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Indian Railways / illegal passengers!

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I boarded 2802 Express in NDelhi Station on 16.4.07 for Kharagpur on New Delhi Puri, Purushottam Express. There were more than 100 passengers in a compartment meant for 72. The people without proper ticket were neither prevented from entering not removed. The Police and Ticket checkers ignored my complaint and the difficulty caused to other lawful passengers. The aisle for toilet and food catering were all blocked by them illegally. Also my complaint lodged with Railway Station at Kharagpur fetched, no reply.

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  • Ch
      22nd of Jun, 2007
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    My name is chand Mohammad from Delhi. I want to know what is the need of light in the boggie when there is so much sunlight is coming from outside. Actually problem raises when i was traveling from Delhi to Lucknow on 21-Jun-07 from Swarn Shtabdi. It started from N. Delhi railway station at 6:15 AM, yes at that time there was need of light butas sun goes into its full swing around 9 o'clock all lights of the train were still switched on. It was just wastage of our resources and money also.

    I asked this to a helper Boss, why are you not switched off the lights? So he told me that i think you are journeying through this train first time, it happens all the time.We never switched off the light through all journey. I warn him that I'll complain this so he told me ya you can...

    Nobody is there to take action. You mind your business why are you worry about this. This is INDIA.

    So i want to know that guy I am worried because it is my country and all resources are generated by me and my friends hard earned money in the form of different Taxes.

    Thanks n regards

    Chand Mohammad
    5/27B Jungpura-B
    Bhogal, N.Delhi

  • Mo
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    I am an engineer working with GE-countrywide here in delhi. This is regarding my train journey from delhi to rudrapur on 29 may 2007, by the sampark kranti exp between delhi and kathgodam.

    The train is a chair car, and i purchased a ticket for ordinary chair car and boarded the train, however as it was very hot i thought of checking if i could get an upgrade to a AC chair car by paying the difference in the amount subjected to the availability of seats in the AC coach.
    so i went to the AC coach and spoke to the TTE, who asked me to wait for 15 mins while he is done with checking the tickets.

    So i stood outside the AC coach... near the toilets... and the train by now started moving, now another person... who i guess was not a TTE, but a pantry superintending supposedly, asked me why was i standing there... So i told him the reason... he called another TTE who asked me Rs 500 for a seat... I agreed... but he said he would not give me any kind of a receipt for the same... i asked him... Why not... he said... he will allot me his own seat and cannot give a receipt of the same... I then asked him... what if the checking squad comes in.. he said.. he'll manage that.... i however wanted a receipt for the price that i paid him... to which he did not agree... And asked me to get out of the place... i said the TTE has asked me to wait and he'll find out if there is any vacancy... the person than told me there is no vacancy and he himself is a TTE...

    The entire passage between the coaches was blocked with the stuff from the pantry and no space to move out... i asked the TTE to ask the pantry guy to remove the stuff and clear the way... the pantry owner and the person than said its all from the pantry and cannot be moved. They started abusing me... and said... why did i board the AC coach... and that they would impose a fine on me... the language these people used was not at all...
    parliamentary... Then I asked them their names... and said i shall complaint about them... I also took some pictures of the blocked passage, through my cellphone... Then they snacked my phones and started pushing me out...The other TTE meanwhile came from the coach... and i complaint about these guys asking me money... TTE then got the passage cleared and asked me to sit in the ordinary class... which i did...

    I however wanted to complain about these corrupt people... so at Rampur (one stop before RUDRAPUR where i had to get down)... I went to the actual TTE and asked him the names of the two people... The TTE asked me to forget about it and said "galti ho gaeee sir unse, ab jaane bhi do" i said i will not let it go... And shall definitely complain.. about them... i asked his name as well... He neither told me the name of the 2 people nor his name... instead threaned me... That they can get me arrested if i asked their names... i said i have not committed any crime... and i will definitely complain about them... as i was about to get down at my station (RUDRAPUR) 2 police cobtables... came to me and said... you are confined shall be handed over to RPF at the station... i said that is OK... i am not afraid... as i have done no crime... by asking their names... The RPF took me into their custody at the Rudrapur station. When i asked them my fault they said... they have been told that i was interfering in the government work.

    I then asked them to call the TTE and bring them before me... and tell me how exactly was i interfering... except for asking their names... When the RPF personnel asked the TTE about it... they had no answer... all they said i was creating a disturbance... how exactly... they had no answer...

