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first class coach

We commute by 1st class in train number 132 bharuch parcel passenger, but many commuters who do not have 1st class ticket or pass commute through 1st class and create a nuisance. The ticket checker never comes to check ticket and the chair car coach is also changed to a 3rd class sleeper coach. This is pathetic.

  • Ra
    Ramandeep singh Aug 13, 2008

    2 ticket of jalandhar to amritsur

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  • Sh
    Shyamal Dutta Feb 09, 2010

    We a team of 14 members were travelling in Mithila Express on 24.12.2009 to Raxul and returning on 31.12.2009 from Raxul. We had so bitter experience that can not be expressed.
    In reserved coach general ticket holders ( espicially in Bihar) entering in coach, making nuisence and behaving as if the reservations were for them. The RPFs and the ticket checkers were just like a doll.They were enjoying the situation.
    The honable minister and railway boards are requested to do something against such nuisance activities. The threshold of Nepal is only Raxul

    If there will be no step taken by railway authority within a specific time I will copy the same and paste more than 100 times.

    Shyamal Dutta
    Sukantapally, Boral

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terrible experience

I booked a I-ticket on 30th January, 2008 for my office staff S. Naskar, on 3008 U A Toofan Exp. for 12th February, 2008 from Mathura to Sealdah, vide PNR No. [protected] and transaction ID. [protected]. The train was subsequently canceled by the Railways, and the passenger had to make alternative arrangement to return to Kolkata facing a lot of hardships with no co-operation from Railways. Till date I have not received my refund.

I sent the 1st e-mail to [protected], [protected], [protected] on 12th February 2008 at 11.45 am before the scheduled departure of the train and when it was announced canceled. At first you acknowledged receipt of my e-mails.

Till date I have been writing nearly every day, but IRCTC seems to have blocked my mail address and do not even acknowledge receipt of my mail now.

  • Mg
    M. GUNASEKARAN Aug 17, 2008

    My Ticket PNR No.436-5669781 and
    Ticket No.30382808

    I booked ticket from Bangalore Cantonement Railway station for Thanjavur to Bangalore return for 4 persons.

    They allotted one person in S6 coach and others in S8 coach. Then what is the use of booking in single reservation form for all the persons.
    Then they allotted the Upper Berth for ladies aged 48 and 68 years and male 55 years old. They don't have no common sense while booking. The availability is not there, it is OK but still plenty of seats are avilable. Please look into the same and take necessary action.

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  • Dk
    D.K.GARG Sep 01, 2008


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  • Su
    Sumith M S Oct 01, 2008

    Its bizarre that in north indian trains reservation compartment is also for general people. There is no authority to check this too.Also there is a huge menace of transgeneder persons and beggers. I feel too harassed after a comparatively short journey between Mumbai and Vadodara. So onwards i have decided to not opt for sleeper class.

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  • Se
    Seshadi Jun 08, 2010

    The general manager of Indian railway

    Sub: inconvenience to passenger,
    Reference: PNR no: 124-6123408
    Train no: 2797
    Travel date: 07-06-10
    Station name: kachiguda

    We are regrets to inform you that, my father is traveled in the VENKATADRI EXP, they have reservations for the handicap quotas, they gave the seats in SL1, as the un reserved people occupied the seats complained to the deputy stations manager on the spot, I am very sorry to inform you that, he gave me info that he is UN able to vacate the unreserved people from that a compartment, as I complained to R PF, they ignored my complaint due to the deputy stations manager suggestion .so my father and mother faced the problem up to tirupathi, , is this way to give services for the reserved passengers, please pursue the mater, expecting the positive response from your side& waiting


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  • Sa
    SANTOSH KUMAR PAL Jul 01, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    I purchased one e-ticket as detailed below:
    1. Transaction id : 0224484039
    2. PNR No. : 6343396223
    3. From : HWH to PTRU
    4. Date of Booking : 25.06.10
    5. Date of Journey : 29.06.10
    6. Name of Passenger : B PAL
    7. Sex : Female
    8. Age : 63 yrs.
    9. Train Name : Shaktipunj Exp.

    Before boarding from Howrah station I enquired at Enquiry Counter twice whether the train would travel through Patratu Station since it was learnt sometimes the said train was plying bypassing Patratu. But each time they confirmed it would follow its normal route through Patratu station.

    At Dhanbad Station it was learnt the train would not go to Patratu and I had to drop at Dhanbad.
    Now my questions are :

    1. Why it was not announced at originating station the route of its plying ?
    2. Why the TTE on duty did not make me alert to drop at Dhanbad?
    3. Why Dhanbad booking counter / Station Manager refused me to refund Rly Fare from Dhanbad to Patratu?

    I think you will understand the difficulties of a Sr. Citizen Female Passenger traveling alone and faced the above cited problems.

    However, I again claim to refund the Railway Fare from Dhanbad to Patratu at the earliest.

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  • Pa
    padmaraj Jul 25, 2014

    I am going to last two years every month round trip to venkatadri exp CTO to kcg. Nowadays time very imp important but last 1 year every trip 90 min to 120 min average late pal's give resolve ASAP. Thank you pal's consider the value of the time.

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fraud and cheating

I had bitter experience of traveling in Sealdah Rajdhani Leaving New Delhi on 14th Jun 2008. No glasses were provided with the water bottle. At dinner no veg dish was served. No salad was served. Chicken curry & dal were horrible.only two 1 1/2inch pieces of chicken were in the dish. No fruit was served in the breakfast.No tetra packed juice, instead loose pepsi in glasses was served. Why cant the private caterer display what is to be served to the passengers, as is being done by irctc.

Who is supposed to monitor that passengers get what they are paying for? It is no charity. It is all because it is a private caterer and all are gtg their share in looting the passengers. I had lodged a complaint with the Pantry I doubt if it will have any effect.

