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I have been trying to order these sheers for months now.
Royal Velvet® Crushed Voile Grommet-Top Sheer Panel in Egret.
Their web site says they are available but they are not according to costumer service. They keep canceling my order about 5 days later. I just talked to someone in costumer service and she said they are not on the discontinued list. So how do you get on a list to order these when they get in stock. I keep ordering when there are great deals going on but no luck.
I have had 6 orders canceled since april 26, 2017. Going on my 7th.

  • Updated by Kris Walton, Jul 28, 2017

    I have been trying to order the same curtains. keep getting an email that they are in stock, order, then it gets canceled. Called customer service many times. They can't help. But you can still go online order them, and about 15 minutes later get another email about a status change in your order. Which means CANCELLED.

Jun 21, 2017

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