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taking money from people up front and splitting it after they leave

Jackson hewitt on 8th Minnesota, KCK is taking money from mexicans to do there taxes when the fee comes out of the refund. I know someone who was in the business at the time and they said that the tax preparers are charging Mexicans up front so they can make money on the side. They brag after the client leave they he can't speak english so they take advantage of them. The IRS or the corporate office of Jackson Hewitt need to put an stop to this type of practice soon. When people get wind of what is going on Jackson Hewitt will be blown out of the water. This has going for years at this location.

  • It
    itzkkbby Feb 26, 2011

    That is so not true, your friend lied to you. Illegal aliens (mexicans) have ITINs and they must mail their return. Jackson Hewitt prepares the return and has to collect the money up front to get their fees because when you mail a return and don't file it electronically, the fees don't come out, it goes straight to your home address or to your bank account. Thanks----concerned Jackson Hewitt Lover

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they ripped me off and lied

Jackson hewitt lied to us and told us we would have our money in 8 to 15 days and charged us$229.00 and now were being told our taxes will take almost 3 weeks thats not right we'll never use jackson hewitt again they lead you in by telling you one thing and all they can say is oh well its not there fault well im telling you it is they tell you something thats what you go by.i did my taxes my self last year and should have done them this year had no problems on turbo tax but people are always out to screw someone.

  • Fy
    fyuocuk Jan 29, 2011

    You were a fool for thinking you were getting some authentic uggs for that price... Don't be so cheap, or get to know where you're buying from.

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  • Co
    coffeebreak Jan 31, 2011

    yeah only reason i used them was for the 1500 dollar ral and i was denied said i didn't meet there criteria got 1 every year from H&R for a long time now im not only out the money for tax prep i could have saved but what really pisses me off is the bank fees im paying for them playing middle man with my money

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  • Ai
    Aisha Muhaimin Feb 27, 2013

    Jackson Hewitt rep told me to file my education credit with an amendment After I eletronically file my W2. Who would have known that the IRS said they should have processed the whole return with the educational tax credit and I would have gotten my refund before or on March 1 st. Now I have to wait until May to see my education credit. Jackson Hewitt lied and said I would get it earlier! When I spoke to Linda at Lebanon office she said the IRS would have sent my return back if I filed them on the 31 st of JanuRy. The IRS said they would never send them back! I asked for half my money back for lying and she refused. !! 14 years with JH they can go to hell !!

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Jackson Hewitt is advertising on massillon cable that they are only charging 38 dollars for tax preperation but for some reason I was charged 90 dollars. I tried to go rapid refund and was told I could not because I did not get back enough. I never knew there was a limit. I also contacted a different jackson hewitt office first but they could not get me in in time. I did ask the first one if I could claim my school like I did last year, although I had to take a break from it since october. He informed me it would not be worth it. why cant I claim my online schooling? Thank you for your help

  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Jan 26, 2011

    If youll listen to the commercial it says " prices starting at 38.00"

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  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Jan 26, 2011

    Yeah, and that is how CPA's who advertise on complaint websites are too... JMastriano .. do you have something to say or just trolling for tax business?

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tax return

I have filled my taxes with Jackson Hewitt, for 8 years I was 9 months pregnant due any day when I walked in...