  • Ra
    rafeek Sep 13, 2008

    ticket charge mistaken 7 ticket tvm to ekm (Janashadabdi) and 7 tickets ekm to aluvai
    total charge rs 763 but he take 863 at trivandrum new terminal counter no. 1 in friday at 06.15 AM
    please cheak and replay me

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no refund

I have booked a ticket thru IRCTC in AC chair car from Delhi to Suratgarh for 03-12-2007. The train "ABAD ASSAM was late for 15 hrs, hence I canceled my E-ticket (PNR No. [protected]). I have submitted application for refund. After numerous reminders I have failed to get my money back. I received a letter(No.2003/IRTC/ERTD/REFUNDS/E-ticket dt. 18.12.2007 signed by Mr. V.P. Indoria that money will be refunded in 90 days time. More than 6 months have passed and REFUND is still awaited.

  • Ak
    AK Bhattacharyya Aug 18, 2008

    I had three AC- 3 tier confirmed I-tickets for train no. 2130 (PNR NO. 630-6384401) scheduled to depart on 21.8.2007 for travelling from Howrah to Durg. But due to diversion of route I had to perform the journey on the same date by train no. 2834 with freshly purchased seperate tickets. For cncellation of my earlier tickets and refund of money I made an application to the station superintendent, Durg (SECR) and I was issued TDR (NO. 137095 dt. 23.8.2007. The same was sent to The Chief Commercial Manager (Refunds), South Eastern Railway, 14, Strand Road, 9th floor, Kolkatta-700001. And also got the postal received from the concerned office.
    But after a year I have not recrived any pay order from the above office although I made three reninder. Hopefully my complaint will treated in good sence and necessary action will be taken for refund of money.

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  • Ir
    Irfan Ahmed Sep 01, 2008


    I have sent an applicationon 04/07/08 to CCM(refunds) Nothern Railways for refund for my ticket of AC -II as the AC was not functioning i had travelled in sleeper Class.

    My train No :4217
    Journey : from Allahabad to Chandigarh
    ticket No : 00565198
    EFT No issued by the TTE: 209833
    TDR No. : 073435
    My address: H No. 490A, TBRL COLONY, SEC 29A, Chandigarh
    Phone No : 09915216130

    I have not got any refund or any reply from you Sir.

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  • Vi
    vijay narayan singh May 03, 2009

    sir, plz cacel my e tickets pnr no. 6326989781. from gaya to new dehli. date of journey 01/05/2009. no. of passenger 01. s8/0052/confirm.

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making the train travel worse

Indian Railway department is showing all its negligence to wards Karnataka people. This is visible in all the actions and execution of Bangalore Mangalore train service.

1. The project of meter gauge to broad gauge took almost more than 14 years, where the initial meter gauge project itself completed in 15 years with construction 56 tunnel in the difficult western ghats of India. This shows that Central railway department is deliberate in delaying the project to facilitate the private bus owners to rule the route.

2. Finally the Mangalore Bangalore train service has been chugged off on 8th December 2007. But this was just an eye wash from the railway department. They are forced to start the train service which was inevitable because of too much thrust by locals from Mangalore and many social activists. So the only way that Indian railway officials can serve the private bus owners bribe is just to make a longer route so that travel by train will take longer than the bus journey. So they made a route via Mangalore-Hasan-Mysore-Bangalore which is more than 500Kms. Where actually the bus route is 360Kms only. Bus journey takes about 8 hours from Mangalore to Bangalore but train journey takes more than 12 hours and still not on schedule, may get delayed due to railway station masters their own reason. The promise of starting a train via Arasikere or Shravanabelagola is still under planning but just in word as it was before.

Today this was clearly visible in their view, i was traveling from Mangalore to Bangalore with my family. Train started at 7:45PM from Mangalore, reached Hasan at 3:00 AM. The reason was that in ghat section there was speed restriction due to rain. We reached Mysore at 6:30AM, but we reached Bangalore at 11:00AM, can you believe it? the reason was that since the train was delayed and out of schedule station master cant change the slot for other train and the train which is late has to wait until the track gets free.

In Ramanagar it was above people's patience and all started shouting at the station master. Train was stopped for about 1 hour saying the track is not free for the next one hour. But finally when people started shouting and came with complaint letter addressing higher authority station master made few arrangements to depart in 10 mins. I had a complete glance how the bribe money from bus owners works with Indian railway officials.

Being a common citizen could do nothing but please some representative take some action to improve the Mangalore Bangalore connectivity train service.

-Chandranath.M, Bangalore.

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bad behavior of ticket checking staff

I will like to draw attention towards bad behaviour of ticket checking staff of IR as stated below. Today on [protected] i was to helping my sister in law to board in train no 9005 -saurashtra mail at Jamnagar station and took her to coach no S-5, with open ticket fro Jamnagar to Okha. There were plenty of vacant seats in this coach and with open ticket there was only additional fare of reservation charge was required to be paid, which my sister in law was going to pay when ticket checker asks her to do so.

However as soon as we entered the coach no S-5, railway ticket checker (with heavy body) yelled from out side the window that we can not board in this coach without reservation. We explained him that passenger will pay additional reservation charges and there are ample of empty seats in coach S-5.But ticket checker said no and forced us in another coach and misbehaved by talking in very rough manner and caused us lots of mental disturbance as there was not much time for train to depart as well as due to his bad behavior with us.

In above circumstances my sister in law boarded in another coach and she was totally disturbed due to bad behavior of ticket checker as well as she could have missed the train in view of above stated circumstances. I will like Indian railways to go through in this matter, by finding out who was that ticket checker in coach no S-5 and take necessary actions against him in view of above stated case.

I made private inquiry at Jamnagar railway station and have found out the name (i am not sure but probably) of ticket checker as Mr. V. Parmar, and was shocked to know that Mr Parmar is very famous for his bad behavior every now and then with railway passengers

I will like Indian Ralways to first to find out/confirm name of ticket checker in coach S-5 of train no 9005 at Jamnagar railway station (From mumbai to okha--train name--Saurashtra Mail) and carry out secret inquiry against this ticket checker for his famous misbehavior with passengers and take proper actions against him as soon as possible, if found guilty.

  • Pr
    pritam ghosh Nov 13, 2013

    I am very much disapointed of the behevior in the reservation counter.Due his some mistake he has taken 190 rupee extra also used slan language when spicking to me.