    The RPF personnel... then asked them... when did i create a disturbance... they said when the train started from delhi... The RPF then asked them... If it was at delhi why did they not inform them at that point... and why did they have to wait for 5 hours before informing RPF...

    Bottom line: They complaint to RPF only when i asked their names... at RAMPUR... the RPF did not find the TTE convincing and allowed me to go home... I wanted to complain about them at the rudrapur railway station, however was told that it cannot be done... They even did not have the names of the TTE... and i shall have to complaint either at delhi or at Kathgodam.


    I have however taken the pictures of the blocked pantry and the 2 people... in my phone... i can send those...

    As one of the pantry boy informed me... The name of the 2 people were:
    Mr SHARVAN, and MR RAMNIVAS (i am not sure if the names are correct though)

    I am an educated person and understand its my duty to point out the wrong and question it... It was very easy got me to pay them Rs 500 as others did and sit comfortably in the AC. i am bringing this to you so that a strict action can be taken on these people... So that... we do not have to see the wrong examples everywhere. And so that the TTE's can stop filling their pockets out of the public money!

    1. Can a TTE ask for money for allotting a seat, without any receipt.
    1. THE TTE's should be asked why should they not reveal their identity. if its as simple as their names... also they did not wear any nameplates .
    2. Are the TTE's supposed to misbehave with a passenger and get him arrested for no reason... if they had a reason, why was i released by the RPF.
    3. TTEs should be asked what exactly did i do that was termed as interfaring with the government work "sarkaari kaam me baadha" !!
    4. If i interfered with the govt work... why did they not inform the RPF then and did that only when the train reached Rampur... that was when i told them that i was going to complain about them and asked their names...
    5. Aren't TTE's supposed to check the tickets of the entire train...the TTEs actually never came out of the AC coach.. and when i went there to see if a seat was available... they said i was not allowed in the AC coach... how then do u talk to TTE???


    my email address is


  • Fa
      13th of Sep, 2007
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    I had a waiting list no.7 for the reservation in the sleeper class ,when i was travelling back from chengannoor to kannur by malabar express (Train no.6329)on 1297. Before me boarding the train i had enquired about the berth, since i was a single female traveller and he promised to arrange . As the journey started , the TTE Shiv mohan(duty from tvm to trchur) , aroused a demand for the berth and could concern only if i was ready to pay him more,ie.i should pay him Rs 200 without any receipts. since i disagreed with him, he asked me to get to the general compartment. He abused me a lot since he was drunk.I also went to the other coach ,TTE Santhosh(duty from tvm to trichur) who said that berths would be granted only if pay the money they demanded (without any receipts) I was totally helpless since it was a night journey and me being a female.
    Almost all the TTE's are corrupted in kerala side.
    Why dont the govt. take any necessary action against these scoundrels ?
    Without any efforts corruption can never be eliminated..

  • Pi
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    all fruit vendors carry loads of there fruits from naya azadpur delhi . that too without tickets moreover passengers dont get seats to sit due to them
    no tc no station officer takes any action after so many complaints

  • Al
      24th of Sep, 2007
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    Iam Thomas ,i was travelling in bangalore exp boarding at chalakudi(kerala)on 23-09-2007 on "TATKAL BOOKING".

    at around 10.00 pm , TTE came for checking and he started yelling at me in malayalam , iam just translating to english here

    TTE " where were u when i came before, and where did u boarded? "

    i said i was in rest room and boarded at chalakudi,and this was my actual boarding station. but even then , he just started yelling at me

    TTE " dont say lie, and you are a christian , how could say lie being a christian ? i will throw u out if u keep saying lie"

    the coach police also came at that time ....

    I WAS VERY MUCH HUMILIATED AND ASHAMED BECAUSE OF THE BEHAVIOUR OF TTE, i dont know WHETHER THE railway department is teaching TTE like this...

    this is not the way to bahave with the good passenger !!!

    and one more thing to complaint about him is, he has given birth to the ladies accomodating 2 in one birth . exept the 3 berths in that division all others are occupied like this !!

    this is very inconvinient to other passengers also


    travelling date 23-09-2007
    TRAIN NO 6525
    COACH S7 SEAT 60
    boarding at chalakudi TO BANGALORE

    to save others from humiliation iam sending this mail to other official also.



    my email id

  • De
      28th of Sep, 2007
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    Dear sir,

    There is no any ticket distributer at morning time 05:00 A.M. on basai-dhankot station which is 1st station from gurgaon to rewari, near gurgaon, haryana, india. On morning time one passanger train come on at 05:14 A.M. Ticket distributor come on 06:00 A.M . So I request to please take necessary action as soon as possible. So many passangers are intrested for ticket but they don't get. Please do needful and give reply.

