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Ok, six month ago I was treated wrong and really disrespectful. At that time I was working for Uber. I went in to the restrooms for fixing my prosthetic I don't have a right leg. I simply wanted to fix my fit that's all. But unfortunately the employee at the harbor location in down town San Diego. Ok, well" the problem is that they all gang up and they all started to kick the door I was in the middle of fixing my fit when all of the kicking started, did my best to fix it fast so that I can see who was kicking the door I almost fell down just to put my fit in a fast paced. Unfortunately couldn't see anyone at the time I can't out. There was the manger of the restaurant present and the workers they were all laughing and enjoying the situation. It's sad to be bully around. I called this number the [protected] and simply told this young lady that because of that situation that had happened to that was given a treat as what had happened, now, I lost that email meal that was given to me, I ask the young lady that it was given to me by Aussie what had happened to. She hung up just like that, if I would wanted to sue the company I could of. But I had rather speak to someone about the situation. I lost my email for this free meal Jack in the box gave it to so that when ever I needed to use it than I could use it. Please let me know if my treat is not valued any more, or if I can get it back, it's was stored in my email.
At ([protected]
This was not a funny experience. Thanks so much hope to get my meal back.

May 31, 2018

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