Jet Airways / boarding window

New Delhi, India

I am a Saudi National and my daughter was traveling alone on 23/12/2017 at 17:50 flight No. 9W568. She faced the following problems.
1- When she reached the Airport, the boarding counter was open and people were in queue and there was more than one hours for the flight to take off but still they didn't provide her boarding card.
2- She was directed to change her ticket for the next flight. when she reached the concerned window, she was told to pay 3000 Inr. As she had no money, she called me and by the time, i reached there with money, they increased it to 6500 Inr without giving any sensible reason.
3- During all of these process, she was served and behaved very rudely and badly. repeatedly directed to a number of windows for help or any other queries, she was told that it was not his/her department. my daughter was left roaming around from one window to other for help.
4- Last but not least, being a girl while traveling alone and that too in a foreign country, was not easy to face such kind of trauma.

Dec 25, 2017

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