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  • Ar
    Arkajyoti Pandit Jul 25, 2016

    the ticket checkers are the most corrupt persons in this state. being a foreigner i was so harrased just because i didnot know the native language

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delay in train departure & arrival


I am a regular traveler from Yeshwanthpur(Bangalore) to Mangalore. As per the train schedule the train should arrive Mangalore at 8.15AM.

I have heard from lot of my friends that train is not at all reliable regarding arrival timings and for the past month I have been a witness to it.
Last month boarded the train at 8:35PM & I reached Mangalore at 11:00AM.
On 4th May, train departure was half an hour late from Yeshwanthpur and arrival to Mangalore was 9:45AM.

Thanks & Regards,

  • Na
    Narain Sep 04, 2008

    To spot your train visit to know the news update.

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  • Tc
    T.C. Bhutia Oct 13, 2009

    Being late for an hour or so is nothing new to Indian Railways, I was coming from Lucknow to NJP on 19/09/2009. The Amarnath or Jammu - GHY Express was to arrive to leave LKO at 3.30 PM, but the train arrived in the midnight at 12.00. and was to reach the next day i.e. 20/9/2009 at around 2.PM but it reached NJP only on 21/09/2009 at 10.30 AM. The train was running late by around 20 hours.

    I was also to go to Guwahati on 08/10/2009 byRajdhani Express which was to reach Guwahati at 5.30 PM. The schedule Departure time from NJP was 11.05 hrs. But the train only arrived at 20 hrs and reached the next day that 09/10/2009 at 1.30 hrs.

    This is the status of the Indian Railways punctuality

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Dear Sir/s
I had taken Railway Reservation Ticket on 5/4/08 with PNR No.[protected] in which i got waitlst no./57 for the train 8237 from Gondia to Bhopal, this ticket remain in wait list till the journey date i.e 29/04/08.
I had taken another Railway Ticket for the same train on 9/04/2008 for my Mrs Smt.Sushma Maru, PNR No.[protected] this Ticket I got Confirm with in S3 LB-1.
How is it possible that the ticket i had purchased early remain in waitlist but the second ticket i got confirmed.

  • Vi
    vijaya kumar Sep 28, 2008

    In irctc reservation no option provide to book onward jurney tickwets, if any bady want to take onward jurney tickets( for exp. vskp to sc and sc to manmad) they Compulsory book theit tickets from railway counters only.

    Hence please arrange onward jurney tickets booking specilty option in irctc reservation

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  • Mo
    mohammad mushtaque ahmad Mar 30, 2009

    hi, sir this is mohd mushtaque ahmad, booked railway ticket on 29/03/2009 from new delhi to tatanagarjn by rajdhani exptess train no 2444 and i selected my choice of birth as u mention.I choose sl upper and sl lower as i m trevelling with my family.but after payment both the birth came upper.give me suggetion what to do now.pls reply me.thanx mushtaque.

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  • Sh
    shahil raj May 29, 2009


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  • Ra
    Rajesh Trivedi Jun 06, 2009

    sir i booked my reservation ticket for sewagram to itarsi, on dated 18/06/2009 which PNR no is 4519797714 this ticket booked date is 18/05/2009 . sir my complent is, inwhich time i book this tiocket your officale websit shown me available status but sir when i actuly booked i give wating 12&13 no.
    sir this no problame but when i show after 10 days in this time also u r sit show avalibilaty, what is this, i thing u r booking clerk corruped and he cheat me, what is problame u show and do better step for future, sir i booked my ticket in yavatmal office, thinking u . give me answer, i and very disappointed . thinking u.

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  • As
    Ashima Ganguly Sep 26, 2009

    i would also like to bring to the notice of higher authority of Railaways, if possible Ms Mamata Banerjee that corruptions is at heights in Ballygunj Railaway reservation counter making people suffer for over 7 years now. we are waitaing for something good to happen but only see bittering days; ticket brokers are openly being given 12 -14 tickets at a single go when legitimate people stand in que; people inside counters directly say that there are no tickets when internet reservation shows availability; when ordinary people stand in que - railway people inside are busy booking tickets for agents...

    When Ms Mamata has done or is doing so good we would like to see her take some action against the reservation counter in Ballygunj, Kolkata and if still nothing can be done at least close this counter as this is otherwise of no use for general people beyond making a channel for some brokers to cheat people and tarnish her image.

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  • Rk
    R K SAXENA Sep 21, 2010

    EMAIL: [email protected] Mob No. 097360-74753
    Dear Sir,

    I was attempting to book tickets for myself and mywife by Kalka Shatabdi ( Trrain No.2011)from New Delhi to Kalka on the 25th Nov. 2010 and in the process electricity broke down. While a deduction has been made from my SB account No.19610100001499 with our Bank of Baroda (Debit No.2103440/MBBR0096198558 of Rs.600, the money has not been refunded in my Bank's account because in the history of my railway account, there is no booking for the 25th Nov. I will be booking in another attempt but please take action either to refund of this debit of Rs.600 or else booking should be confirmed for the 25th Nov..Your return reply will be highly appreciated.


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  • Su
    Suman007 Nov 05, 2011

    Respected Sir/Maam
    Yesterday at around 4:30 pm in the evening i tried to book two ticket of chennai to howrah from my irctc user id SUMANKD007. After entering the sbi atm card details, when i clicked pay option, the page went on loading for five minutes and so, and finalyy showed some error message. When i tried to go back to the previous page, it was not working. I closed the browser. Now today, when i checked my balance around 930 rs were gone from sbi account. I logged on to the irctc id, and checked if the ticket is booked, but there was no history of boked ticket. So i want to lodge a complaint regarding this illegal money deduction from my account.

