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bad facilities in kaifiyat train no 12225

Hello... Myself rabia nizam
I was travelling though kaifiyat (12225) from azamgarh to delhi on dated 27.04.11 in b2 couch seat no 03 my ticket pnr no [protected]
While travelling I faced many types of problems listed below-
1- no soap liquid in soap container in toilet
2- water leaking from the floor of toilet
3- dirty seat of compartment
4- curtains were absent in compartments
5- towel was not provided by attendent inspite of demand & reminder

I query for all above to the attendent but he misbehave and casually said that this is always happening in this train.
I am sending you this mail in the hope of some good change for the facilities provided by railway to the passengers for which they pay to railway and not merely the assurance to the passengers by the railway.

Please reply me at [protected] so I may believe in your feedback system and get some encourage for future feedback
With regards
Rabia nizam
Azamgarh u. P

painful journey

Anand raj khanna
c-12, birju apartment, opp: azad society,
ambawadi, ahmedabad – 380 015
contact: +91– [protected]
e-mail: [protected]
date: 28.04.2011

The drm,
Northern railway,

Dear sir,

Sub: complaint against two reservations in one seat and absence of t. t. sabarmati express, train no.19168 dated 27/04/2011.

I have booked three tickets to travel with my family from cnb to adi vide pnr no.[protected] on 12.04.2011 departure date 27.04.2011 by sabarmati express (19168) and all the three berths were in wait list 6/7/8. on traveling date one berth was confirmed in s-5/24 and remaining two were in rac s-4/15 as per detail shown in reservation chart as well as communication received on mobile.

While journey, I found that the same berth was allotted to ‘mr. mahesh pandey’ from lko to brc on 26/04/2011 vide pnr no.[protected] according to ticket. I tried to search the tte in all coaches of the said train but no one was found till ujjain. therefore, my family and I were suffered instead of safar till ujjain junction. thereafter one tte examined both ticket and told that how comes it happen, I don’t know but he allotted me the same berth and transfer him to another berth.

The slogan may deem fit for this type of arrangement for passenger:

“mamta ki rail or rail ki mamta – seat eak aur do ki satta”

Sir, this happen gives my family painful journey and me because no one tte was available while journey. so many questions arise about this happen.
1. why has not checked the train by tte?
2. where tte was?
3. do tte staffs avoid checking the sabarmati express?
4. tte was sleeping elsewhere.
5. tte was absent without or with information.
6. tte has left the train after making his attendance.
7. tte has left the train after signing the chart.

You are requested to kindly expedite the matter to solve the problem.

Sir, few photographs are also attached herewith for your kind information, which are showing the story itself that the vendor is making the tea by using the water from toilet tab in western railway with electric rod. is it hygiene or not? any one can assume.

Hope you will take up the matter seriously to avoid suffering and serious sickness of passenger, while journey in future.


Yours truly,

(anand raj khanna)

C. c. to the ccm, western railway, mumbai
the general manager, indian railways, new delhi
the chairman, irctc, new delhi

painful journey
painful journey
painful journey

riservation is not in prosses last three days

I had gone to railway reservation counter at hathras city station on 19/04/2011 for do the reservation from hathras city to lucknow, but I have not received reservation on that counter because reservation counter clerk said that printer is not working from two days. I have face many troubles. so please short out this problem. vikas gupta
My [protected],
Mob. [protected]

non stoppage trains

ARA is an important junction of eastern central railways in aspect of everyfield. Good amount of revenue is produced by ara railway station.passengers volume is always high at ARA railway station. but ARA is always cheated by rail officials of ECR. Lack of facilities at station complex is there. many trains don, t stop at ARA like patna secundrabad, patna indore, haridwar exp and so many are there. These trains connect important places of study and proffession where thosands of people of ARA stay.non stoppage of trains cause great difficulties. I want to ask railways if Good revenue and high population city is not criteria of stoppage of trains then what is the criteria. This is cheating to people of ARA.

  • As
    ashok diwan Aug 30, 2011

    palwal is an important station of railway board if TAJ stoppage there so delhi stn clowd some control
    plz taj stoppage at palwal station

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spineless railway board

I had complained to Railway Board, Railway Minister and IRCTC regarding harrassment by TTE. Except for IRCTC customer care, no-one responded. I am started to wonder if the entire railway board is spineless with no bones to take strict action or probably they are also part of this.