don't use them

After filing taxes with Jackson Hewitt in 2005 at a busy office, on 95 & South Western ave in Chicago, One of tax prep guys tried to bribe me saying he could get me out faster if I gave him some money $50.00 under the table. I declined, when I got called to him to do my taxes I heard him whispering to the lady next to him "she didn't give me ***, I'm gonna make her pay anyway". After he was done doing my taxes, Thank GOD that I decide to take the gold guarantee (much to his dismay). Long story short, the next year I was audited (taxes snatched) by the IRS because of a mistake he knowingly made. I made nearly 300 calls to JH corporate and local offices to have them make good on the gold guarantee. Because it was off tax season and the original filing office was closed permanently, I was sent from office to office. NO ONE at JH wanted to touch my claim saying I had a problem because the original filing office was now permanently closed and they did not want their office charged for the mistake, since it wasn't their offices mistake. Meanwhile, I moved out of state. I talked to several people in my new state and I threatened legal action against JH. Finally 1 lady in the whole of the JH company filed my gold guarantee claim. Finally, 2 months later, JH's insurance company decided to came through. I would finally receive over $4, 000 almost 2 years to the day the guy jacked up my taxes. DO NOT USE Jackson Hewitt the gold guarantee means nothing and they have too many shyster's working for them WITHOUT any accountability. If there is ANY TYPE OF A PROBLEM, they will shuffle you around and pass you from office to office until you decide to leave them alone! RUN AWAY FAST from any JACKDON HEWITT OFFICE. Let my and others experiences on this site be a warning to you!

  • Fu
    Fubusine Aug 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My taxes were screwed up royally by Jackson Hewitt (JH)! I got a letter from the IRS saying I owed them another $600. The rep that did my taxes had no idea what he was doing. He fat fingered the numbers and entered the wrong information in the wrong boxes. They hire random people and train them on the fly. No tax experience at all! I filed a complaint with JH's corporate office twice and got the run around BIG TIME. The local office was closed, so no one was available to help me. I do not recommend this company to anyone! I will never use JH again! I still have not heard back from the corporate office. They originally gave me a letter that says "JH will reimburse you for penalties and interest charged by a taxing authority if a JH tax preparer makes a mistake - it's a crock of ***!

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  • Ju
    Julie D Moore Jul 02, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I filed my taxes with Jackson Hewitt 2014 and I will NEVER use them again, nor will I recommend anyone to them. I was at the Peachtree Pkwy location in Norcross, GA. Vivian Dollard was the person who took my information and entered my SS# wrong therefore causing me not to be able to receive the $500 up front and caused me not to get my taxes back in a timely manner. She and everyone else who worked at that location were all incompetent and didn't have a clue as to what they were doing. I called several times to straighten out situation out, but did not get a response from her for several days and she said she saw me and her co-workers calling but did not respond because she had a personal family matter. After speaking to several different people in regards to this matter I was promised by the area manager Shonda Cleveland and it was notated in their system that because of my troubles I would not be charged the full tax preparation fee of $394.00. I would only be charged $12 that they had to charge me. I was told I would be issued a check for the remainder of the money cause they had to take it out and corporate would refund me $333.00. After looking at my prep papers, the $50 they say they give you as a gift for using their services were also taken out my return, so it really was NOT a gift cause I paid for it! I filed my taxes at the end of January and it is now July and have yet to receive the $333.00 that I was told would be retuned to me. I have gotten the run around and everyone I have spoken to blames someone else. No one will return my calls and today spoke with customer services and the rep told me my issue was resolved by this Shonda Cleveland, who I have not spoken to since the early part of the year and that I would NOT get that money back! How can you notate in your system and make a promise to a customer who can and will go elsewhere that you are not going to do what you all said you were going to do. I will never recommend anyone to Jackson Hewitt again! Customer service is poor. I hope by reading all of these bad reviews you all will take your business elsewhere! You are the WORST, JACKSON-HEWITT AND IF I WERE OWNER OF THIS COMPANY I WOULD BE ASHAMED TO HAVE THESE SORTS OF PEOPLE IN HEAD POSITIONS. CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD BE PRIORITY AND THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

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  • Fu
    furious me May 28, 2016

    My wife worked as a tax technician for Jackson Hewitt for 4 months.They promised her hourly pay, commission, and bonuses. What they didn't tell her that she was paid $8.50 per hour while the other technicians was paid $25 per hour. Over a period of time she noticed that JH was doing illegal activities and they started skimming her hours. My wife filed more taxes than anyone in her area. She never had a single rejected return. One day after she noticed her manager stealing clients by changing information about the preparer. Her manager was taking credit for the preparation of their clients return and taking that employees commission. My wife was fired after an allegation that she had filed someone's taxes outside of JH. They never investigated into the allegation. Multiple complaints was filed to the IRS about the illegal activity but nothing happened. I have recently learned that my wife's manager filed only a few returns but she recently took a cruise out of Florida. Must be nice to steal from people and having no remorse for your actions. My wife lost close to $5, 000 or better between her bonus and commission. JH told us that they knew they was wrong but they never righted their wrong. She tried contacting the owner of the franchise but he never responded back. In closing stay away from JH in and around Fayetteville, NC area.

