Jack In The Box 2317 North School St Honolulu, Hawaiidiscrimination/poor service

Last wednesday, July 25, 2018 between 11:45 to 12noon my 73 yrs old mom was craving for her favorite fish burger @a nearest jack in the box where we live. When it was her turn to order her fish burger meal the cashier can't understand her so she repeatedly pronounced it to "kish" or "psst" while she was decribing it to me (crying & sobbing) she decided to cancel her order even though it was already passed her lunch hour. Unfortunately, the cashier seems to make fun of her and overheard her saying to the crew "peace be with you"instead of helping or at least understand an elderly woman who had a new "fixed dentures" My mom said she tried to calm herself or else she might get a heart attack @that moment or else her situation could get worst. She felt so helpless during the time it happened. I can just imagine my mom's pain w/those heartless jack's employees. What if something happened to my mom for God's sake I don't know what can I do! It's not in my nature to complain but I am writing to please acknowledge asap to pay attention to this terrible service they provided to my mom. Thank you for your time and immediate attention to this matter.

Jul 27, 2018

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