I am attaching my original complaint for which I have not got any response and I have nowhere to complain any further.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: N Eshwar
To: [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]
Sent: Fri, March 25, 2011 11:00:05 AM
Subject: Re: Harrassment by TTE in Kerala Express (Train no: 12626)

Kind Attn:

Hon'ble Railway Minster
Chairman, Railway Board
Member (Staff)
General Manager (NR, SR and SCR)
Customer Service (IRCTC)
Indian Railways and Railway Board

Dear all,

Further to my email, since no action from your side is visible so far, I am highly disappointed by your callous attitude. We checked with Sanjay further events that transpired that and and found that TTE told them that on this ticket that only two of them can travel as the third one did not have any identify proof.

And TTE sold the third ticket to a lady for Rs. 1500. The passengers on this ticket had to accomodate themselves in 2 seats available. I am shocked to see such irregularities in Indian Railways and TTE taking under-educated passengers for a ride.

Eshwar Natarajan

From: N Eshwar
To: [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]
Sent: Tue, March 22, 2011 11:35:10 PM
Subject: Harrassment by TTE in Kerala Express (Train no: 12626)

Kind Attn:

Hon'ble Railway Minster
Chairman, Railway Board
Member (Staff)
General Manager (NR, SR and SCR)
Customer Service (IRCTC)

Indian Railways and Railway Board

Dear all,

I had booked e-tickets for Sanjay Kumar, Umesh Yadav and Sushil Yadav on Tatkal Quota for travel on Train Number 12626 Kerala Express from New Delhi to Palakkad for date 22 March 2011 and I had received confirmed PNR [protected]. The details of the ticket are attached in the mail trail below.

As required for eTicket, I had taken the printout and provided it to Sanjay Kumar for their travel today. They boarded the train today morning from New Delhi and when the TTE came, they presented the ticket along with Sanjay Kumar's Voter ID card. The TTE started to ask for Photo-ID proof of other two passengers as well and told them that if they fail to present he would disembark them from the train in Mathura. They provided him Photo-ID proof of other passenger as well but he consistently threatened them and eventually Sanjay had to call my mother and have her speak with the TTE.

When my mother asked his name, which he did not tell; and told him that we had booked the ticket as they are travailing to our house in Kerala for work and why he is bothering them as they have presented the ticket and provided him the necessary proof, he said nothing and let them go.

As I understand and quoting what is mentioned in eTicket -- "One of the passenger booked on an E-ticket is required to present any of the identity cards noted below in original during the train journey and same will be accepted as a proof of identity failing which all the passengers will be treated as travelling without ticket and shall be dealt as per extant Railway Rules. Valid Ids:- Voter Identity Card / Passport / PAN Card / Driving License / Photo ID card issued by Central / State Govt /Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School or College for their students /Nationalised Bank Passbook with photograph /Credit Cards issued by Banks with laminated photograph."

This is not the first time it is happening, on two previous occassions as well this has happened on Kerala Express, once in North Division and once in South Central Division. Each time we have to intervene or the fellow passengers help to resolve issue. Probably, they may go through this issue once again tomorrow morning when they reach SCR Division and TTE harassing them once again.

I did not complain on earlier occasions but now I feel it was my mistake. It has become a routine feature of TTEs harassing under-educated passengers with eTickets to extort money. If you expect the person booking the ticket to travel along, kindly mention it so in the eTicket. I'll make a point to accompany them and ensure that TTE do not take advantage of situation.

It is a free country and everyone has right to use technology, if TTE expects under-educated passengers to use only "Printed Ticket", probably it is time that they need education. Instead of Indian Railways becoming modern, it is degrading day-by-day. I would suggest all of you to travel as an average passenger in these trains and understand the plight that an average Indian Railway consumer face.


Eshwar Natarajan

  • Ka
    katiyarp Apr 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    are the authorities sleeping over all this at will ? they are perhaps even more corrupt, nevertheless to mention the corrupt passenger who bought the seat for 1500 bucks.

    what a shame, I'm living my youth in a country where government, bureaucracy and people all are equally participating in corruption. Wonder, what would Jan Lokpal bill do, when our moral and ethical standards have been brought down to such levels that whatever wrong we see is so, but whatever wrong we do is right !!!

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  • Sr
    Srikant Srivastava May 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just want to tell you about the development of Prayag Ghat Railway Coach Terminal situated at Daraganj, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.Development of this railway station is very slow. Last date of completion of this Project is January.2013.but according to its present situation it seems that it cannot complete within 1.5 yrs.So the main thing is that as soon as possible start this terminal project.
    If you want to save this Railway property and government money as soon as possible start this project.
    At this time this railway station is in very bad condition.Its like useless property.

