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Complaints & Reviews

Bus operator line 190 paterson


As the orient way bridge is closed since 03/06/2020, the Paterson Bus line 190 is turning right from rte 3 w to rutherford ave and passing through polito avenue, orient way and then turning right to ridge road over ridge road bridge and they stop on the corner of orient way and rutherford ave where there is a seven eleven on the left side. Tonight, 03/10/2020 the bus 190 from PA departure 12.30 followed the rte 3w to ridge road and did not turn to the above mentioned road, when the operator ( forgot to take his badge no ) was told that this is wrong he rudely responded " this is the shortest way for you and me ", altough some other passengers who planned to step out on Rutherford asked him to stop and to step out, he continued to drive until he finished the D-tour to Orient way . This is ridiculous how he behaved. I kindly ask you follow up and to respond.

Sincerely Yours
Tayfun Eralp
E-mail [protected]@yahoo.com

unethical behavior

Every morning at Old Bridge Park and Ride I walk by a NJT truck (I believe it is the ones that come when a bus breaks down Photo Below) and its engine is running (idling) and the worker is asleep in the cab. There are many things wrong here. He is polluting the environment, wasting energy and money and sleeping on the job. This has been going on for a VERY long time and I feel bad that it took me this long to complain.

unethical behavior

NJ Transit

Bus Drivers

I want to complain about the bus drivers constantly parking their buses in front of the yellow line at my building. I live near the Branch Brook Bus Depot. Bus drivers have made it a habit to park their buses in front of my building to go to the store across the street before they enter the depot. I don't care that they go to the store. The problem is that they park directly in front of the yellow line at my building, which is a senior's building. The yellow line in front of my building allows ambulances and vehicles for the handicapped and elderly to unload and load passengers. If a bus is parked there, an ambulance has to park an unnecessary large amount of feet away from the front of the building for their passengers. I would think that bus drivers would know better because they are so particular about vehicles parking in front of bus stops. Please speak to you bus drivers about stopping this behavior!! I have included a picture that proves what I am saying.

Bus Drivers

NJ Transit

bus driver route 192/192/195 to and from port authority

Every since a particular bus driver ran in to me in a local grocery store while not on NJT duties and I was wearing a Trump hat, he gave a dirty look and mumbled something in Spanish about my hat, now he tells me that I cannot rose on his bus and even had ne removed from it by port authority police for no reason at all.
Few days later he teamed up with a dispatcher and its been hell for me since .
I believe these 2 individuals don't particularly like non Spanish people and a great example of that has been displayed several times in the past when the driver allows Spanish young women to board the bus without a proper ticket or any ticket at all, proving change when paying cash but one only time I've tried to use exact change to pay my fare he denied me and told me to [censored] off stating it's vs njt policy to accept cash . Have to add I do understand Spanish and I've heard calling me names like [censored] and cock sucker on top of other treats of ending my life and how he used to deal with people like me back in his own country .
What a world !


Hello, I am complaining about nj transit bus number 160 which goes from new York to elemwood park. My complain is regarding specific bus and driver which leaves from new York at 9:10 am, the bus driver acts very rude and doesn't stop for passengers at bus stop at 31 st street and Kennedy boulevard, he also doesn't care about any elderly people and wants people to stand up before bus stops, this is very rude behavior which should not happen from nj transit driver, thank you and have a nice day

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613 bus the bus driver at 10:20 saturday february 15th 20

I have made a complaint on Friday about the bus driver that drive the 6:13 bus. Was about 3:20 she on wa...

arriving to early

I would like to make a complaint against a very rude and disrespectful bus driver I catch the 94 linden bus everything at 4:41 at the corner of stiles street and west Elizabeth avenue. As I was crossing the street to go to the stop directly across from me the bus pulled up (which is the last stop) picked up 2 passengers and started to pull off. I was confused because the bus was early (3:36) and I couldn't cross the intersection as there were cars coming. I farted in the intersection running and the driver saw me and kept going. The cars on the street beeped their horn and one driver pulled in fr But if him to stop the bus so I can get on. When I got on the bus 🚌 asked him why he was leaving so early he said he did t ha e time for me because I was on my phone. That was a lie because I had my phone out for my bus card. He began to laugh at me with the other passengers and said that was my problem. He said if it was t for the car that was in front he wouldn't have stopped and everybody that needs to be on the bus is on the bus. He stopped and told me I could wait for another bus since I had so many questions! I was shocked appalled and embarrassed. I've used public transportation for years and I have never experienced this much lack of professionalism and disrespect from any driver before. No paying passenger should have to experience what I have today and there were plenty of witnesses that can contest to the situation.

arriving to early

NJ Transit
  • No
    NotGonnaHappen1989 Feb 13, 2020

    "I farted in the intersection running and the driver saw me and kept going." Maybe he didn't want your stinky fart ass on his bus.