    My IRCTC id: SUMANKD007
    Email id: [email protected]
    SBI atm no:6220180013000347040

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gold chain theft

I have travelled on Indian Railwas by Awantika Express on 21/4/08 on PNR Coach No S5/0001 in Three Tyre Cleeper.
My chain was stolen in Mumbai to Virar Area.FIR was inadequately taken by some head constable Babulal Singh .The report of FIR does not appear to be appropriat.The police was constantly asking to get down at Surat where as they are suppose to register the complaint.Ticket Checker on duty was also not very cooperative.
I have lost Rs20, 000.Moreover Railway TC and Railway Police refused to take FRI.
I request authorities to look in to matter. I quote the Railway Rules as under:
A Prescribed FIR Form is available in the Timetable or with TTEs/Guards or GRP escort. After filling it up, the Form may be handed over to one of the officials viz., TTE, Guard or GRP escort for registration of the report at the next Police Station.
This rule was explained to Railway Ticket Checker as well as Railway Police but they did not understand this.
Can some one help me in this regard.

  • Su
    SURABHI Jun 13, 2008

    i was travelling from chennai back to kolkata. on the station, chennai, one important bag of mine was stolen. i want to lodge an FIR . please help

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  • Ga
    Ganesh M. Shetty Apr 29, 2009

    NEW DELHI-110 011


    Dear Sir,
    This has reference to your letter no. BB/ADRM(S)/ Notes dated 5th March, 2002 by Mr. W.K. Prdhan, Additional Divisional Railway. Manager (Suburban), Mumbai CST I regret to inform you that you have not taken any interest regarding fast local halt as well as provision of Reservation Counter at Vikhroli Station due to traditional method of managing the issues in today’s era of change. However, we thank you for considering and materializing the suggestions like installation of PCOs at Railway Station. Computerized Season Ticket Window at Vikhroli (East) and installation of Coupon Validating Machine at Vikhroli (East) Booking Office. We, the residents of Vikhroli really don’t understand that your answer “Most of the locals get halt at Ghatkoper. since Vikhroli is the next station, It would not be desirable to have another half of the fast trains at Vikhroli.” is worth or meaningful, whereas most of the residents of Vikhroli are working class and middle class people always traveling by train, and it makes really a sense for an overly populated area like Vikhroli (Service Provider is Railway), if all fast trains halt at Vikhroli Station as well as there is no need of justification to provide Reservation Center at Vikhroli (as stated in your aforesaid letter) due to its varied-linked nature. Ghatkopar is considered as business class area whereas Vikhroli belongs to middle class area where travelers/consumers are striving to get prompt services. Computerized Reservation Centre is located at Thane, Mulund and Bhandup Stations which are alternate stations, then why cannot there be a Computerized Reservation Centre at Vikhroli Station? Computerization is really meaningful when number of data or services to be provided is abundant, i.e. more customers, consumers or travelers. This is a need of hours in today’s era. Please don’t ignore Vikhroli Suburban’s burning problem considering its day by day increasing wide-ranging consumers/residents. In fact, Computerized Reservation Centre is the necessity at all stations and it helps to ease the pressure during emergency. Since the whole setup is ready i.e. Computers and Local Area Network facility, only additions of Wide Area Network would serve the purpose for both the Railways and the Public (the why getting delayed?).
    Forwarded for your kind consideration and necessary action on behalf of Vikhroli Residents’ Association.

    Thanking you in anticipation

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  • An
    Anita Sidharthan May 21, 2011

    This is to bring to the kind notice of the Railway Authority that it is very difficult and dangerous for ladies to get down from the fast train at Bhandup, as the platform is very low. Somebody may even go into the tracks, while getting down or my even fracture the legs.
    Hope the authorities will give first priority to this and repair the platform to the level of the train.
    Kindly take action before anybody meets with an accident.
    Thanks in advance for quick action.

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payment of charge without parking

Dear Sir,
I stay at bokaro steel city, jharkhand. and i have noticed aproblm at our railway station that even when me or any person takes his own vehicle to drop or pick up person at the railway station and even i we do not park our vehicles a the railway premises than also some persons there charge us the oarking fees and when we resent than they point towads the entrance approach of the premises of station and tell that even if any vehicle will approach towards the station and will not stopn than also hey have to pay parking fees.
i wish to know that even the approach is not free at the station and without paring our vehicles we have to pay.
this matter need to be looked as i saw this act as that of hooligans and nothing else.
manwendra ashok

  • Bk
    B k rai May 21, 2017

    Dear sir
    As today morning I faced same problem with rude behavior of parking agent
    Vehicle no JH 9 AF 6129
    They are ready to fight also with gang members abusing & threatening of CCTV records that I was running away without paying parking charges as I couldn't stop more than 3 min.
    If S.E railway is interested in this type of parking service then we are forced to welcome service.
    Bimal Klshor

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bangalore - kerala trains, influence of bus mafia

Either NO trains or NO stops!!!.
This is the real situation/issue of all the passengers who wants to travel from Kerala to Bangalore or vice versa especially on all Fridays and Sundays.

Let’s take a Friday as an example, train number 6315 Kochuveli Express will start from Bangalore City at 17:15 Hrs. Unfortunately now (Previously Yes) this train is not having any stops before Salem. No stops at Bangalore Cantonment, Bangalore East, Krishnarajapuram. (KR Puram)…

However, the train which runs on previous day (Thu) 2684 Bangalore – Ernakulam SF Express, in the same route, at same schedule is having stops at Cantonment and KR Puram.. Why…? Who will get benefited…Don’t ask such foolish questions…All the malayalees other than bus owners!

The moral story: Super fast train will stop at Cant and KR Puram but a normal express train will not stop…Why…because it’s a Friday…!
Kerala Bus Mafia Key Jai…
Kerala Bus Association Key Jai…
All Kerala MPs Key Jai… (Guess why)

Do you have any idea about the total number of passengers who are traveling from Bangalore to Kerala on Friday? Also, think about the total number of private buses operating in the same route. Where I will get the exact information about this?

There are more stories too…Once upon a time there was a train called Kannur – Yesvantpur Express used to stop at Banasawadi…..but …

  • Be
    benzeer Aug 26, 2008

    Heard the buslobby is smart enough to block all the railway tickets to kerala. The moment you see it is waitlisted, you may go for bus tickets. That is what they want. The bus mafia cancels all those tickets on the day before the travel..They lose 20bucks per ticket but will get 800 bucks business :))

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  • As
    Ashwin345 May 19, 2010

    Sad part is that we have a junior railway minister from Kerala now, and he has partnership or interest in a private bus service which operates between bangalore and calicut. I am talking about E Ahmed and the Al hind travels.
    As long as there is no visible protest against this situation this will continue. Ideally some political party needs to take this up and bring into the notice of people who are in power.

