JC Penney Company / bait and switch

We recently purchased a sectional couch from JCPennys using a new JCPennys credit card my girlfriend I signed up for and have an issue with the delivery. We were told that delivery would be 2-3 weeks but "that we should call and they should be able to push up the date" if we asked. The fact that we could get the couch delivered in an estimated two weeks was especially important in our decision to purchase from JCPennys as we were recently displaced from our apartment and lost all of our furniture in the process. When we called Monday, as advised in-store, the representative said "absolutely not they take 6-8 weeks for delivery, I don't know why these store people say that". We are living in a new apartment and have no furniture and now we have to wait three times as long as originally quoted for delivery? We called back to confirm and they further confused the issue by telling us we didn't order the sectional but instead ordered a sofa and love seat. We asked the representative to look into it and confirm and when he came back on the line said it was cancelled and that we would need to come in to place the new order. We were both upset because we had never asked him to cancel the order and advised him of that, the representative became frustrated and then put us on hold again to fix the initial mistake. We were planning on furnishing the rest of the apartment via JCPennys home goods but are now reconsidering as we are not confident in the purchasing process.

Nov 21, 2017

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