    0 Votes

customer service

While I was boarding the 553 to Atlantic City the bus driver (NO: 430240) first arrived late to the stop then as I approached him with the money he told me he couldn't make change for the bill I gave him he then tells me I can run to the wawa to get the change and not even seconds later pulls off leaving me late for work and stranded for another 2 hours and the lateness has been continuously

customer service

NJ Transit
  • No
    NotGonnaHappen1989 Jan 10, 2020

    Since the bus only runs every two hours you'd think you'd make sure to have the correct fare.

    -1 Votes

academy bus

Academy bus from Tom's River to Wall Street via route 9 has service cancellations EVERY DAY. They are not providing the service they contracted with NJ Transit. We the commuters to Wall Street will begin a class action suit against NJ and NJ Transit. If Academy Bus can not provide consistent daily service then NJ Transit must provide service immediately. We need reliable service.


I am so disappointed and frustrated with the NJ Transit rail service. I commute everyday to Penn Station and...

bus always late!

On 12/1/19& 12/3/19 the #66 in hillside n.j. from hillside &boa ave towards newark never showed up! i'm fed the hell up with these disrespectful bud drivers not showing up on time! soo far i've spent $60 on cab fare jus to gt to [censored]ing work on time!! when I have an $80 two zone bus card every month!! at this point i'm sick of paying extra [censored]ing money that I dont have. bottom line now what's going to be done. this is why I understand on the news why bus drivers get urine thrown at them, bricks thrown at their windows, and then they get slashed across the face. I need an immediate resolution if anything I should be awarded a free bus card for the month of january 2020 I am unsatisfied with new jersey transit at a all time high you guys take take more money but nothing is being done this is unsatisfactory work. you guys have a website for customer service saying that you want to achieve the highest level of customer service that's bs and baloney get it right.!! I am waitingfor an email back in response to this I need to know immediately what action is going to be taken I cannot afford another $20 for a cab or I cannot afford to be late and then get fired from my job that I have been on for over 20 years!! do something about it now

bus driver of bus #7874 in paramus, nj at approximately 5:10 pm on 11/21/19

The driver was driving on Rt. 17 South at a rather fast speed ON THE SHOULDER illegally in very heavy volume traffic. He continued to drive along into the EXIT ONLY lane to the Garden State Plaza and was blocking the drivers, like myself, trying to exit legally in the proper lane. He was obnoxiously boxing me out and not allowing me to get into the proper lane, with my blinker on. He then needed to cut back into the southbound lane to enter back to the proper lane to continue driving south. As he did this, he was blocking other drivers from using the proper exit lane.


707 bus on Paulison and Washington Ave in Clifton, NJ. NJ Transit app is supposedly working in conjunction with GPS tracker on bus. App reported that bus was coming, counting down to 1 minute, then ZERO minutes indicating that bus WAS NO SHOW. At which time, it was too late to catch the 705 going to the Passaic Terminal. I will be filing a complaint with the consumer protection agency as I am a MONTHLY BUS PASS PURCHASER, and have had to walk home more then half the month of October. This is like an epidemic in the cold and inclement weather months. This ALWAYS happens with the afternoon shift. How is NJ Transit charging $59.00/monthly bus pass and NOT have enough drivers for every route? Limited bus service area drivers should not be pulled for busier areas...it leaves the passengers stranded. How is this not a RICO violation?

reckless njtr

On October 31, 2019 Halloween evening I was crossing the street on Market Street by Paterson, NJ City Hall. The road was clear of traffic so I proceeded to cross the street. I noticed a NJ Transit bus parked on Market in front of City Hall in Paterson, NJ very close to the intersection (about 20 feet away). It was parked and the lights were off as I crossed the road it suddenly took off with no headlights on and at a speed of about 30 mph. I only noticed it coming towards me because of the noise of the revving engine. I realized it was coming right towards and I was passed the yellow double lines, but right in the path of the fast moving large vehicle. I felt compelled to run to the curb to save my life. I imagined all the children walking the streets on this night that the reckless, enraged driver might have killed.



insulting and disrespectful bus operator.

