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As an avid jack in the box customer i would like to make a complaint against the jack in the box located on poinsette hwy greenville sc. I eat there atleast three times a week and on thursday the 24th of march i was going though the drive though with my friend. I handed the clerk 16$ in cash and asked her to put the remaining balance on my debit card.( the order total was 19.26$. Instead the woman put 16$ on my card as well as took the cash. I did not know i was charged this much until i went to the bank and was told i over drafted and received a fee of 35$ for someone else's mistake. I returned for the next several days only to hear come the next day to see the manager. Finally the following saturday the manager was there, he took ten minutes to come speak with me about the issue, he was very rude. He told me to hold on one second and went back to cooking fries for 15 minutes right in front of me. I then got his attention with an excuse me, he said nothing to me walked over to the register handed me 16$ then turned around and went back to cooking fries. No compensation for my 35$ overdraft fee and being treated rudely, i would think jack in the box would treat frequent customers with more respect.

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  • Ki
      13th of Apr, 2010

    The overdraft fee is your own fault. If you were that close to having ZERO DOLLARS in your account, you should not have been eating out. Buy groceries at a store like a responsible adult and stop spending your money on food that will kill you.

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  • Mr
      13th of Apr, 2010

    And fast food places don't give a darn about anybody!

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  • At
      13th of May, 2010

    jack in the box is awesome. It'll kill you alright, but at least you won't die hungry.

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