JCPenneycredit services and product return

In January I opened a JCP credit card to save my mother the extra 15% . We bought several items including 2 bras. She tried them on at home and we returned them the next day. As it was a brand new account and I did not have a physical card the clerk had to use my SS card. It took her several minutes to access the account and give us the credit.

The next month I got my statement and the bras were NOT credited. I called the customer service number which is not actually JCP, but Synchrony Bank which does not have access to the info from JCP. They filed a dispute for me to "investigate." Over the next few months I kept getting letters from them saying they needed the "documentation" aka, receipt, of the return. My mother could not find it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Diego, CAIf I HAD the receipt there would have been no problem in the first place!
They suggested I call the store and gave me info they had from the purchase. I called the store and spoke to the manager, but I needed to come into the store to research it! The store is half an hour away so not so convenient. The bill finally came again and I had no chance to go to the store. I decided to pay the bill and try to settle it later. As luck would have it I was one day after the due date so they tried to charge me $25 as a late fee for something I did not even owe for that was returned! When I called the agent waived the late fee.
Then today, I get an online statement for $2.00! I call then again and they say that since it was one day late, the bank had charged the minimum interest. Hmmm, $2.00 interest on a $58.00 purchase that had been returned the day after I bought it and the bank had no record of. Luckily they reversed the $2.00 but it's safe to say that I will NOT be using the JCP charge card ever again.

May 18, 2017

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