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not offering rals again

Last year the majority of Jackson Hewitt offices did not offer RAL (Income tax loans) because the bank they were using was not able to get certification from the Treasury Dept. Well instead of telling customers the truth they lied and deceived people into believing that loans were available. After completing the unsuspecting client's tax they would make up an excuse or tell the client they were denied when in fact there was no bank offering a loan. Majority were dishonest and the tone started at the top. I would recommend that nobody uses this service again. This year 2011 will not be any different because once again the same bank doesn't yet have certification from the Treasury.

charging fees

Jackson Hewitt Ipower card is a rip-off they charge you $2.50 everytime you dial the number on the back of your card., you can't even check your balance without being charge, you can't call and ask question or you are charge a fee, and every withdrawal is $2.50, I would like this to stop especially the fees they charge to prepare your taxes. I been a customer since 1982 and they been getting me out of my money with all the fees, they should be allow to charge so many fees! very angry customer, pissed!

  • Va
    VAGuy35 Mar 01, 2010

    In reviewing the website (www.jacksonhewitt.com/ipower), it takes you to a website that clearly indicates the fee schedule. It appears the first 5 calls are free and then additional calls afterward are $2.50 each. This should also have been disclosed in the Terms and Conditions received with the card.

    The ATM fee is $2.50 per trasnaition. It is also important to remember that this is the fee charged on the Jackson Hewitt iPower card. The individual ATM machines are owned by independent operators and may also charge an additional fee. This would be disclosed when attempting the transaction and you will be given an opportunity to decline the transaction due to the fee.

    As is the case with any purchase or service, it is important to ask upfront for the associated charges and to take the time to read or review the fee schedules and Terms and Conditions to understand how the product works before simoply agreeing to it.

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I filed my taxes on [protected] I was told that I would have my refund 3 days after the irs accepted my return...

deceptive practices

This concerns my experiences as a Jackson Hewitt customer on Tuesday, January 26th 2009.

It was NOT a good experience.

First, some explanation is in order. Like so many people right now, the phrase “a rock & a hard place” barely begins to describe the dire straits my family & I find ourselves in. An eviction notice was served on us resulting in being locked out of our home. I won't bore you with the rest of the details. Since Jackson-Hewitt's heavily advertised next-day refund seemed to be our best way out of this predicament (a solution that I was highly reluctant to use for obvious reasons that we all know), we first went to the nearest location to our (used-to-be home) here in High Point NC.

The young gentleman there (apparently a recent immigrant from somewhere, with an accent so heavy it was hard to understand) could hardly function without calling a supervisor first, wasting time over a question he should have already known the answer. Having no time to waste (locked out of our house, desperate...remember?) we went to the next nearest Jackson-Hewitt location.

The office supervisor, did a warm & competent job in preparing our taxes. We explained our emergency situation to her, & how important a next-day refund was to us due to our situation, as well as admitting that otherwise, I would've done the taxes myself. This is an important fact to bear in mind, & is at the core of my complaint with Jackson-Hewitt's services. She was kind, patient, & knowledgeable in helping us navigate through what we needed to do. This makes what happened at the end of our transaction with Jackson-Hewitt's services even more suspect.

Remember, we had explained up front when we first sat down at the supervisor's desk how important & crucial a next-day refund was to my entire now-homeless family. Moreover, this was explained to a woman with 30 years experience in tax preparation (by her own words) and undoubtedly several years experience within the Jackson-Hewitt organization to have risen to the position of Office Supervisor. After the two hours of work to slog through our brief foray into retail business, then we find out that self-employment dis-qualifies us for the one reason we were there in the first place. We were left feeling obligated since she had spent all this time with us. Meanwhile, she did or said nothing that would indicate our right to walk away since our chief goal (which we disclosed as soon as we sat down at her desk) was not met.

