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I came upon this website while doing research against Jackson Hewitt as I totally intend to file complaints with the PA Dept of Banking, the BBB, the Dept of Treasury and any other governmental agency that will listen. I also see where reps from Jackson Hewitt are even responding. So, I DARE YOU TO RESPOND TO MINE JH. We have always done business with H & R Block. He has never been denied a RAL, doesnt owe the government either through arrear taxes, student loans or child support. This year, I was going to do his taxes, but he wanted to do the RAL to get a 50" flat screen to watch the Steelers play the superbowl. I am totally educated and actually do others tax returns for free just to help, so it is reasonable that the ONLY REASON we would even consider going to a tax prep place would be the RAL. I contacted 6 locations, all of which stated, "yes, most all are being accepted. So that, coupled with the other reasons, felt we did our due dilligence about this RAL and went to Jackson Hewitt. We were also told that an itemized tax prep would be $75, and it turned out to be $250. FIRST LIE. The next day, he was denied. I contacted the manager and she said that "many first time customers are being denied." Then, it all made sense to me as to why he was denied as that would be the only reason. So, we ended up watching a small TV for the superbowl, paid $250 for something I had actually already done before we even went to JH and got nothing but rude and ignorant employees afterward. But hey, they already got our money, so why be nice?

This is a complete and total racket. The lure of the RAL brings people into tax prep places and unlike H & R Block who told you prior to doing business with them, whether or not you would be able to recieve the RAL, JH does not. YOu HAVE to do the tax prep, THEN they tell you if you were getting a RAL. That is NOT a choice. From what I have been reading, most people are charged an average of $250 for tax prep. They even charged $10 to hold your tax information, which we NEVER asked them to do nor do we ever intend to walk in this deceptive business ever again. So, thats $10 just pissed away to these low lifes.

The government would love to get rid of these RAL's and I intend to help them along. I am filing complaints accompanied with many as I cannot include them all, complaints all across the internet about the experiences the American taxpayer has had with JH. I KNOW they will listen and hopefully we will put them out of business. I also urge all of you reading this to file your own complaint with your states atty general, your stated department of banking and any other consumer agency that will listen. FIGHT BACK against these jerks that are misleading the general public.

So, if there is a Jackson Hewitt rep reading this, make sure you got my name as you WILL be hearing from my complaint. We, the consumer are sick and tired of being taken advantage of, gouged with outrageous fees and spoken to like we were garbage. Wait till the tables are turned against you and your bankers. You know what they say, Paybacks are a ***.

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  • Ra
      Jan 26, 2010

    I am suprised after reading here that Jackson Hewitt is able to stay in business. My own experience with them was horrible as well. Several years ago, in an attempt to receive my refund right away, I went to a Jackson Hewitt in LaPorte, IN (I now live in FL). They did my taxes incorrectly. I asked them to redo them. They were incorrect again. I asked them to redo them. They were incorrect again. For the third time I asked them to redo them, again they were incorrect. I did them myself, gave them to the office along with my complaint to the manager that they were incorrect 3 times and I eneded up doing them myself and then just letting the rep enter the info into the computer. I was still charged the Jackson Hewitt fee. There was no apology or anything. What a ripoff. I spent about 6 hours there and ended up doing the work myself anyway but still had to pay them. Now I just do them online- easy, simple and you still get to file electronic.

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  • Co
      Feb 11, 2010

    I have used jackson hewitt for over ten years with good results for a reasonable cost. this time was different, they had me fill out a form stating that if i decided to not use them to file my taxes after they do the paperwork i would still owe them approx. 140.00 perhour for services rendered. i didnt think to much about it until they finally finished and showed me what they charged. the cost had always been approx. 220.00 this time was 540.00. i have all my records for last ten years taxes always done same way. was advised that a new franchise owner had changed price and that i could just pay the 140.00 and go somewhere else. will never use jackson hewitt again, sent memo to all in contact list. jackson hewitt in garland tx on beltline and interstate 30.

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  • Ms
      Mar 11, 2011

    You sound very uneducated in the spelling and grammar you have posted in this rambling. I seriously doubt you have beyond a high school education. But hey you can rant and rave all you want it will not change anything. Ms Brains

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  • Ra
      May 19, 2011

    While I certainly can't say whether or not the preparers you dealt with were rude or unknowledgible as you have stated I can say that you were apparently satisfied with the expected refund and it must have matched what you had already come up with since the same information should result in the same refund amount. As for the RAL you were denied a bank loan. The fees are what they are and you were told them before you signed any loan document. Since the loan did not go through you were not charged any fee for a loan and since you were told that you would be applying for both products an assisted refund and RAL what exactly is it that you are saying was done to you? I understand that you wanted a BIG SCREEN TV and because a loan didn't go through you didn't get it but other people apply for these loans to pay their rent or car payment and your disappointment and frivolous complaint could make it so that they don't have ANY chance of coming up with that money at tax time. I've been denied the RAL before and I've been approved before. Don't make it so I can't at least try to get the loan if I need it.

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  • Ar
      Mar 10, 2013

    You are denied a RAL, and now you are against RALs. Sour grapes.

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