Jackson Hewittadvance refund

I was totally lied to!! I told the rep that I only wanted to do my taxes if I was going to get the advance she asked if I received an email confirmation stating I was going to get the advance I said yes and showed to her she said ok well then yes you will get it before I knew it she finished my taxes I said wait a minute how much is it and she said $400 they are done already I told her but I needed to know how much Im getting back first and how am I getting the advance she then handed me a card and said you will get a text confirmation on how much you will be advanced within 15 minutes after you leave ...I never got a text and there's no money on the card I have been robed for $400 I only did them through Jackson Hewitt because of he advance I usualy do my own taxes I just filed a compliant against them I better get my kidney back!!

Jan 25, 2017

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