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Jack In The Box / employee assistance management misconduct verbal abuse

1 Spokane Valley at Argonne location, United States
Contact information:

The night assistant manager who would not give me his name came to my truck window at 8:15 PM at the Argonne Jack In the Box Location. I am a local coffee stand owner of 3 locations and have been enjoying the use of your free WiFi as my service is down and I have been needing to do some business orders online. I have 3 recipes from today 2 at another location and one here for dinner. I wasn’t about to use your net without eating the food I love. Anyway he came up to my window smoking a cigarette and sternly demanded I roll down my window in a very aggressive and scary way. I shook my head in shock and hesitated to roll my window down and he struck my window with the side of his closed fist. At this point I almost reacted the same as him but many years of knowing better overwhelmed me. I remained calm and did roll down my window stating.. " what’s the big problem?", and he started growling in a manner I couldn’t understand if he was even trying to say anything. "Just calm down I said". He began to shake and verbally yelled at me about being a freeloader and a piece of [censored] just sitting outside of his Jack in the box using his internet??? I said that I am a paying customer and pulled out my 3 receipts from today and he said he didn’t give a [censored] and to get the he*l out of his parking lot before he has me towed and maybe he will call his friends if I really push his buttons. I asked him if he was a manager and he replied yes at which I replied no your an assistant manager because managers don’t work at night. He got even more upset and I asked for his name and he told me to [censored] off. So now he has just had the sheriffs come and kick me off the premises while I was making this compliant. 99 years trespass. I'm extremely let down Jack. I’ve eaten at jack in the box at least 2wice a week for 10 years. I paid 3 times today as a customer just to have some horrible assistant manager who you have given the authority to have me trespassed for eating my Jumbo Jack with cheese, nacho monster taco, and drinking a large grape power aid with no ice while using the free WiFi you have for the exact purpose for customers to use. I understand needing a manager to oversee things and to stop trouble. BUT JACK IM 30 YEARS OLD, A BUSINESS OWNER OF 6 YEARS, OWN MY HOME, HAVE A WIFE AND LITTLE GIRL, DRIVE A 2005 CHEVY AVALANCHE, AM A SUPER LOVING CHRISTIAN MAN most of the time anyway. Lol. My point is I’m not a problem in any way. Or appear to be. This guy was out of line to the 10th degree. I forgive him already but still think life should hand him a wake up call. He is dangerous for business. Somebody is going to snap back and then really be in trouble all because of how confrontational and volatile he is. I really cant believe he is a manager or assistant or even an employee. I really did good I think. I DID Not threaten when threatened, I did not use foul language when cussed at, and I tried to handle this by first calling your Kent Corporate office and left a message for the ethics board as well as file this complaint.
What is going on with our world Jack? Please make this right Jack. Hire better employees that aren't all drugged out or on the verge of a mental breakdown. Please treat your local small business owners that are loving customers with respect. Anyway I'm super bummed out but anyway much Love Jack. I know you wouldn't approve of this.
With Respect,
I remain yours and always True,
1John 4:4
Please Contact Me Back at [protected]

Jack In The Box

Nov 5, 2016

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