    So as soon as possible take the relevant actions.And kindly inform me.
    Srikant Srivastava

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  • Dr
    Dr Jasbir Singh Jul 03, 2011

    Three is no link between fzp/faridkot to LDH / AMBLA ETC PL JOIN KOTKAUPER WITH MOGA SO PEOPLE GET BNIFIT OF RAILWAY Rg Dr jasbir singh 09876163945

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Inappropriate collection of parking fees at Villivakkam Railway Station

Recently there was a tender raised and a new contractor has taken over the Parking license for Villivakkam Railway Station. Tender notice was published in the newspaper stating that for parking Rs. 4 on a daily basis and Rs. 100 for a monthly basis for two-wheeler parking and Rs.2 for cycle. However they are collecting Rs. 5 on a daily basis and Rs. 120 for a monthly basis for two-wheelers and Rs.3 for cycle. Even the tokens that they provide has the amount prescribed as in tender. When verified with them they were rude in replying and said that they would collect like this only.

  • Ch
    Christophercruz Aug 26, 2009


    The railway track from Chennai to "Nagapatnam" has been under construction for more than two years. Lots of people travel to "Velankanny Shrine" everyday and now find difficult to travel with small kids by bus. May I know when will the railway ministrycopen the route and operate trains to "Vailankanny".


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  • Ch
    Christophercruz Aug 26, 2009

    I totally agree with the complaint. please complete the work and start running trains to Velankanny - Nagapatnam as early as possible.

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  • Ba
    Basheer1 May 22, 2013

    Dear Sir,
    I along with my brother and sister-in-law came to Bharat Nagar MMTS station, for travelling of my brother and sister-i-law to Lingampalli. As they both were new comers to Hyderabad city, I came to drop them in Bharat Nagar MMTS and waits until the Lingampalli MMTS arrived by 7:40AM. They both had the tickets and entered in the MMTS. while I was returning from station TC asked me the ticket as I have the platform ticket also. He suspected me that the time for the ticket is completed and asked to show ticket in the name of BharatNagar. He tried to evade himself by asking me to produce Identity proof which I produced. He absused me and threatned me to pay an amount of 520.00 as an excess fare ticket, fare 20.00 with fine of 500.00 even after having confirmed and valid ticket. In the Extra fare receipt Q 0785002 he mentioned as number of passengers as 2, though I'm only at platform.
    When I asked Ticket collector to furnish his details, he refused and importantly he was drunk on duty and without name badge.
    I want some serious action to be taken on such employees who are hindering the reputation of the whole railway department. Please punish such nasty fellows who are behaving against their rules with drunk in duty and looting money from people without proper reason. I hope I will get justification by this complaint.
    Thanks & Regards:

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non displaying of coach numbers

Dear Sir,

I travellrd by train No.& Name:18238/Chhattisgarh Exp.# on 30.3.11 from Bhopal to Bilaspur. I boarded from Habibganj Railway station. My PNR No.:[protected] with transaction Id:[protected]. I faced real problem in Habibganj Station, Bhopal. There was no display of coach details in the station. The train came on the No.4 platform. I came without asking the position of A1 coach. Then was waiting for display of coaching. But perhaps they forgot upto last moment. When the train was entering the station, on that moment they started announcing the position of the coach and it was a real mess in the station . All the pssengers started running here and there as the stoppage was just for two minutes. When the train entered the station then only they dislplayed the coach numbers. It is a request to look after such incidents.So that the passengers do not suffer.

Thank you.

Dr. Chandana Mitra, Bilaspur, (Chhattisgarh)

disabled reservation

The 04 seats in the train coach next to guard are reserved for disabled persons. But usually they are occupied by other fit people. Even guards do not stop them. Can railways deploy a police person in that coach who can take care of it so that the disabled are not deprived of their rights. The police person must be honest enough that he doesn't accept 10 rs as bribe and sell the seat.. Thanks.
Mrs mamta banerjee pls look into it if you have eyes to see and ears to hear other wise 20 lakh disabled are not going to see and hear your vote appeal.

