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bmtc annual bus pass for students

I am Abhijna Nayak of Its year BE from BMSCE Basavanagudi Bangalore
Paid annual bus pass amount of Rs. 1880/- through on line payment.
No bus pass issued by bmtc or refunded the amount .

I visited bmtc accounts section but they just not ready to redress my complaint and started red tapisam all the way

Please look into and help me to get my money back

Rash & reckless Driving

i have a concern regarding the driver which i was faced yesterday(03.04.16), i was coming from silkboard to electronic city, the bus registered no. KA-57F 1037 and KA57F 975 at evening 9PM, These two bus were driving by young drivers and they were driving like HELL.

Both they were playing with human life, they were in hurry to home it seems and driving was like chasing and racing scenes in FAST AND FURIOUS MOVIE.

Please it was rash driving you should take some action against the such a reckless irresponsible drivers, they were stopping the buses in middle of the road also, even though the passengers were in bus stop, even PRIVATE BUS SERVICES are stopping the vehicles very near to the BUS STOP.

They have passed by overtaking me, i was totally lost my balance of my bike because the winds were created by the buses speed, even other BMTC buses also passed by, but they were maintaining some public safety standards but these two were very HORRIBLE.

My sincere suggestion is MONITOR the bus speed and how they are driving in practical, educate regarding the public safety standards.

Thanks & regards

Regarding few issues

1. There is lot of crowd in buses in mornings en route from Peenya to Malleswaram because 3/4th of the bus is filled with college students' crowd.
There should be separate bus provided for college students- Govt. Girl's college in Malleswaram 13th cross.
In Mumbai, bmtc has arranged for separate buses for some schools to drop students on people's request as they charge lesser than school bus.

2. There are no proper bus-stands in many areas, esp. RMC yard...people have to stand on road on dust in between the moving vehicles coming in and out of Shell petrol pump there.

3. Every bus should have sign-board written in English/Hindi which is the National language.

4. Rash driving by some drivers to be taken care.

Rude driver


My name is Ashok N.

I used to travel daily from Jayanagar 4th block to Vasantha nagar using BMTC Bus (Route: MBS-14 :: Registration no : KA 01 - F 8873 timing morning : 8:45 AM near jayanagar)

The driver is so rude to passengers, skips stops and drops passengers near by places like bus signal or road junction traffic etc.

And always he is not following the route, actual bus route is to go through the Vasantha nagar bus stop, but he used to go through millers tank bund road after cunningham road and drop off me near cantonment station. And if asked he scolds in kannada and always abuses passengers who ask him why he is driving the bus so rashly.

He is over speeding on the road. Some time he does not go to cunningham road also, he takes right from shivaji nagar and go through russel market area and so i have to get down at shivaji nagar to catch another bus to Vasanthanagar, There are around 10 passenger who daily travel this route get down at shivaji nagar because of this driver.

Please look in to this problem. Because of him, atleast 5-10 people are having a bad day starting to work, he is abusing passenger and literally that is a bad way to go to work.

Thank you.

Conductors looting money

I am a regular commuter of BMTC Bangalore and I commute daily to & fro for my office, and fed up seeing the day robbery done by these BMTC conductors. It creates so much of anger in me but stand helpless on how to prevent this. I had complained so many times in '' but all in vain, no use.

Here is the some the tricks followed by the conductors to loot money

For short distances they simply get money without issuing ticket. For example, for 2 stops, if the ticket cost Rs 8, he will get Rs 5 without issuing ticket. This occurrence is too heavy.
For almost for all of the tickets where the conductor needs to give change, for example 16 Rs ticket, he will get 20 Rs and the change of Rs 4 he will write at the back of the ticket, and getting back this change is something a herculean task when getting down. So many people miss this because of crowd or just like that
Even if those tickets people get the change from him, conductor gives back the change but not the ticket and he recirculates the ticket. This occurrence also so huge.
The case is worst with other states people especially north Indians labors, he simply gets the whole money without issuing ticket, because of language problem, they simply leave that money.
On Sundays, this is worst hit, the frequency of doing this more and I myself heard conductors boldly telling, "no one will come today, ticket not required"
All these robbery will amount to at-least 30% to an extent of may be 60% also of the total collections


