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I have never experience the rudeness that I have experience today at Jewel Osco on 4042 W. Foster.

I was misinformed then was treated rudely!

I saw a sign for 10pcs nuggets for $1.99. I asked the Deli employee if there are any left. She told me to check the hot wing bar.

I saw some and took 10. When I went to checkout, the cashier rings up the hot wing bar. I told the cashier it is 10pcs nuggets and it was supposed to be for $1.99. The cashier called the Deli. I told her if it's too much work, forget it and I will pay for that price. I don't like misrepresentation as a business owner. If one price said something, it supposed to be that. Plus I was directed to the hot wing bar to get them. How am I supposed to know the price would be different? The sign I saw was different.

I just want things to be clear. The Deli guy came to cashier and gave her the price's sticker for $1.99. She asked if he putted the nuggets in the bag. I said I did. She said, "you know you have to pay tax and the service we provide."

Yes. I understand we must pay for the service but I was just trying to understand why the sign said 10pcs for $1.99. It did not said it has to be pre-packaged or anything.

I informed the cashier I saw the sign. She shook her head and rudely said no. She then said "you know you cannot pay for these or soup with link card." First of all, she saw I pulled out a credit card, not a link card. I calmly replied, " I do not have a link card." She then said "how am I suppose to know you have it or not."

I just walked away and went to the Deli to confirm why there is a sign for $1.99. The Deli guy explained the $1.99 is for the pre-packaged ones. How about I supposed to know that?

You don't know who the person is--don't be rude and made rude comments. Believe the consumer when they say something. Go look at the sign instead of rudely shaking your head and make unnecessary comments.

It is not about the price but it's about the transparency and accuracy of the marketing!

Mar 30, 2017
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