMorgan Chase Bank / customer service

Grand Prairie, TX, United States

I do not have an account with Chase. And after what happened, I'll never get an account with Chase and all my friends and family who had a Chase account. Closed it. I went to Chase Bank off highway 360 and Post And Paddock in Arlington, Texas. It was last Thursday at about 5:30pm. I went thru the pull up window. I had a personal check from my job that I needed to cash to pay my car note. They have a Chase account and I've never had a problem cashing my checks there. Never been a fee because they had an account. Well last Thursday the lady said there would be a $8 fee. I asked her why because there has never been a fee, I've been cashing these checks every week for a couple months now. She got an attitude with me so I was like just go ahead and cash it, the fee is fine. I was on the phone with my uncle, who is a lawyer, and he started recording at this point. So I have everything recorded. She comes back to the window and says she won't cash my check because the signature doesn't match. I asked what signature didn't match what, I didn't understand. She gets even more upset and starts talking to me like I'm stupid, again this is all recorded. So I pulled around and went inside to talk to the manager. He's standing there as soon as I walk in. I asked politely to speak to the manager, his response was, that's me. I explained to him what had just happened in the drive thru, as the lady from behind the glass stares me down watching. He says that since I'm not an account holder there that there wasn't anything he can do for me. I called my boss, the one who wrote the check and owns half the company. Your manager replied with, I refuse to talk to her on your phone. So I called my uncle again to continue recording everything. The manager goes in his office with my check so I followed him. He turns around and tells me I can get out of his office and to go outside. My uncle told me not to leave my check in there and go outside. So I didn't. They manager then got even more upset and said there wasn't anything he was going to do that he wasn't going to over turn the cancelled endorsement. I left that bank in tears. My car note was due that day. I almost lost my car. Your guys at the bank were treating me like I was trying to fraud them or something. I was in my uniform, covered in paint from head to toe. I was racially profiled at this location. Both employees that dealt with me and treated me like I was a criminal were black. I am considering going with my uncle's best judgement and filing a lawsuit. I have everything recorded. I am requesting a call from someone above your manager at that location. This type of service is uncalled for. A customer should never arrive some place in a good mood and leave in tears over a $200 check.
My name is Johanna Chandler.
My contact is [protected]

Jul 23, 2017

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