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I think I hear that damn radio in my sleep... The magic number is who gives a #!!! The magic number is now how many beers I can drink and fish I can catch... Woo hoo — have a great one. See you in 10 days!!! Oh... And you are sooooo much cooler than the # associates.
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This is from a jcp department manager, who posted it on another associates facebook account, fully knowing that we have access to his page. I understand that you have the freedom of speech, but associates, especially management ones, should never write something like this in an open forum. Absolutely ridiculous.

JC Penney

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  • An
      Jun 29, 2009

    I completely agree with you! Who in there right mind would keep that around as a manager? If this person talks this way about her fellow associates, how does she treat customers? Voicing your opinion, of course, is fully understandable, but to do so in a public forum that your coworkers have access to, in this way, is sickening. I hope you passed this little note around to her bosses. They should see what kind of negligent and disrespectful sales managers they have.

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  • Re
      Jan 14, 2010

    First off the orginal comment sounds like a male and you sd she? I was just let go from JCstupid. I'm sure that person feels there is no one they can speak to that would care about anything or help this person at his work.//been there done that, , , I wish I had known of this web site before I took a postion for JCP screw you over. It seems as the company as issues in every does not receive any further traning after they reach a managers postion...READ JC PENNEY IN CONROE TEXAS...
    I am sure the note got passed around to all the boses the crap never stops in these stores
    I was so disapointed I had hoped that this would be the place I would retire not
    judge unles you have worked in this is brutal...WHITE MIDDLE AGE

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  • Ji
      Feb 24, 2012

    I worked for Jc penney for 6.5 years. The first 5.5 years were excellent. It was a great store to work for, good managers. Then In february 2010 things changed! What changed? Steve Phillips became the store manger. he is a Bully and a Lurch in My view of things. He started picking on me on March 2 2010 and would not let up. He critized everything I did. he would track my where abouts and lawys be where I was. If I was on Lunch he would be in the break room just staring and making me very uncomfortable. He was just a nasty and mean person. I finally could not take his harassment of me so I quit. He is the absolute worst person I have worked for. He just picked on me for everything! I am a runner and fell when I was running ina race, broke my nose and 2 big black eyes, he would not let me wear sun gl;### until I had to beg and bugged me about being in domestic Violence situation which is illegal in ca. It got so bad I had to quit. I am not the only one who has quit because of him, the assistant store manager, 1 department manager and several associates. he is just mean and a bully boss! do not work at that store unless you are going to become homeless. They only have p[art time hours now.

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  • Ja
      Dec 05, 2016

    I work at rolling oak mall in San Antonio, Tx
    I have being there one year jewelry department and before that I work on the floor in other areas.I really like mike job but they remove me because they found my key upstairs I told the store leader Which was Holly She told me that my keys should have being on me.which I do understand my key was in the jewelry bate Nancy came in took my keys upstairs and made like she did not know where they was.I fill if they did not want me in that department they should have move me They wanted to give that job to some one security was always trying to found something on me so I fill that they set me up so I can be move to another department I am not the only one leave my keys in the jewelry bay security which is Victoria seem like she was always picking on me about something I went ahead in resign 12-04-16.

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  • Li
      Nov 20, 2017

    When the schedule for Thanksgiving came had me coming in to work for 1pm. I told the manager I wouldn't even have a Thanksgiving as my family would just be sitting down to eat. He said, quit. If you don't like it..quit. I was shocked that a manager would tell his employee that, a senior citizen at that. I'm a hard worker, the best they have working the truck busting at 68 yrs old. I work in Covington, La. I think and thought about calling the news station as this would be a good human interest story for them as to how JCP treats their senior citizens. Also in the 5 years I've worked there I've only accumulated $1.00 in raises. 5 yrs=$1.00.

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  • Be
      Nov 28, 2018

    I am writting this to make people aware of a great injustice to a recently deceased associate at your Paradise Valley Store in Phoenix, Az and formally Aurora, Ill.. Sandra Lee Stallmann worked for JC Penney for 28 years .She was a dedicated and loyal JC Penney employee winning ( "many" ) customer service awards. In the years that she worked for JC Penney in Phoenix and formally in Aurora, Illinois she trained and worked with many people who loved her very much. She was also beloved by her many customers. I her fiance could not believe that at her retirement two years ago she did not get a watch or cake as former other associates did in the past. The only thing she received was a plaque which I may ad had her name misspelled. What broke my heart most of all is that after 28 devoted years JC Penney could not even send flowers to her funeral when she passed away this last July 3rd. 2018. Sannde as she was known by her coworkers and customers loved her job at JC Penneys and was so very, very dedicated to the company and to her customers and after she retired talked about how she missed her job, coworkers and customers so very, very much. From were I stand I think that her loyalty and dedication was truly misdirected. I do not expect any kind of response from JC Penney on this matter for I know that they care very little if at all of an loyal associate.

    Sandra's Fiance,
    Bert E. Kavich

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