    Devender Kumar

  • Ba
      2nd of Oct, 2007
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    Dear Sir,

    Today morning i check status of train no. 2307 dt. 17.11.2007 from mugal sarai the indian rails offical site says there is waiting list, and from Howrah seat is avlaible . so i reserved my ticket from Staition Howrah to Jodhpur dated.16.11.2007 and boarding from mugal sarai dated. 17.11.2007 so i pay for that fare from Howrah to jodhpur Rs.497.00 each , but railway cheat me , he taken fare for more then1800 Km. and give me again RLwaitlisted seat which is current status of Mugalsarai (original fare of Mugal sarai to jodhpur is 380.00 approx) Now i am confused where and which i can complaint for this cheating with me if you check currntly status of train no. 2307 dt. 16.11.2007 from Howrah to jodhpur you can find that 17 seat is availble. i booked 16 seats i pay approx 1600.00 Rs. extra and again i find RL wait list??????????????? where i can find Justic???

  • So
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    I booked a tatkal ticket online and along with the
    ticket booking details, it just said how to cancel the
    ticket and the refund amt will be credited to my
    I proceeded with the cancel button which did not even
    warn me that the refund is zero as 24 hrs had just
    passed. why should I cancel the ticket if the refund
    is zero?
    If I had known I would not have attempted to cancel
    it. I rang up their employee to ask them since the
    refund is zero can I travel for which their answer was
    no.they just gave the answer that is the rule.
    cant these rules put properly in the mail containing the ticket info.
    The PNR No for the ticket is 4360906220.
    Pls do let me know.

  • Jo
      26th of Mar, 2008
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    I with my family were travelling back to Chennai after attending a family function in Vijayawada via the Pinakini superfast (!!!) express(2711). We had second seating reservation in D4 from 1-10. Everything was fine when we started in Vijayawada at 6am in the morning. There were some 25-30 reserved passengers in the compartment out of the 103 seats. After some 2-3 stations all started slowly. The reservation went into packing within the next 2 stations. Everybody seem to be daily travellers comprising students, workers etc. They greeted each other which shows this happens daily! The TTE just came in and checked the reservation seats only. He didn't even bother to ask for tickets to others. I don't know how many of them had tickets or pass'. The worst happenned when a man in Nellore station gave me his hanky to put a seat near me which we reserved already. He argued with me eventhough I showed the reserved ticket. Finally I have no other option than to use vulgar words. I was very furious and shouted with all the vulgar words I know in front of my mom, dad and others. I was very angry and even called him to test my physique. As I am a well built and a powerlifter, he kept his mouth shut for the rest of the journey. I am soft natured and haven't used any foul language since I left college during 2001. I was dissapointed and upset that I went too much. But is it really me the one to be cursed? Everybody travels in the reserved compartment and TTE is not even bothered to check. What's is the point in reservation? Only God knows when the situation changes..until then it is high inconvenience traveling in chaircar.

  • Rm
      20th of Apr, 2008
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    Res. Sir,

    Sub: Railway Coach attender extracting money form passengers – Reg.

    Ref: PNR Ticket No.416-1213978

    I bring the following facts to your kind attention for prompt and remedial actions.

    On 9th April 2008 I, along with other members of my family started our journey to H. Nizamudin by train No. 2641 Thirukural Exp. from Kovilpatti.. We traveled in Coach No. B1(Third A/C) and our ticket No. was PNR 416-1213978 . On boarding the train we were provided with Pillows, woolen blankets and white bed sheets.

    A couple of hours before the arrival of train at H.Nizamudin station we were all put in an acutely embarrassing situation when the Coach attender who spoke only Hindi demanded that we pay Rs 400/- for two of the bed sheet allegedly missing. We place our entire luggages before him with the request to thoroughly check our belongings. But his intension only seemed to be to receive money from us. The similar tactics were used with other co-passengers who, unable to stand the insult, paid him a big amount in order to silence him.

    But we were kept under intense pressure till we reach H.Nizamudine Railway station. My sons who had come to receive us intervened and talked to the attender to take up the matter to railway superintend, whereupon the attender sneaked away without disclosing his name though we asked for it.

