JC Penny Optical / Return Policy

Houston, TX, United States

We ordered two pairs of glasses for my boyfriend a month ago at JC Penny's at Meyerland Plaza in Houston. After waiting over two weeks to get them, one pair was defective. The woman there kept saying maybe it was smuged or maybe my boyfriend was looking to far on the periphery (they were progessive lenses). He finally convinced her it was the one pair of glasses not him. She said she would have to send them back to quality and it would be another 3 weeks before he got them again. He desperately needs these glasses and since the woman wasn't that helpful we asked to get our money back for that one pair. It was then she informed us that JCPenny's does not give money back. They will redo your glasses as many times as necessary to get it right. ???
We will never buy glasses from JC Penny's again!


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