  • Ra
    RAVI KANT MISHRA Jun 02, 2011


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delay in gaudge conversion between gonda via naugarh to anand nagar rail route

I would like to pay attention for Indian Railways and North Eastern Railways -Gorakhpur officials regarding gaudge conversion between Gonda and Annand Nagar via Naugarh, Barhni. Since Trains are running between Gonda & Annand Nagar Only, We commuters are facing lot of problem during Train Change at Anand Nager Speciaaly for Old Aged, Ladies & Patients.
Another issue is Trains Between Gonda and Anand Ngr are Very less as compared to Year 2007-08. At this route Huge no of Population are living in mumbai/Delhi/Banglore and other parts. They are really facing a lot of problems during train change at Gonda (Frequncy is very very less) and two Train Changes at Gorakhpur & Anand Nagar.. For Exmple If I want to Travel 73 KM from Gorakhpur to Naugarh, It takes almost 5 to 6 Hrs to reach after change one Train in at Anand nagar. My Humble Request to all Railway Officials either speedup the process for Gaudge conversion between Gonda & Anand Nagar or Increase in Train frequency between Gonda & Anand Nagar...

poor service and indecent behaviour in tvc rajadhani (12432)

I am thoroughly dissapointed by the indecent behaviour and poor service of the railway staff's inside Rajadhani Express (12432) scheduled from Nizamuddin on 22 Dec 2010. This train was delayed by 7.5 hours and reached Mangalore (from where I boarded) at 01:15 AM on 24th Dec 2010. Following are the few incidents I would like to bring to your kind notice,

1. Train delayed by 7.5 hrs both at source (Mangalore) and destination (Trivandrum) causing us to miss the connecting train from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari on 24th Dec morning.
2. No proper Food and Water supplied in the train through out the journey. On requesting for Breakfast on 24th Dec morning, we were given harsh response by both the waiter and the bed roll supplier.
3. Bed rolls were not provided at the time of boarding. The berth's (A1-3, A4 - 7, 9) was occupied by other passengers while I and my family boarded the train in the mid night at 01:15 AM.
4. On repeatedly requesting for Bed rolls, the person in charge provided us with "used" bed rolls which was disgusting.

I have filed a TDR (for PNR # [protected]) for the delay which has caused severe loss to me and my family in terms of covenience, moral and money matters. I request you to kindly do the needful with the Refund amount and also request you to take such matters seriously in order to keep the reputation of India's premium train - Rajadhani Express.


late arrival of trains

dear sir,
i want to lodge a complaint on indian railways because of the late arrival of trains.
1.i am waiting for the secunderabad patna express on november 14, 2010 at patna junction(train no:2791) from 7.10 pm, its right time till 12 pm.

2.this is the second time i have been waiting...always the train comes late.there is no response in the station managers room at patna.perhaps the person most of the time will not be in his seat.

3.the additional superindent (commercial) is not responding properly. there is no complaint sheet available at the station.

4.the train was stopped for 4 hours in nearby stations sorry annoucements.

5.this is not we expect

misbehaviour and taking of bribe of tc

sir, i wish to lodge a complain against a tc/ booking clerk and dy. station manager of Gaya jn. (e.c.r.) i travelled from gaya to Howrah by train no. 3010 on 02.10.2010 vide ticket no. E [protected] and E.F.T. no. B577023. this ticket was issued by the TC/Booking clerk after demanding a bribe of Rs. 200/- which i had to give after all my protest failed. i went to Dy. Station manager to file a complain against the said corrupt booking clerk but to my utter dismay the dy. station manager of gaya jn. rudely rebuked me saying that the complain book is finished and he has no fresh copy of complain book and if i persist i shall not be able to purchase any ticket from the current booking counter. it is very shocking that a senior official of the largest railway network in the world could behave in such an appalling manner and disgusting behaviour.
you are hereby requested to please look into this matter at the earliest and take appropriate action against the officials to redeem the image of Indian Railways.
The Hon'ble Railway minister is also requested to please take this complain into her consideration and do the necessary action as she deems fit.

syed Tanvir Ahmed, Advocate
High court, Calcutta.
97/1D, Topsia Road, 3rd floor,
Kolkata-700039 (W.B)
Mobile No. [protected]

azad hind express running late

Hi, Azad Hind express is running almost 8 hrs late from schedule everyday. This causing inconvenience to...

complaint against irctc (idian railways

I, Jatinder Singh S/o S.InderPal Singh booked an Confirmed E-Tkt on 131-Up / Train No.2459, NDLS ASR Exp from New Delhi to Amritsar as on Journey date 10-09-2010 against PNR No. [protected] and Trasaction ID : [protected] from Agent a/c of IRCTC on line Tkt reservation system. Further my Booking status : Confirm; Coach : D6; Seat No.:98 & 102 (D6). But to my surprise, at the time of boarding in the train, I found that 'There is NO Reservation Coach/ portion of a Coach whre I can get my Reserved seat to do the journey. I also informed the matter to the On-duty Guard of the Train, but found a more helpless condition of the person who informed me that 'The said train is running with ONLY 90Berth Coaches and No Reserved Coach or porion of a Coach to find my Seat against which I booked the Confirmed Tkt from IRCTC. The Guard, certified the fact on my Electronic Reservation Slip with his signature & date.