This was inexcusable, & strikes me as a deceptive sales practice since our preparer knew what our situation was & through her vast tax-preparing experience with Jackson-Hewitt, no doubt knew the next-day refund policy concerning self-employment income, but did not disclose it up front. This deception cost us $385.95 for a refund that we would've not gotten any sooner than if I had e-filed (via Turbo-Tax). That included charging us 49.95 to issue the check.

In addition, I am forced to conclude that this is apparently company policy not to disclose such important information first, since she was otherwise so extremely pleasant & helpful. In addition, blaming it on the bank that Jackson-Hewitt runs these transactions through is not a valid excuse either, which was explained via previous paragraphs concerning the preparer's experience.

Due to these factors, I can only conclude that we were victims of deceptive sales policies set at Jackson-Hewitt's corporate level, that have much more in common with a shady used-car dealership than a nationwide tax-preparation firm.

So, much like our experiences with Jackson-Hewitt, I have saved until last what my policy will be concerning this matter:

First & foremost, Jackson-Hewitt has seen the first and last dime will ever get from me or any member of my family. We were willing to put up with the exorbitant fees & interest of a next-day “refund” at rates that would make a loan shark salivate, as the price we had to pay to have a roof over our heads. We are not willing to do so under these fraudulent circumstances.

Next, I will avail myself of every local media outlet with a consumer affairs division & send them a copy of this letter. I don't think I have to tell anyone that the fact that Jackson-Hewitt advertises with these same media outlets will not shield them. Car dealerships tried that concerning disparaging articles about their sales practices that have appeared in newspapers & TV stations across the country only to have that kind of finagling & advertiser “boycotting” struck down in several court cases concerning the rights of a free press.

Next, we have the internet. I will be visiting as many consumer-protection sites as I possibly can to spread the word about how this all went down. Geometric progression will take care of the rest.

I have written the company so they know that I'm dead serious about taking these steps, & they will not simply evaporate due to the struggles we're having.

  • Jh
    JHZee Jan 30, 2010

    First, I am a JH Franchisee and apologize for the experience. However, the RAL banks make the rules for RALs (24-48 hour loans), not Jackson Hewitt or H&R Block or anyone else for that matter. Sometimes preparers don't know whether someone will pre-qualify for a RAL until they do the entire tax return. There's a bank book about 40 pages long that explains the rules and cannot by committed to memory. Again, I apologize and wish the result was different for you.

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  • Jo
    JOHN TELFAIR Jul 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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poor and rude customer service

I went there january 8 to have my taxes prepared. Krystal the preparer not only filed my taxes wrong but instead of being honest and admitting that she was new and asking for asisstance, she and her co-workers continued to be dehonest saying they would not charge me to make the correction which would require waiving the fee for an admendment. So when I called todat they told me they can't waived the fee for the admendment. I feel I shouldn't be charged for her mistake. Then I ask for the number to the corporate office, she told me they can't give out the number. I looked up corporate and all they could tell me was sorry. So I paid $184.00 to be told sorry and do the amendment my self. Me, my family and friends always have taxes our taxes prepared at jackson hewitt. We will seek other avenues.


I had an appointment w jackson hewitt 11-16-09 i called a week before and asked if i had to have had my taxes done there in the past to get the moneypower line of credit loan. i was told "no" that has nothing to do with this. Well the printers were not working when i had my aptmnt. so i wasted my lunch hr. n had to go back after work, the guy who "helped" me seemed unfamiliar with the basic steps of the process and was receiving personal texts on his phone, reading and laughing at about them, and texting back in between entering my info into the computer. Of course i was denied even though i made under $40, 000 and have 2 qualified dependent. (My refund is around $5000) So i had to write to MetaBank to see why. The response said "INSUFFICIENT HISTORY OF TAX RELATED LOAN PRODUCTS" So i called the # in the letter they said it was because i never had a loan with Jackson Hewitt before. when i told them that jackson hewitt said that it was not mandatory, they said "we cannot control what Jackson Hewitt tells their customers.