On October 29, 2019, at approomentley 5:18 in the evening, I boarded a Trenton bound 409, bus on Salem Road, Route 130, in Burlington City, NJ. Bus Number 19141, Operator Number 545940. I exited bus at about 5:22. I am a monthly bus pass rider, riding NJT, for twenty-seven years. After boarding, I took the window seat located directly behind the driver. While sitting there I overheard the operator tell a female passenger seated in the front seat oposite of me. He indicated that someone smells like bathroom airfreshner or some type of toilet bowl drops. The passengers repley was that isn't nice to say as she looked over at me. His response was that it was the second time today that someone smelled like this. I new he referring to me because I was wearing body oil and was the closest to him. I moved to the aisle to take note of the drivers information posted above the windsheild. I was highly insulted and embarrassed by his behavior and comments. I hope someone in Management will reprimand this driver for his POOR public sevice behavior.

  • Updated by Me56 · Oct 31, 2019

    The correct date of my complaint is October 30th 2019.

unethical behavior

The bus driver of the 2R (bus no. 6030) which arrived at 7:46 the morning of 10/24/19 was extremely rude and unprofessional. Firstly she had the wrong route number shown on her bus. Her bus showed the number 2 line which travels a different route. I only know this because I heard some ask her what bus this was. As I was getting off the bus to wait foe the real number 2 bus I mentioned to her that her sign had the wrong route number and should be changed. She then angrily said to me " I DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE ANYTHING" After giving her a piece of my mind I then left the bus snapped a picture of the bus number and decided she needs to be reported. I was lucky but a lot of people ended up on the wrong bus because of her awful attitude. If this is an indication of what kind of people work for your company then NJ Transit if failing the community. I certainly don't want my tax dollars going to pay her salary.

unethical behavior

NJ Transit

bus driver

I was boarding bus number 43896 line number 34 at 4:48 am I put in my fair 3.00 for a transfer that cost 2.35 the bus driver refused to give me a transfer and was talking to me very rude and nasty telling me that he was not giving me a transfer that I had to pay an additional 1.00 I told the bus driver I was going one zoned why did I have to pay another dollar he kept being ride saying thatt he fair and wouldn't give me a transfer I put the additional dollar and and he still refused saying I had to pay another 35 cents after I already over paid my fair he started saying things to me after I refused to give any more money I am a paying customer and should not be subjected to this kind of rude treatment and disrespect


Bus number #73 pickup at Eisenhower and Dorsa Ave toward Newark. 4:35pm bus . The driver is always late, he turns off the GPS so we cant time him on the app. He also drove by bystanders on tues oct. 15th 4:40 or so right after I got on. Lastly not to mention, HE IS RUDE. The driver dosent even turn his head to look at the bus card, and he constantly jerks the bus, causing people to slide all over the bus when he drives.

This IS EVERYDAY. What are you going to do about it??

  • Updated by wintergirl · Oct 17, 2019

    NJ Transit hiring of Drivers suck, and the company cares less! A person running for the bus to get to work and drivers pulls off! wow.

schedule and timetable of trains

I recently moved to the Hudson Valley. I work in NYC. and am in need of public transportation to and from...

bus services

I am complaining about the 18055 NJ Transit bus that should be arriving at 13th and Vine (according to the schedule) at 5:25 pm for more than a week the bus has been arriving to early which causes me to miss my connections. Today is 10/9/2019, yesterday the bus arrived at broad and vine at 5:10. This made me miss my connections because i have to walk to 13th and vine to catch the bus. I am a 60 year old women that cannot walk as fast as a 25 year old. i get off of work at 5:00pm and have to walk from 17th and Spring garden street to 13th and vine street. I can get there within a 15 min span. I should have enough time to catch the 5:25 bus. but this bus driver keeps arriving to early for me to catch my bus. Please can you check into this for me. This lately has been a recurring incident. The bus driver also saw me i waved my hand for her to stop she just kept going right pass me and she knows me i have taken her bus many times. I don't know how far this will go but please some one take this complaint seriously. My name is Christina Bundy - [protected]@ccp.edu

  • Updated by Christina Bundy · Oct 09, 2019

    This is the 406 bus that I am complaining about, that should arrive at 5:25pm at 13th and vine and has been arriving way to early (daily).