    This kind of tricks, we were told, is regularly played on the gullible passengers from the south for extracting money from them.

    For any further enquiry please contact me at my address

    21-Railway Feeder Road,

    My telephone number 09360095172, 04632-246207

    We request the authorities concerned to stop this evil practice and take remedial measures immediately.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully


    Date: 20-April-2008

  • Ka
      27th of May, 2008
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    please reply and mention me, with this i meet so many problems (i lost the train, iam not reached in time to chennai who going to pay)

    As iam travelling in train for four months in the week days from
    trivandrum to chennai central.

    i use to get unreservation ticket, and with this ticket in the sleeper
    II, i can get the birth, by paying the balance amount.

    On 23-05-2008 when i got the unreservation ticket NO:279661567 from
    trivandrum to chennai egmore, the compartment S9 and S10 are vacant and
    in the chart it mentioned up to madurai, i sat in s10.

    when TTR comes for checking the ticket, i will pay the balance amount
    and i can get the ticket.

    In nagercoil railway Excess fare ticket collector came to me and said
    it is not rule to travel in sleeper and collected RS:340, Excess fare
    ticket no: Z170052.

    i want to know is it right thing the southern railway behavied to me,
    when i consulted to senior manager of nagercoil, he said to complain to
    trivandrum and he said once money collected not to do anything.

    so please give me reason what i have did is wrong are right, and also
    how to get the money back.


  • Ve
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    Respected sir,
    As i am travelling by lalbagh express 2607 train no from chennai to bangalore every week on sunday.I am going in reservation compartment.People who is not having the ticket in the reservation compartment and people who is having the waiting list ticket they are also travelling in reservation compartment.and disturbing the other passengers.I told to TTR regarding that but there was no action.See we are giving 20 rs extra for reservation compartment but what is the use.If they are not having the ticket in reservation compartment let them go in unreserved compartment really people in reservation compartment cant able to get down in the respective station due to crowd so i kindly request u to look into this matter .

  • Ar
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    Hello South western railways (Bangalore division),

    To whomsoever it may concern.

    Bangalore(Bengalooru) has already existing with luxurious tracks to run shuttles between many places especially from 1.Bengalooru central railway station to whitefeild .
    2.Yeshwanthapur railway station (route via Hebbal )to whitefeild.
    3.Rajarajeshwari nagar (Mysore route to Bengalooru central )

    I have only informed the routes i know.And the basic knowledge of a passenger which i feel will help the biggest problem in the city called traffic.This shuttle train between these routes will minimize the burgoeing traffic snarls and complaints and also the fuel crisis.
    I think the railway ministry is running under it's best leader so far called Mr.Lalu too.
    So kindly request to check this complaint and implement this simple solution and avoid the major crisis which will only benefit a beautiful city in india further.
    Your best regards,

    A loyal citizen

    P.S why the railway for past 10 years near hebbal old madras road is not getting repaired to pass the traffic into the city.

  • Ra
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    Dear sir,

    This is to inform you, I live at Rishra, Dt-Hooghly, in West Bengal
    that I have a complaint against the vendor name Mukherjee Book Stall which is now enjoying Mr. Tarak Aich instead of the
    original owners Mr. B. Mukherjee who has died .And I want to
    know the Raiway Authority is it possible to enjoy the
    book stall in his name?
    Is the vendor license transferable?
    Is Tarak Aich can buy the Raiways property (Book Depot vendor)
    from Mr Mukherjee(who has passed away) ?
    Is there any rule to transfer/sold the vendor to others?
    So, you are requested to varify the all docs. & take necessary steps .
    Thanking you.

    yours faithfully,

    Ranjit Mukherjee

  • Re
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    Southern Railway - Trivandrum Pattom Reservation Counter
    Date and Time of Incident:
    Date: October 1st, 2008
    Time: 8:10 AM
    Need to change the attitue of the railway people at the reservation counter.

    Railway people are behaving rudely against the customers who came for ticket reservation. Mannerism should be taught to these people before deputing to this service. As Gandhi said, customer is the king. But here these people are behaving as if they are the super king.