The result of this is the common people who sincerely takes ticket or regular buss pass holders like us are the worst hit. The BMTC understands they run into loss and hike the fares and it ultimately affects common regular pass holders like me.
Two days before also BMTC has hiked the fare and this brings lot of anger in me because first this has to be stopped by the conductors.
After this hike seeing again these acts by the conductors during the bus travel really brings so much of anger and hence this mail

writing this mail out of frustration. people should understand the consequences of such acts. This is the shame of Bangalore and we should eradicate this social even from this city
The BMTC Official who has the authority of terminating the employment of these crew should directly witness whats going on and take actions. That alone will result or eradicate this social evil.

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Misbehaviour of bus Driver

Dear Sir,
I am Bijoy Samuel. This is to inform you that on 28/2/13, Thursday around 6:35-6:40pm, my wife got into a Bus from Devasandra. The Bus was coming from Majestic, Bus no was 276 and Reg no was KA 01 FA 2224 going towards Vidyaranyapura. The bus was little rush and she could not get into the bus completely and almost standing near to the steps with great difficulty. The bus driver was scolding everyone to go inside and shouting in very vulgar language. There were not a single space to go inside and still he was forcing everyone to go inside. Suddenly he BEATEN my wife with his hand on her back. Suddenly she got shocked and started crying. Still the Bus Driver was scolding in local language. None of the passenger was not ready to utter a word against to the Driver after seeing his behavior. Since she does not understand the Local language, she could not reply back anything. Still she is in that shock. So please take an action on the Bus Driver and do the needful. Just think is this the way to behave to a woman being a Bus Driver? Hope you understand the situation and will take necessary action against the Bus Driver.
Looking forward to hear from you
Thanks & Regards

  • Ni
    Nirmala s Apr 24, 2013

    This is very ridiculous. The bus Driver should be suspended and should pay compensation. Is there any one to step in and take decision????? IS the situation in our country . No right person is there any where.

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  • Bi
    Bijoys Apr 24, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    no action till now...

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noise pollution

hi, that before also i complaint so many times about the in public transport bmtc bangalore how to allow the radios in volvo for noise pollution because all the drivers start the radios in high sound if anybody is requesting to off the radio or decrease the volume so drivers misbehave with them first thing i can not understand how to allow the government to bmtc put the radios in public transport if radios is there so obesily all drivers misusing that so i am requesting to remove all radios from volvo city bus mostly 500c and 500series and all volvo buses because this is totaly broken the rule from bmtc as per the rules no noise pollution in public places bus is also public transport means public palace and public vehcle so how to dare one driver ruled in public so please take the action to immediate effect otherwise i file against case to bmtc for noise pollution as per Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986) so i hope remove the all radios to immediate effect.

Conductor rules for stops

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a commuter who travel by BMTC volvo daily to electronic city. Within electronic city there are few points where all the busses stop and when we get into bus we will be thinking of that particular stop where we get down daily but there is a lady conductor in volvo 356C (KA-01 FA 1530) who gives stops as per her own rules. Daily we will be running for office and in such conditons if she doesnot stop at regular stop it will be very tough for us. It is not that she is following rules, she gives stop near PES college where there is no stop but once she enters electronic city,
she has her own rules. We have to get down where she stops and run to office. This bus reaches EC around 8:15AM. I canceled my company bus pass as the convience of VOLVO is very nice but such conductors are pain early morning.I request you to please make sure she is kind to people atleast early morning.

