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A few years ago I was in Aurora, Colorado taking care of my 25 year old son while he went through a stem cell transplant, he was active duty Marine. Unfortunately he didn't survive the ordeal. I had taken lots of clothing with me, I was there about 4 months, but didn't fathom he wouldn't survive and had not packed any dress clothes. I went to a JCPenney store and purchases a complete suit along with a nice pair of shoes. I wore that suit to my son's funeral, put the suit and shoes away in my closet when I returned home. A year or 2 later I again wore the suit and shoes to my mother's funeral, and a year later wore the same to my father's funeral. Each time the shoes were returned to their spot in my closet. Last weekend instead of a funeral. I had the opportunity to wear this outfit complete with my shoes to a wedding, it was my only brothers daughter. The wedding went great, thank goodness I didn't need to walk or move very often because at the end of the wedding as we celebrated their union and stood outside cheering on the happy couple, I noticed I was walking lopsided. Upon further examination, I realized I had completely lost 1 heel from those shoes, by the time we walked to our car I had lost both heels and parts of the soles. I was so embarrassed to have lost a heel and everywhere I walked a black shoe print from my shoes in this extremely prestige Catholic church. I'm not sure how or if you can ever make this right, but wanted to at least give the opportunity. Thanks, Marty White. I don't see any contact information, but mine is [protected], my address is 25959 W. 54th. st. S., Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063.

Jun 09, 2018

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