    Is LDF/UDF hearing?????

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  • Bi
    binuksr May 19, 2010

    Its all the game played by the buslobby's. And our Honorable Ministers can’t do anything . Because either they are partners in this business or bribed by the Bus lobby's.
    YPR-KCVL GR (2257) will be only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays.
    And KCVL - YPR GR(2258) are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    Who will prefer to catch these trains on those days . More over this train wont come to Bangalore Central also .

    Once again

    Kerala Bus Mafia Key Jai…
    Kerala Bus Association Key Jai…
    All Kerala MPs Key Jai…

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  • Al
    Alias Polson Aug 23, 2011

    The situation is pathetic and we people are fed up of this.

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  • Ar
    Arunbangalore Mar 26, 2012

    This is true... but no point warming the chair and having hot arguments on the site... please suggest something for which all can be a part of it... we must make this possible... first one step at a time what and where we need to do and go??

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  • Ro
    RoopeshTT May 31, 2013

    oru kadum kai undu...Mananthavadi vazhi kozhikotteku ulla Route block cheyyuka (Engane cheyyum ennu ariyilla). This can make a spark. At that time we can fight for either trains or opening the route thru Sulthan bathery (rathri yathra nirodhanam)...

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refund of e-tickets

Dear Sir,

This is Rajeev anand. I have booked two tickets from New Mal jn (NJP) to delhi(DLS) on 22-12-2007. The Train has been rescheduled to 8 hours late. So i went to Station master and asked for refund. We got the information that we have to send mail to irctc for refund. We did the same. The amount is Rs.2403.00. But till today i have not recieved the refund. i have done continous followups with IRCTC and Northern Railway but no use. But till today i have not recieved the same, i send many mails to IRCTC but no use even they not replay me. only one mail i got that u wait for 3 months for refund.

Please help me to get my money back.

My Tickets Deatils Are-
PNR No-[protected]
TRANS ID-[protected]


Rajeev Anand

  • Bi
    bishes kumar sahu Apr 17, 2008

    these ticket collecter are making the journey of the passengers more pathetic. rapid action should be taken against the corrupted person so that our trust towards the indian railway be stay forever. YOURS

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  • Pk
    P.K.Agarwal May 02, 2008

    Dear Sir,
    I went to Agra to attend a marriage of my nephew on 26.04.2008 along with my wife. The return ticket was booked more than one month before the schedule departure by Utkal Express, (PNR no. 631-3165123) from Raja ki Mandi (Agra) to Roorkee. The scheduled time of Utkal Express from Raja Ki Mandi Rly stn is 11:05 Hrs.

    On the day of the return journey, I enquired the position of train telephonically on nation wide Railway enquiry (139) at about 09:00 hrs. It was informed me that the train is running by 51 minutes late and will reach Agra cantt. By 11:55 approximately. It may be noted that the Agra cantt. Railway station lies before Raja ki Mandi. Before leaving the residence I again enquired the position of the train and I was informed that the train is 59 minute late and will not reach Agra Cantt. Before 12:00 hrs. Accordingly it was assumed that the train should reach Raja ki Mandi by 12:10-12:15 hrs.

    I started from my residence at New Vijay Nagar Colony Agra, by 11:00 hrs and reached the Raja Ki Mandi by 11:35 hrs (before 40-45 minutes of the expected arrival as informed by the railway enquiry.

    When I reached railway station, I was surprised to know, that the train was right time and it was never late on Board. I asked from the station master at Raja ki mandi. He said that It is expected that the information provided by Railway enquiry might be the position of the train at Jhansi, which comes about three hours before Agra.

    I became upset. I have gone in the reservation queue. It was found that there was a lunch time between 11:50 hrs to 12: 10 hrs. I got the ticket cancelled by 11:33 hrs with a loss of Rs. 198.00.

    Further on the advice of the station master, Raja ki Mandi, I purchased journal tickets (ticket no.
    AB 11543764-65 at 12:52 hrs upto Delhi and got reservation from TT in SwarnJayanti super fast express.

    In Delhi, I went to Bus stand, and got a bus and reached Roorkee by 3:00 hrs in the next morning instead of 07:30 hrs on the same night.

    It might be notable that my wife has undergone from a major operation just before two months and she was not advised to take more excursions which was taken by him due to the fault of the railway.

    In the light of the above, it is requested that the compensation may be made for poor service/wrong information provided by the Railway for the following losses.

    1. Financial loss of about Rs.500.00
    2. Physical exertion as well as mental torture especially for my wife who was not advised the same.

    It is requested to kindly look into the matter and do needful for the same. It is also suggested that before applying Hi-Tech facilities it must be ensured that wrong information should not be providing.

    Providing no information is better than providing wrong information.

    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully

    (P.K. Agarwal)
    Principal Research Assistant
    National Institute of Hydrology
    Roorkee – 247667
    Phone: +91-9411100649

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  • Pr
    PRAVIN BHANDARI Jul 26, 2008

    his is confirm ticket but in print its showing wl ticket 1139054032

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missbehaviour of ticket controller

Today it was a shocking and very bad experience that i had in pune railway station.
I went there to see-off my servant who is going to tatanagar from pune. Initially I bought him a ticket
of general class as tickets were not available for sleeper class.
Then I approached one ticket chequer and I requested him to convert the second class ticket to sleeper class after paying the difference amount. As I was having second class ticket so it was his duty to convert that ticket into sleeper class after taking the difference amount. Instead of this he was asking for full amount.
Later on he misbehaved with me and threatend me to put me behind bars.

This all drama continued for 5 hours and later on i took leave by taking a lesson that never to raise voice against any injustice . just stand and watch the drama from the mob.

