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covina, CA, United States
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So originally I went in for an quote. Now last year I received more on my tax return from a non jackson hewitt tax source (which is great and all but it took nearly two months to come to get back), but this year I had been struggling more so figured I'd give this place a try again (since I've used jh years prior to last) So back to were I started, walk In I'm here for a quote and they baited me after I looked not so satisfied with what they could give me. They said I qualify for an advance with their American express prepaid card up to 1300 In 2 hours. Instantly I thought wow that would be such a nice relief to have that at that moment. So I decided to file with them solely for that purpose. After being over charged for filling my taxes to begin with I was lied to on top of that. I activated the card and was guaranteed Id have money in two hours.
WRONG!!! Called Jhewitt at the end of the day trying to give it some time to work and they still are saying I was approved but I just have to wait. This very disappointing that Jhewitt would take advantage of a struggling family and tricking them into filing with them. Never filing with jackson hewitt ever again.

Jan 29, 2017

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