Conductor & Driver misbehavior

Today I use to travel from MES Road to Marathahalli while using BMTC Bus No. KA01 F8973 at 7.30 to 8.40 time, the conductor & driver of the bus is very rood, few points;
1) Using singular to the passengers
2) While stopping at the Bus sand they are not giving minimum to to alight.
3) Rough attitude with passengers while giving tickets
4) At the last stop they have forcibly stop the bus before bus stop (Maratha halli)

Please take an action.

Kvk Prasad

  • Vi
    VIVEK RANSHER Dec 09, 2011


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  • Ys
    YSReddy Dec 17, 2011

    BMTC Bus Driver Rash Driving and Rude Behaviour leads to an accident to the passenger.The incident happened date is 17th december 2011 bus number- Ka01 FA 1452 at 9pm. The bus is from banashankari to Marathahalli. Because of rude behaviour and his rash driving he could not wait until the passengers get down from the bus at marathahalli because of this one guy fell down from the foot board of the bus on to the road his leg bone got fractured and gone unconscious for a while.

    After this happening the bus driver or the conductor did not even got down from the bus to check about the guy on humanity basis.

    We all are human beings then only our profession comes. try to behave with patience to the passengers.
    BMTC -- We are paying for you not using your buses without paying and ask your drivers and conductors not to do rash driving.I request the management to take a severe action on that driver, so that nobody will repeat the same mistake.


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  • Re
    renuka amin Nov 21, 2012

    I completly agree this. Travelling by BMTC bus is such a horrible thing. First of all buses are so dirty and untidy. All litters are throwing in bus only. in the evening time some flower sellers are travelling in bus route to Doddakalladanda to village. They are dump all waste flowers in side the bus only. And they keep their luggage middle of the bus. Evening time buses are fully packed and these bloody luggage makeing passengers get irritated.o place to move ahead because of this luggage.
    2nd thing bus is full of dust. t think after buliding the bis body, one it started running, BMTC dept is not bother to clean or wash the buses. At least once in a month if BMTC make the courtesy to clean the bus like other states well and good.
    And one more thing is that alight in & out problem. Why dont bmtc dept make some changes in alight in & out. Please while alight in allow the passengers to back door and for out front door. This helps conductor also to stand one side five the tickets. While conductor is reaching front half of the passenger one who travels one or two station get down with out the ticket. If condctor is in front doot back side passengers get down without the ticket.
    When conductor walks in the bus he walks like anything. He never cares abount senior citizens or ladies He pushes rashly and sometime some conductors are taking advantages also. So | request you pl look into this matter and take some necessary action. like Bombay.

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  • Rm
    RMPatil Jan 15, 2013

    I was travelling in bus number KA 01 F 4602 on 15/1/2013 from Whitefield to Banashankari on bus route 500C.
    I was verbally abused and my arm was twisted by the conductor for standing up to save another passenger being beaten by both the conductor and the driver at 6:15pm between JP Nagar Bangalore central and Banashankari. All I said was to leave the other passenger alone and the conductor attacked me. The conductor was possibly drunk from the smell out of his mouth while he was shouting at me.

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BMTC volvo 500-D lady conductor misbehave

I am travelling by BMTC volvo bus 500D (Bus no KA -01 F9094)from Agra. I found that today (14th Oct) @ 8.30am bus was ful. Lady conductor had occupied front seat. She didn't allow anyone to sit even when she was roaming in the bus for tickets. Old ladies were standing beside her seat. She was talking very rashly.
Asking the public "why they r not boarding empty bus? "

  • Ga
    Gadigeppa Jul 22, 2014

    Forgot to take my wallet on a Volvo bus going from Marathahalli to Majestic. This happened on July 22, 2014.
    I have my driver license and PAN card in it.

    If you find it, please give me a call at 9480465398

    Thank you

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Irregular Bus Service

The BMTC Marcopolo Service for Route #10 [ Avalahalli extn to KBS ]coming from Depot 13 is highly irregular and public is facing lot of problems because its not on time and even though there are 6 buses, its pathetic service

The drivers park their vehicles at the last stop [ Avalahalli extn ] for hours together and nobody is bothered to maintain the timings. Each day in the morning and evening[Office hours] they operate at their own convinient timings and public have to depend on Auto Service to go to Nirmala Stores Bus Stop and catch another service to KBS.