  • Bi
    bishes kumar sahu Apr 17, 2008

    These ticket collecter are making the journey of the passengers more pathetic. rapid action should be taken against the corrupted person so that our trust towards the indian railway be stay forever. yours
    bishes kumar sahu

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  • Ta
    TANMOY BASU RAJA May 05, 2008

    Respected Sir
    I am a daily pasenger from Baruipur To Dalhousi by bass.Every day Total Pasenger late because Baghajatin Rail brige.8 months ago Railway not taking acction for the brige work.Pls take a acction for this brige reparing.
    Thanking you
    Tanmoy Basu Raja

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  • Ro
    rohit agrawal Aug 15, 2008

    main chattisgarh ke bilaspur ke paas akaltara ka niwasi hu mere mummy papa ko rakhi ke din apni bahan ke yaha bhatapara jaana tha jiske liye maine akaltara ke railway staiton me karib 11:20 me phone kiya akaltara raiway station ka no-hai 07817252230 jisme maine 3 baar phone dial kiya lekin mujhe saahi jaankari nahi mili waha par jo bhi phone uthata hai wo boltey hai ki jd aa rahi hai lekin puri sahi jaankari nahi batate hai hum logo ko sahi jaankari naila jiska no hai 07817222258 se lena padta hai so please humare akaltara me ek aise staff ki posting karey jo sabhi ke hith me kaam karey thanks

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  • Am
    ameen shaikh Feb 07, 2009

    0 minutes ago by ameen shaikh 0 votes
    0 minutes ago by ameen shaikh 0 votes
    My name is ameen shaikh address bunglow no 85 / 86 wanwarie bazar pune 411040. mobile no 09422024011.

    Complaint agans duty tc for a/c coach, train no 1005 dated 06/02/2009. name of tc mr bendre.

    My complaint against tc bendre as below i
    Was buy a ticket from lucknow jn to pune via kalyan for 2108 [ lucknow ltt ] super fast 05/02/2009 in 3ac pnr no 215-6899344 it was confirmed up to kalyan jn. from kalyan to pune I can travel by any super fast train in 3ac class onward journyey. lucykly on 06/02/2009 train no 2108 reached at kalyan junction right time and I board the train no 1005 mumbai osmanabad express at kalyan junction on 06/02/2009.
    I asked very respectly tc mr bendre to allot one birth or seat upto pune. before he checked my ticket he was angry on me and shout without asking me why you board on this train? I told him I have a ticket first you check this and then tell me whwt you want. again he shout dont teach me railways law first I will check then tell you and stand near the door of compartment do not stand with me. I told ok. after 15 minuts he checked all coaches come back to his seat. I again asked what happend sir again he showed his misbeahver he shout railway is not your own property and I am not your personal servent there is no vacancy in three tier ac you go to sleeper class and find there or go to genral compartmet. that time three more passangers was there and this tc mr bendre was shouting them also and told I will see you at kuruduwadi jn. they also like to launch complaint agains him. theirs pnr no is 8128213721. when train reached karjat I saw there are three nos of birth was vacant but mr bendre didnt allowed me to sit there, I dont no why he angry on me and all other passangers. I think he is not satisfied with his job or he is mentaly retierd? which three seats was vacant I am providing the nos 24, 39 and 62. I told him sir three seats are vacant nobody is there, very roudly he told me but I dont want to provide you. I told him I will give complent agains you. he told me go I dont scare any one so many mlas and ministers I am keeping in my pocket. then I told him I will take strongly action against you. then he started use badword in marathi language and told me this is not up bihar this is maharashtra. I told him I am also from maharashtra, ani mee tumchcya viruddh takrar nondvina ahe. then he told me in marathi jaa kay uptayecha upat * after reached pune I went to platform no 1 near chrt board and saw the coach no b1 birth no 24 reserve for mr pradeep karhade m 50 pnr 8328059867 pune to lur/ birth no 39 reserve for mr ranjeet patil m 24 pnr no 8449882119 pune to umd / birth no 62 reserve for mr anil m 52 pnr 8328141829 pune to lur. my journey was as below on 03/02/2009 pune to agra by train no 2147 pnr 8227948949 3ac, agra to lucknow on 04/02/2009 by train no 3240 3ac pnr 2356539655, and lucknow pune on 05/02/2009 by train no 2108 3 ac total kmtr app 3400 and I am 51 years old I never feel tieredness at compliting my 3200 kmtsr journey but I feel fisiculy and mentaly tiredness in this 150 kmtr journey because of mr bendre ilresponsible tc. that three hours I was stand near the toilet and kept my laguage near the coach attandence laguage. my rquest take legal actinon against tc mr bendre and avoid the hearesment of indian railways respected costomurs. this is the my bad experience. I am sending my complaint in writing also to all highr athority and minister of railway also. if you wants any more you can contact or call my cell also my email id. ameen. [email protected] cell no 09422024011

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ticket issue problem for physically handicapped person

Hi I am payal thaker. My brother is physically handicapped, while travelling by train to get the concession...

misbehave and threatning by ticket counter staff

Respected sir, on 18 november,2007 I was travelling by 3152 down (jammu tawi express) from gomoh junction to...

refund not done

Hi This will be my second mail regarding the money refund β€” how long will it take to get my money back β€”...

About train compartments

I traveled in 3rd AC coach with my son who is only 3 yrs old from Nagercoil to Chennai in train no. 0612 Chennai Express (date - 11/11/2007). The 3rd AC coach was full of cockroaches and when the passengers enquired the TTE about this, there was no proper response. Most of the passengers spent a sleepless night that day owing to this problem. Moreover, the PEST TREATMENT was done only on 28/07/07 by a Madurai based Company called "PEST CONTROL INDIA (P) LTD", Tallakulam. When the pest treatment was done only on July of 2007, how could we find so much of cockroaches in November?? This shows that the PEST CONTROL company has not done any pest treatment and, god only knows, whoever has got the money that has been allotted for this treatment!?!