  • De
      5th of Oct, 2008
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    I booked an e-ticket through irctc and the pnr number of the ticket is 2515095453. I initially booked 4 tickets and later on i cancelled one out of 4. Today when my parents were traveling through the ticket, a TTE came and said all the 4 tickets are cancelled and the money has been returned to the card. When i checked the pnr status online it showed me that 3 seats have been alloted to my parents(couch SE1 and seat # 57, 58, and 60). I spoke to TTE through mobile phone(which my parents were carrying) and he said all the tickets are cancelled. I said please check in the chart and he said "I have given those seats to some one else and if i have some vaccant seats then only i will give seats". I paid the full amount whatever i was suppose to pa then how you guys can trouble passengers. I called up 139 and explained the whole scenerio and asked them for an immediate help but they said they are help less.

  • Ar
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    i am arpan saxena booked 3 tickets from ur on line registered agent from ghaziabad the tickets from old delhi to jammu.again booked ticket from jammu to kanpur and again booked ticket kanpur to ghaziabad as per your rules which is print on e ticket customer have paid only ticket cost irctc cost and 10 rs agent cost i hope its all extra cost are total near 70 to 90 but they charge 270 extra
    and they are saying these extra is there charges and railway give him licence for that

    please do need ful if they cheat the customer on behave of indian railway


    arpan saxena

  • Pr
      11th of Oct, 2008
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    Dear All,

    I have booked a ticket under Ladies quota and travelled by 2722 Dakshin Express on 09.10.2008 from Nagpur to Hyderabad as per details given below:

    1) PNR No: 2152675295
    2) Train No: 2722
    3) From Nagpur to Hyderabad
    4) Berth No: S3/ 006

    I was not provided any berth on the alloted seat. One person was already travelling by that berth. There were no railway personnel around - No TTE and no railway police. The person occupying the berth has abused me and I can put the unparliamentarian words he has used.

    The TTE has not come to the S3 compartment even after I have sent a word to him through the railway catering Boy.

    For two continous hours, the person who has unauthorisedly occupied the berth has been humiliating me.

    There were another two unauthorised persons in the compartment who have been smoking without any break. These persons should have been booked by the law and should have been fined Rs 200/- for every cigerette/ beedi they smoked.

    The railway police have come after 3 hours, and evacuated the unauthorised persons.

    This pathetic situation allows terrorists to plant bombs and make trains catch fire and make lot of people like me to sacrifice their lives.

    In this connection, I demand that
    1)the railways take action on the concerned and compensate me for the mental agony caused to me
    2)Pay me the fine that would have been recovered from the persons smoking in the compartment( by recovering it from the persons who are responsible for implementing it),

    failing which, I will be compelled to approach through concerned channels for getting the grievance redressed.

  • Ki
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    Respectd Sir,

    I kiran manyam, booked ticket from Vijayawada(BZA) to Tirupathi(TPTY) for

    2863/HWH YPR EXPRESS with date of Journey 12th July 2008(Sat).This train was running with Indefinite late of more than 8 Hours . So I have gone in other train on that day after that applied this for TDR Process on 14th July 2008.

    Regarding this railway people said that I will get money back with in 3 Months ( 90 days ) . But till now I didn't get the return money from you.

    Please look into to this problem.

    my ticket details are:

    PNR Number : 6215306218.

    Train: 2863/2863/HWH YPR EXPRESS.

    Date of Journey: 12th july 2008.

    My Transaction Details:

    USER ID: kiranbw

    PNR Number: 6215306218

    Transaction ID: 0048440055

    Please help me regarding this.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Kiran Manyam

  • Bb
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    Now a days it is rediculas to travel in Sleeper coaches at all places in India. The coaches are meant for 81 passengers now a days, but at any time one can find almost double the passenters occupying the compartments. They may be without Ticket holders, may be pass holders, may be from general compartments or may of wait listed passengers. Ultimately, the journey becomes night mare for the bonafide passengers.
    > We are listening that the Railways are making profit and obviously the mergins are coming from our pocket. Neither Laloo or Chairman nor it officers are paying !
    > We do not know whether Indian railways are having any deep studies in this matter that why the Sleeper coaches are so over crowded round the clock? If yes, then what are the preventive actions are being taken by Indian Railways ?
    > If no, then why its general managers to lowest level of employyes are counting their salaries ?
    > As we accept all nuisence, our Indian railways and it`s management has taken it granted that they need not to perform their duties!!
    >> Where are the ticket checking staffs ?? why not there is recrutment drive ? No actions are being taken as the common people sufferand not those Railway Management as they travel in Fancy Saloon which is financed by people only.
    >> We need to seek RTI report that why the railways are just " Impotent " in stopping such nuisense at Sleeper coaches.
    B.Basu. Mumbai.

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