BMTC should not blame the delay on traffic congestion, because if this was true, even the services running from other areas to Majestic through Nirmala Stores, Cottonpet should have affected, but they maintain the timings to atleast certain level.


Misbehaviour of Conductor

i am complaining about the misbehaviour of conductor.
Bus number - KA01 FA1855
Date - 9/9/2011 and time - 11am approx.
If anyone are able to take action on that, then please take it.
Otherwise if i am taking the action, then it would be dangerous to BMTC.

  • Ma
    Madhu Sudhan GowdrU Jun 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi this is Madhu Sudhan Gowda From RT Nagar M.L.A Layout Complaing behalf of my Sister aged 19 years studying in Maharani Lakshmi Ammani College 18th Cross Malleshwarm, Has a College bus pass from RT Nagar to Malleshwarm 18th Cross, changeover at JC Nagar & TATA Institute. She is traveling From Past 1 Year in the same route. But today evening 5 o Clock Conductor of the Bus number KA-01-F-3678 Misbehave with my sister in Public for 15 mins. She was embarrassed and was crying. I Kindly req2uest the authorities to instruct the conductor to behave themselves and it's public transport and not the property of driver or the conductor. Where can i give a written complaint? So Plz Take a Serious action to the mannerless Conductor of Bus number KA-01-F3678. I need it to be sloved Soon Madhu Sudhan Gowdru. Contact Num: 9740430096.

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  • Ma
    Madhu Sudhan GowdrU Jun 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi this is Madhu Sudhan Gowda
    i am complaining about the misbehaviour of conductor with my sister in Public for 15 mins.
    Bus number - KA01 F3678
    Route - Yeshwantpur to Shivaji nagar
    Date - 21/06/2012 and time - around Evening 5pm to 5-30pm approx.
    Conductor of the Bus number KA-01-F-3678 Misbehave with my sister in Public for 15 mins. She was embarrassed and was crying.
    I Kindly req2uest the authorities to instruct the conductor to behave themselves and it's public transport and not the property of driver or the conductor. Where can i give a written complaint?
    So Plz Take a Serious action to the mannerless Conductor of Bus number KA-01-F3678. I need it to be sloved Soon Madhu Sudhan Gowdru. Contact Num: 9740430096.
    If anyone are able to take action on that, then please take it.
    Otherwise if i am taking the action, then it would be dangerous to BMTC.

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  • Rm
    RMPatil Jan 15, 2013

    I was travelling in bus number KA 01 F 4602 on 15/1/2013 from Whitefield to Banashankari on bus route 500C.
    I was verbally abused and my arm was twisted by the conductor for standing up to save another passenger being beaten by both the conductor and the driver at 6:15pm between JP Nagar Bangalore central and Banashankari. All I said was to leave the other passenger alone and the conductor attacked me. The conductor was possibly drunk from the smell out of his mouth while he was shouting at me.

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Conductors are Cheating Passengers

Here BMTC Conductors are cheating people with extra fare, I am an IT employee, I used to travel in the same route every day i.e. Outer ring road J.P.Morgan to Central Silk Board, Here from my office to slikboard the original cost of the ticket is 25/- in volvo's . Only few conductor will give correct ticket with correct fair .

Last week in 500c bus conductor taken 25 rupees for the same distance with printed ticket (where it will display source and destination), the details were perfect in the ticket as source marathalli as jpmorgan stop doesn't have any original stop. and destination as central silk board,

After two days I went in the same bus, conductor was different he charged me 30rs for the same distance he gave from ticket to BTM 16th main instead of central slik board, I asked regarding the same he told me that this is fair if u want travel in the bus, if not don't travel from next time ...

