JC Penney Company"misplaced" order and charging me twice

I ordered an item on and received a notice that my card was charged and my item was shipped with an arrival date of December 5th. After almost a week had passed and my item was not here, I checked back online for status and there was no longer tracking/shipping information. I checked with USPS and was told they did not have a tracking number. I called JCPenney customer service for status. First of all, I never received an apology for the issues...Second of all, I never received an explanation as to why my order wasn't received...something about blaming the supplier. I was then told it never shipped and they would send me a new one but I had to pay for it again...and I wouldn't get my credit back on the first order for up to 10 days...then there was now no guarantee my item would be here before Christmas. It seems fraudulent that I would be charged twice for 1 item which I hadn't even received yet. They confirmed I was charged originally, that should have been enough to send my item out and expedite...I was even told they didn't do expedited shipping as it's not "their shipping"...whatever that means. I want my money returned to me ASAP and it would be nice to have a real explanation as to what happened with my order. I am now without a gift at a price that I could have afforded...but now this product is $70 more everywhere. Thank you.

Dec 09, 2018

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