Now, as a result of the above situation, I had to take a lot of Tension, time loss and Pain to reach to my destination, i.e., Amritsar by alternate means making huge unexpected expenditure and moreover I had to suffer a lot in respect of my Relatives, I gone to Amritsar to Attend the death Ceremony of my close Relative.My Wife Herleen Kaur has been Pregnant & suffer so much pain in between Journey.when i Boarded to train i searched for my seat & found that there was no seats after 90 berth in the trian.Atlast T.T came to us & demanded bribe, I refused to gave him the bribe.He thrown us out from the train at Ambala station.My wife requested him alot but he refused to help us.My wife was in pain, I stayed on the Ambala Station for more then 4 hour.My wife was in need of a doctor but there was no doctor on the station.Then i managed to took the taxi to nearest hospital.

Therefore, I do hereby request you to do the following at the earliest, please.
1) Refund my reservation amount for which I was not provided any Reserved seat against my booking.

2) Intimate me the Reason behind such an unexpected, unwarranted harrassment with an bonafide passenger on 'Indian Railways'.

3) How the IRCTC authority is going to Compensate towards my 'LOSSES' in respect of Money, Time and Pain above all damage to my Service due to the above stated situation.

I expect that, the Concerned Authority would respond to my Genuine complaint within a reasonable and justified time and take the Proper measures to Compensate the Victim of 'non-compliance of Promised services after taking payment for the same'.If you failed to reply me then i will go to the Legal Services.

Thanking you and waiting for your reply,

Jatinder Singh
mail : [protected]

  • Mu
    mukhtarvahmad Jul 12, 2013

    The railways have somehow decided not to pay to customers in spite of written rules specially for partially reserved tickets.

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double booking of same berth

Dear sir,
I have booked a ticket of 9707 aravali express as on 8/9/2010.
The officer has charged me rs 300 for ticket (actual cost 239).
And the same ticket was aleady booked to other passenger.
My pnr no [protected]. s5 20.
Other passenger pnr no [protected] s5 20.
Incharged officer in train say do what you want. I want my refund back.

84 year old senior citizen given side upper berth!!! absolutely wrong practice by railways

Dear Madam Banerjee,

I would like to bring forth the nuisance that the Railways employees have created in Mumbai. I have booked my tickets with my wife, mother and 84 years old grandmother. Despite requesting several times at the station counter for issuing lower berth tickets for senior citizen, the railways ticket issuing officer refused to issue lower berth and resultantly has issued a side upper berth for my grandmother.

I would request your kind attention on this, and understand how is it possible for an 84 year old lady to access her side upper berth as well as access toilets throughout the journey... It is shameful that such a ticket was issued by shameless ticket issuing officers in Mumbai.

Ticket information:
PNR No: [protected]
Ticket No: [protected]
Date of Journey: 24-11-2010
Journey: Train 2952 (New Delhi to Mumbai Central)
Ticket Issued on 26-08-2010 at 15:13 hours
Berth Type: 2nd AC

Thank You,
Anuj Jain, grandson of Smt. Kamladevi Jain

84 year old senior citizen given side upper berth!!! absolutely wrong practice by railways

the introduction of the side middle berth in the sleeper coaches of trains has made train travel a nightmare experience

The introduction of the side middle berth in the sleeper coaches of trains has made train travel a nightmare experience. The original 8-seater systems was quite comfortable and could accommodate (most of the time!) both passengers and luggage even on long-distance trains. Now with the additional side middle berth being introduced, there is a terrible squeeze. It is impossible for three persons to site and travel on the side berth, since they necessarily now have to site facing the passage and obstruct the movement of people. This leads to constant irritation and several knocks to knees and feet!