Again next I took the same series bus i.e. 500c bus conductor taken 25 rupees for the same distance with printed ticket (where it will display source and destination) . I asked him that some of the conductors are not giving correct tickets why, then he was explaining me that it is because they have some targets for that commission they will do like that

yesterday I took the same series bus, this there is lady conductor, she charged me 35 rupees, this time usual bus tickets this is not a printed ticket from machine ... I asked her why are charging me 35 rupees daily I am paying either 25 or 30, she never replied me back and I asked her that did the ticket fare got increased then she replied no, then I asked her for the reason, she never spoken a word...

Bus series 500c - route - Hebbal to Banashakari -- Ticket no NT 27 637735, MS [protected] rs, 15 rs = total 35 rupees), this is how they are cheating people. I request to taken action on this, Please publish the ticket fare in the official BMTC website so we will have a chance to ask them ..

Still I have the tickets... Let me C do they guts to punish them ...

Conductors are Cheating Passengers

Not putting AC

It has been frequently observed that the BMTC Volvo 505A(KA01-FA-2378) plying from C.V.Raman Nagar to Electronics city at 7:40 am from C.V.Raman Nagar, is not putting the AC in the bus.It has become really unbearable to commute in this bus due to suffocation.Most passengers in the bus are software proffesionals who had discontinued their company provided transport and availing this Volvo.This issue is raising health concerns.Request the authority concerned to look into this matter.

Rash Driving

Today morning in Kalinga Rao Road, one BMTC bus No. KA 01 FA 375, route no. 271, no idea of the initial, the driver who was driving the bus in a very rash and Negligent manner. They don't have a common sense to give a horn atleast. They ignore the people who stand in front of them, today i was in from of that bus at 9.05 am once we got the yellow signal light he started the bus immediately at hitted my vehicle and without stopping the bus even after everyone shouted he just went fast.Kindly educate the drivers and let them know the value of life of the people. All BMTC Drivers are cruels, idiots etc...


2008-09-29 by Sibey Mathew [send email] 0 Votes

I completely agree. Today near KR puram flyover everybody know how intense is the traffic and how important it is to maintain lane. But the driver of the bus KA-01 SA 1264 - 501K was driving
very rash and negligently. He was not maintaing the lane and he almost hit my car. When asked to maintain the lane he started abusing me. And he hept on honking from behind even thought there was no space for him to overtake me. I am kannadiga and have lived here for 10 years now, things are going from bad to worse. Please council these drivers and talke appropriate action action else the public may have to act.

  • Ci
    CitizenSunil Apr 15, 2011

    KA01F 8734 - 500DA (Driver on duty: Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

    1. Driver has no respect on other drivers.
    2. Driver is more egoistic and behaves arrogantly if someone overtakes.
    3. Speed and overtaking rashly, scratching/hitting other vehicles.
    4. Without knowing next vehicles, driver moves the bus left and right, causing damages to vehicles.
    5. When he drives fast, tension for boarded passengers, whether this driver hits any bike/persons.

    Eg: All mistakes from driver side.
    1. With foot, he hitted one volvo bus conductor, when on quarrel.
    2. Completely scratched left side of a new maruti alto car.
    3. Daily quarrels with other drivers.

    This driver is un-fit as bus driver.
    Please take action on the driver.


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Misbehave by Conductor and Driver

Today 31-Dec-2010, I travelled in TATA Marcoplo 96A bus with registration number KA-01 F8545 from Majestic to Basaveshwara Nagar at around 8:15 pm. Even though the bus goes to Basaveshwara Nagar circle, just because me and my friends were having Volvo buses both Driver and Conductor said the bus will not goto Basaveshwara Nagar and shouted on us and asked us to get down from running bus. Behind that one more BMTC was coming which would have killed both me and my friend. We got into the bus in Platform 6 where the bus was stopped.