  • Li
    Lisa43 Dec 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very interesting information. I would be scared away if the company said they could geive me a loan on my money..

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scam and cheating

You should check out the sub standard loans Jackson Hewitt is offering to the public. The loans themselves pray upon desperate people to get only a small amount of money. The borrower usually gets either about 400 or 200. These loans not only include huge fees for the loan themselves but also have a contengent fee that requires the borrower to put their refund on the card in additon to the original loan. They then charge an addition fee of 1.5% to load the card (a debit card) and fees for every transaction. These loans need to be exposed for what they are. The borrower pays an effective APR of up to 400% interest. It usually works out as a loan for about 60 days and you pay back sometimes over 600 to get 400 and up to 400 to get 200. What a deal. The contengent fees are not well disclosed.

I cannot talk to you directly as I am a franchisee, but the company is based out of NJ and I think what we are doing is taking advantage of desparate people.

These loans are a terrable product that only serves to make a large company millions while they take advantage of the poor.

customer service

I just got off the phone with a gent named Phillip at Jackson Hewit at 15th and Custer in plano. I asked for...

bad business

I've been going to JH since 2017 and hadb't had any problems until I moved to Delaware Oh. in 2017...

making contact

I have worked for and had my taxes with Jackson Hewitt. In Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas - Grandview, Independence . .. The phone numbers for the stores roll to Indiana and you are told that they are too busy to answer etc. I had questions about my last years taxes but was unable to speak with anyone. Also when starting this years tax class I was sent to the wrong location, wich left me stranded in my wheelchair, in the rain. All calls eventually roll to Indiana and no one ever seems sure about what's going on - class start dates etc. nor is there website kept up to date.

income tax

I went to a store location in Chipley to file my taxes electronically. This was done on Jan. 21, 2009, I...


Jacklynn Butler
Tax [protected]@Jacksonhewitt
Edward D. Irons
On 01-14-2009 Ms.Butler issued me a "Money now loan" pending
my w2 arrival.She estimated my refund to be 7098 which was correct.After getting my w2, She electronically filed my taxes on01-28-2009.We discussed my unpaid finances and she assured me that if I go ahead and file on that day that she could have my check in 7 days.She applied me for a "refund anticipation loan" and it was deined because of something in my tax preparation.After waiting 2 weeks and still no check I visited Ms.butler and she told me that it was not her problem that it was the irs.She was very rude and unprofessional.


This complaint against Jackson Hewitt Tax Service is not new, but ongoing ever since our 2005 and 2006...

scam and cheating

Jackson Hewitt has employees that change your tax info without your knowledge. In 2006, i called the first Jackson Hewitt in the phonebook to see how busy they were. Once i found out that they had openings i went and had my taxes done.°2 years later, i received a letter from the IRS stating that i could be a material witness in a criminal investigation. I called them and found out that the Manager of the JH i went to 2 years in a row had altered my federal tax withholdings by over 2, 000. I was livid.

I asked the IRS agent what i had to do to resolve this. He suggested i call JH and ask them about a service they are supposed to offer called the gold guarantee, which puts any discrepancies in JH's lap. I was never offered this service and dint know it existed. JH was not willing to help and kept putting me on hold.

Now i am making arrangements to pay back 2 grand that i never asked for. In todays time noone has 2 grand laying around waiting to be spent. If anyone has a class action suit going in Philadelphia, PA please let me know by responding. The IRS said that it is over 100 people that this guy did this to.

  • Ir
    IreneHays Jun 23, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    U all do my taxes every yr for past 10 yrs Ann Shores St Joe Mo office is amazingly wonderful ive refered a friend Nick Moore and havent received the bonus for refer a friend y ??? I talked him outa H&R this yr and he was happy and will continue to go to Ann He to says will refer people but not going to press this issue as much please help

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