  • Na
    Nageshraoj Jan 17, 2008

    I traveled from Vishakapatnam to Chenni on 16th & 17th Jan by Madras Mail, train number 2819 in Second AC. My PNR nymber is 640-867803. I forgot the one bag under berth 37 and the coatch was passed for cleaning. I went back to my residence and tryed to call and complain about my missing lagguage. Since I travelled on 2'nd AC there is no chances of steeling that lagguage by some one. I came back to the railway station at 12:00 PM and enquired about the missing bag. SM asked to contact station inspector. Station inspector told that he did not get any such missing reports and refused to take complaint. He asked me to lodge complain to police. I went to police station. They did not take complaint and took details from me and said that they'll coordinate with the Vizayawada SM and revert to me. Mr. Raj Gopal took details from me, he did not gave any complaint number nor he took written complaint from me. When I asked about his contact details he gave his office land line number as 044-25348556. I think there is some fissy about my missing laguage. Since I traved in 2'nd AC there are no chances of lossing the laguage. The railways employee must have received the same and taken by some one. I feel that they dont want to enquire about that. Can some one keep light on this and enquire why they are not showing any interest to take written complaint. My Name is J.Nageswara Rao. My contact number is 9940022683. Land line number is : 044-65713949. Address is : No-31, Anna Street, Karapakam, Chennai - 96.

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  • Ma
    manoj john Mar 31, 2008

    the enquiry number 04942422240, not answering for many days at any time at tirur railway station in malappuram district in kerala state.under palakkad division of sothern railways

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  • Rk
    R. Kalyanaraman Mar 31, 2008


    Myself loganathan working in chennai MNC company. There is one Mr. Shankar working Electrical wing as clerk in Perambur. He has been taking bribes from various sources assuring jobs in railways and airways. This bas been happening from the past so many years. Still the rascal has not been punished even a single time for his doings. Also he is a dealer gets loans from banks and sponseres for terrorism in entire chennai.

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  • Mo
    moorthi Feb 19, 2009

    This is concerning about misbehavior in Arakkonam Jn railway station ticket counter no 4, on 19 th feb 2009 at 11.05 pm (Night).

    I was going to buy advance ticket for next day to chennai journey, due to heavy queue in morning i always brought ticket at one day before. when i back to home i ask the Up and Down ticket for Arakkonam Jn to Chennai Central was Rs 24 (EMU train) i gives Rs 30 to the respective counter no 4 ticket staff (that time the only counter will open at 11.05 pm on 19 feb) he said to me give Rs 4 as change, but that time i have no change, In behind they displayed Rs 5 coins and Rs 1 coins rows, i asked regarding no change from myself, he said then you come next day to brought a ticket! why they will interface my personal work to suggest to come on next day. i will argue with him, this is not to tell like to come tomorrow, i continued argue with him he suddenly said go out and collect from beggar, i am very heartbreaking about that word he said, I will leave that place without brought a ticket. Rest of night I am no sleep due to that word alleged on ticket counter staff.

    Please take into the consideration for higher authorities in this issue, to make cruel action that will misbehavior the fellow passenger

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  • Ti
    tiresome journey Jun 29, 2009

    i was travelling from trichy to coimbatore on 28-06 09 by train no 2083.the train driver was using the horn continuosly for 4 hours except perhaps for a few minutes break. the children in the compartment couldnot sleep at all.the driver should be iden tified and
    advised properly

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  • In
    indiran Dec 20, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    Am one of the passenger travelling in Thirumalpur train, from Kanjipuram three groups of guys getting into the train from Walajabath to guiny, they travelling by foot boot, when the train starts from the station they starting to eve teasing the girls, if on the way they saw any girls means they shouting like "hoi" "hei" and also they showing their hands to that girls, and also they making whistle, this is one matter.
    When train starts from Chengalpattu they doing this same job, this train won't stops other stations between Thambaram, so they shouting, showing hands when train reaches to platform, lot of passengers disappointed of these guys act, this is happening daily and also happening in this train only, one day I asked to them they said who r u to say this, I felt shame and seated quilt, if I saying lie means u can ask the passengers who all are travelling, u can ask to station masters also, please take any action of these guys, I already forwarded this letter to RPF, but no use no response and no other action, this is happening in this train only, all passengers are scolding that guys, if they did any minister or other higher officer daughter means police will take action know, kindly make any action of this issue, u know at that time that girls mentally upset, and also they are fearing, and also they are feeling bad, you are saying that eve teasing the girls is not prohibited, kindly make any action and give punishment to that guys..Please this letter is writing behalf of all passengers. Please sir write this matter on your paper and make them to take action.


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plight of the indian railway

It is about a worst incident happened in reservation compartment while i was traveling From Trivandrum to Bangalore by Bangalore Express with my friends.

Three Passengers entered into the train from Trissur and they were creating nuisance to the co passengers . After some time the scene which we have seen was really shocking...
One among them (looks like a high class)was lying down on the floor in such a way that his one leg in one lower berth and other in the second lower berth .He had already passed urine in the next cabin thinking that as toilet and that too besides passengers luggage and sandals.

We girls really afraid and was about to inform this to TTR.But strange thing is No TTR was there in any of the sleeper coaches and he was sitting in AC.Somehow we informed this to TTR.He told police will enter from Coimbatore police station and will take care of this.But sad to say nothing happened.About 5 Police men came but they haven't done anything .They told us to wait till Erode and raise complaint there.We strongly told them to get a solution for us and we cannot sit like this till Erode.But they didn't hear anything and get out of the moving train.

We totally were in fully desperate condition.After that some co passengers really helped us.One old man came into action.He ordered all the three to get out from there and also told TTR to keep their ticket. Thus the situation was under control..

All this is to say that the Railway authority (Railway police & TTR's)is totally irresponsible.

Railway Authorities will not be there if we are in some critical condition inside train....

This is from My Experience....

  • Pr
    Prasun Oct 26, 2007

    It is really sad that one of the largest employers in the whole world has such scant regard to the people who made this organization called the INDIAN RAILWAYS the largest organization.

    I fully endorse the views expressed by the person and such anti social elements be strictly punished to set an example in future.
    I find the TTR equally responsible in the act. Considering the fact that there a lot of women travelers in these trains and most of them would be traveling alone, this scenario is really scary.The lady showed the conviction to act against the accused but there may be a lot of instances when there are silent sufferers.

    I request the authorities if listening to take some fruitful steps so that the sagging image of the railways is once again resurrected.