As for the person having to sleep on the side middle berth, he/she has no access to the fan or window and can barely breath in the confined space even as the person in the top berth is squeezed against the roof! Incidentally, the side middle berth is also across the emergency window/exits! In case there is an accident or fire, there will be no easy access to these escape routes. Given the increasing number of accidents and other disasters in trains such as fires, the new berths are a virtual death sentence to passengers.

If the Railways under Minister Laloo Yadav want to earn more revenue, let them introduce more bogies to accommodate more passenger or raise fares, honestly! This introduction of a middle berth is a major fraud and hoax on the travelling public.

The night mare for long distance travel has to be experienced to be understood.

I and my family could not get our reserved seats up to ludhiana

I with my wife and daughter boarded train no.2445- Uttar Sampark Kranti Express on 21.04.2007 at 11.30PM for Jammu. My seats were reserved in Coach No.S5 with birth no. 41 to 43. I was stunned to find that some people had already occupying my seats and inspite of my showing them the duly reserved ticket, they declined to vacate my seats and instead started using abusive language. They claimed that they have been alotted these seats by TTE Sh.Manjit Singh. When I traced the TTE Sh.Manjit Singh, he was under the influence of liquor and was sitting in AC compartment of the train. On that very day, no TTE of railways ever came to our compartment S5 to check the tickets upto Jammu. The compartment had more than 40 passengers who were not having reservation in that very compartment. But so called TTE Sh.Manjit Singh who was responsible for this situation was enjoying in AC coach . I am of the opinion that all these unauthorised people had paid extra money to TTE Sh.Manjit Singh for being accomodated in coach S5. When I approached GRP staff on duty in the train, they also did not cooperate. I and my family could not get our reserved seats up to Ludhiana.

avoid indian railways at all costs

We had complained against the station manager Sh. Satish Yadav, who due to his vested interests bypassed the recommendation of Sh. Kailash Vijayvargye, Minister for Public Works Deparetment, Government of M.P

On 12/6/05, I had to travel from Indore to Mumbai Central ( 2 seats) by train no. 2962 in class 2-AC, the PNR no. was [protected] Sh. Kailash Vijayvargye, Minister for Public Works Deparetment, Government of M.P, on his letter head recommended to confirm the reservation in VIP quota.

On being contacted to confirm the reservation at 12.30 in the noon, Station Master Sh Satish Yadav informed that as M.Ps are traveling on that day, it will not be possible to confirm the seats in 2-AC class. He asked me to get a ticket for 3-AC which he assured to confirm from VIP quota of 12 seats. I bought ticket of 3-AC class for 2 persons (ticket no. [protected], PNR no. [protected]).

Inspite of the quota of 12 VIP seats and assuring me of confirmation of seat in 3-AC, Sh. Satish Yadav deliberately did not confirm the seat due to his vested & malafide interests. When I tried to contact him on tel no. 2527585 in this regard, his phone was continuously ringing between 1pm to 4 pm but he did not pick up the phone as he had dishonestly allotted the seats for his vested interests.

I request that a genuine enquiry should be conducted in the matter to find out as to who was so important to whom the seats from the VIP quota were allotted by Station Master, Sh. Satish Yadav.

suffocated inside ac compartment

I was travelling with my wife in 2835, Hatia - Yesvantpur Superfast Express on last Tuesday (22-Jun-2010) in coach number B3. From the beginning of the journey there was no water supply in the toilets. To add on top of it, suddenly on the day 1 of the journey, sometime after midnight the ACs stopped working in our coach. Initially we didn't realized, however during early morning (of day 2) all passengers started complaining. Since it's summer and there used to be absolutely no air ventilation in the AC compartments, it started suffocating inside. We kept complaining to the attendant, to the Ticket Checker and whomever it was possible, but everything went in vein. We kept asking for the complaint book but no one availed it to us (actually it was no where there). Finally during 7:3o in the evening the attendant informed us that one of the compressors has failed because the compartment was manufactured during 1997 and it cannot take the load. He kept postponing a fix for this issue and finally with utter nuisance we reached Yesvantpur. It was nothing but a horrendous journey (courtesy our great Indian Railway), which I pray no one should ever have in there life. I've the following questions:

1) How can a department like Indian Railway be such irresponsible to give a green flag to such long distance train, without absolutely not checking the technical fitness of all compartments?

2) Most of the passengers who travel in this particular train are patients (because of well connectivity with Vellore). What if someone would have lost there life inside because of the suffocation? Who should have been held responsible for that?

3) We've paid money for travelling in an AC compartment. Will Indian Railway refund the money because we faced the trouble?