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I received a birthday gift from and friend. It was a shirt and she gave me the receipt in case I wanted to exchange it. I went to jcpennys in trussville Alabama and they said that if I exchanged it they had to key in the receipt and that the money would go back to her credit card. I didn't want that to happen so they tried to do an exchange without the receipt and it only gave a 24 cent credit. The shirt was around $22.00. That is so wrong. I had picked up 2 shirts to purchase but since they couldn't give me credit on the gift I left with the shirt I wanted to return. How can you get away with only giving 24 cent credit when the receipt said she paid $22.00. She had purchased it 3 days earlier. I am very disappointed in the way I was treated and the way you do business. All I wanted to do is exchange it for another shirt.

Oct 25, 2017

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