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Hi my name is ryan santos. I want you to know that i am very unhappy with the service i been getting from jackson hewwit in suisun city walmart. To start off...My income tax somehow got filed by nick and sent to the irs without my w2, and without my signature & consent causing a major delay with my tax return. Maria @ suisun knew this was going to be no charge because i even heard her boss on the phone telling her that my tax filing is for free. Instead a fee of $318 was taken from my return. This was suppose to be free! Please send me my $318 asap because its not right! I shouldnt have to go through this. Its bad enough jh made an error last year with my return. Its error after error! I even personally spoke to another supervisor from the jh call center and she guaranteed me that they will fix the mistake and do my tax for free at no charge! I was suppose to get $2187 for my return but an offset of $1182 (Which im aware of) was deducted. I only recieved $687 because of jh preparation filing fees. Please send my $318 asap to: 2707 toland dr. Fairfield ca 94534 or face legal actions. If it makes it faster for me to pick it up, i dont have a problem with picking it up.

Fyi- ryan reese (District manager) told me i would recieve the check within 10 days. I left several messages for him and he does not respond back. 13 business days past now and i still havent recieved the check for $318 that should of never got taken out of my tax refund because jh was suppose to fix error and file my tax for free. I have tried calling jh local office in suisun city ca numberous times and spoke to nick, maria, and ryan and no help at all. I need my money. Jh needs to pay me my money asap. If i dont recieve my money by 03/20/17, i will seek legal actions.

I submitted here previous text messages from ryan, and nick from jh.

Ryan santos

Jackson Hewitt

Mar 19, 2017

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