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  • Vi
    Vivek Nema Dec 24, 2007

    My self was travelling in IInd AC from Indore to Vadodara on 18-12-2007 by Train no. 9310 Indore Gnc Express.
    I have reserved ticket under PNR no. 8216786107.

    During the travelling in the train it was found that AC of the train is not working properly more over lot of cockroachs were found in the compartment.

    Due to non performance of AC a huge suffocation was felt throughout the night, more over the cockroach byting was another problem was felt.

    The matter was so serious that not only I few of the compartment mate could not sleep through out the night.
    It is requestedto the higher authorties that please check the problem and since the travelling was horrible please return the excess fare taken for AC as compared to the SLeeper class.

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  • Vi
    vijay Kumar Mar 02, 2008

    Really Unfortunate. The ailing Staffs dont deserve to get salries as they are getting salary out of the ticket of the concerned passenger. Indian railway should immediately enquire who were the person negligent in acting and should be punished.

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  • Th
    THOMAS JOHN Oct 28, 2008

    27th October, 2008


    The Divisional Manager,
    Vadodara Division

    Sub:- Misuse of Railway facilities by the employees of Indian Railway


    I am a daily commuter from Bharuch to Anand by many trains. Mostly in the morning by Gujarat Express. It is very pity to say that some of your employees are traveling in the first class with their relatives and friends daily. One man who is traveling with his lover every day in the first class without even a ticket or pass when checking the railway staff they will simply tell that staff.

    Most of the time all the seats of First class are occupied by RPF Staff and Class IV employees and their relatives. No action is taking by the checking staff. On 25th while traveling in Jamnagar intercity from Bharuch to Anand there was no space even for standing in the train. In Baroda some passengers have get down and I have occupied along with my co-passenger the seat no.13 and 14, after some time the conductor of the coach has brought two persons and asked me to vacate the seats we have vacated the seats and the squad was checking the tickets these two personals who have seated at 13 and fourteen have either ticket or rail pass. This kind of action is doing by your staff to be stopped immediately. Can railway staff make up/down and leave the Head quarter without permission? If not so how they are making updown daily from their residence to workplace.i.e from ahmedabad to vadodara.

    There was two First Coaches in Sourashtra Express now the same is reduced to one why?. This cause very inconvenience to daily First Class Passengers and season ticket Holders. The One First Class Coach reduced should be replaced with immediate effect.

    Thanking your,

    Yours truly,
    John Thomas

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  • Rk
    R K Sharma Nov 13, 2008

    Today 13.11.2008 I was travelling from Delhi to Mathura on 1058 Dadar express.I was sitting in the reservation compartment as I was having MST.

    Near Kosi Kalan (UP) 4 railway reserve police official has entered in the compartment & started checking the persons which don't have reservartin tickets.In front of everybody they have snatched the money from the pockets of passenger who don't have the reseravtion tickets without T.T of Railway.

    This is our Govt who have deployed them for our help or snatching money from our pockets.Our Sr official & Mr Laluparshad Yadav should ashamed by this act.

    Sorry to say our" Bharat is Mahan"

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  • Mr
    Mrs Kaur Jun 03, 2009

    The railway authorities did not issue the MST to me.To add to my problems they did not even tell me as in when they can do the same.I have to commute daily from ghaziabad to ITO, and being a woman u can imagine how tough it can be, without a MSt.I don't Understand that when i am paying and asking them repeatedly then why are the concerned officials not doing what they are paid for.Mr Lalu Prasad or Ms Mamta, i don't expect them to look into this, all i want is that everyone knows that world's largest railway network is also world's worst one.

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misbehavior of ticket checker

On the dated 06.10.2007,

While I rarely travel in Sleeper class or general class but unfortunately due to some urgency traveled by Train "Mumbai to Jaipur" . I started from Mumbai and destination was Bharuch so taken ticket of Superfast train from Mumbai to Bharuch. I have passed through two humiliating situation. First, I enter in the copartment in que and at the gate RPF/GRP police standing to ensure that first come get seat first but inside the train Gunda types of people standing front of every cabin to charge Rs 20-40 from each passenger, these people protected by police.

2nd and most humiliating is coming of second dacoit as ticket checker, he has asked me to show the ticket when I given him my ticket he asked me Rs 400/- . Then I asked him to show me your book that how this much penalty calculated, he denied to show and when I asked his name he pushed me outside because nobody was asked him. I never intended to deny for penalty but my right to have the information for which I am paying. Because of Govt. giving commission on collection make the ticket checker robber.


  • Bi
    bishes kumar sahu Apr 17, 2008

    misbehave of ticket controller

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  • Ks
    K.Selvaraj Apr 21, 2008

    Sub: Inconvenient travel eventhough take 2 AC.
    Ref: PNR.No. 450-9509787. Ticket No. 8207 4463
    I would like to submit the following few lines for your kind information and necessary action.
    I reserved my train ticket for 2 AC on 10/04.2008 from Hubli to Chennai for the day of 17/04.2008. For VSG chennai Express for me and my wife(52) . But on the day one ticket for me was conformed and for my wife was not conformed and it was RLWL/1. The ticket issued counter I was advised it is easily available on that day don"t worry.If not on the train the TTE will issue any seat/ some other mode.On the day in the train the TTE (Conductor) came, I asked the conductor to issue me any seat or some other class.But he write in my ticket one is conformed and other WL/1. I know that.He told me wait .I was waiting a long time he come to me and murmur and he said " can't do any thing any way you travel your own risk, and gone away not allot me any seat /berth/sleeper class.I was travel in the path way near lavatory, with one berth my wife got she travelled in the side upper berth.She was aged 52 .she also got incovenient to climp in the top to travel.In the night travel I was suffered with out sleeping and inconvenient.My journey was regretable.
    Kindly, take necessary action on that and atleast refund my money accordingly.

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change of train route

Train 2321/2322 has its route changed and 2357/2358 following which the passengers of grand chord route are facing serious problems whole gong to mumbai and coming back because it is the only train for the above said place catering to millions of passengers. It is not understood that on what grounds has the ministry of railways taken a drastic decision affecting many. Do the concerned really care for the common people whose voices are not heard?

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