Later the same bus driver and conductor moved the bus to platform 5 and were calling the Basaveshwara Nagar bus stop asking people to get in. Me and my friend got into the bus and enquired why they told that bus will not goto Basaveshwara Nagar, they told its there wish and we can complaint to whomever we want.

This is not the first time I am facing this problem with the same conductor. He always behave badly with the passengers who are volvo passholders. Also I observed that the conductor is not giving Rs.1 change to any of the passengers. Requesting you to please advise both condutor and driver to behave properly with the passengers.



  • Vs
    vsangalekar Jun 07, 2011

    Today morning around 7:30 am when I was driving down to my office at Halasuru Road from Vijayanagar on my bike. I usually take Vidhanasaudha - Infantry Road - Join Kabban Road to reach Halasuru Road. While coming from Infantry road to join Kabban road. There is a free left turn to join to Kabban road. So as I daily do, I took the left turn and I was in left lane. However I observed that there was no vehicle for far some distance . But suddenly a BMTC bus, 144, Rose garden bus, bus number KA01, 1085 rushed on me and almost turn me down. Later ahead in the signal, I asked why are you rushing down? and that bus is suppose to take right turn in Cummercial Road - MG road Signal, but he was at his absolute left in left lane. I argued with me saying I was at wrong lane.
    When I said, I will complain on him, he was carelessly said do whatever you want.

    This is how our beloved public service works.

    They don't really care about the people on the road. I really wonder how such people get the license for driving public service vehicles? Our beloved Govt. is also worried about this.

    Really very bad, that we are in such situation.

    Vishwakarma V Sangalekar

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  • Si
    Sindhujey Sep 13, 2011

    this saturday 10 sep 2011, i boarded a G3 bus from Velankani gate, Electronics city and got a ticket to forum. I paid 20 Rs. The conductor gave me a ticket written 7 circled on the back. when i reached Madivala, i asked him for the change. he said "next stop?" i said forum. he saw me and left the place. When i reached St.johns i asked him again. he nodded his head and left. When i was about to get down i went to were he is standing and asked for the change. he snatched the ticket from my hand and gave me a torn 5rs and a 1 rupee coin and by the time the bus moved. He has cheated me of Re.1. His behaviour is also atrocious. The bus number is KA 01 F 4587. It is from wipro gate till shivaji nagar. time is around 3:40PM. Please take necessary action. Next time i ll take a pick of the conductor also.

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Misbehaving Conductor

I boarded MBS15 from HAL kalyanamantapa. I got a ticket to ITPL backgate, the condutor didnt give me the balance and instead wrote the amount at the back of the ticket. While my stop was approaching i asked the conductor for balance amount. First he pretended like he didnt hear me. Then somehow i got his attention and asked him for the balance. By that time the bus reached the stop. Inspite of having change, he said he didnt have and asked me for the change. Since i didnt have, he gave me less than actual amount and asked me to get down at the stop. I refused and i pointed out that he had enough change. Then he started yelling in local language and asked the driver move. I argued with him and somehow got the balance. When i asked the conductor to stop he didnt mind and the driver too. And then i had to get at the next stop.

That is not all. Every day some thing or the other like this happens to almost all. Either they don't give the balance or they take money little less than actual and dont give tickets and if somebody has the guts to ask for, then they will start shouting as if it was the passengers fault. BMTC has to look into this very seriously. BMTC has to appoint checking inspectors to get hold of this misbehaving conductors/drivers. I've been travelling daily in local BMTC for the past 8 months and so far has not seen a single ticket checking inspector. If this is the condition, then why won't be BMTC under huge loss. After all, the conductors and drivers are filling their pockets.

  • Ra
    rajanikanthv Oct 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello everyone,
    I boarded from Mej to 9 th Block( date: 10-10-10) and time may be around 11.30 am. Bus no is 3119.
    The conductor Misbehaved with my family. And he scolded like anything. even the persons inside the bus got irritated from him.

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Misbehaviour of drivers and conductor

The behaviour of BMTC bus conductors and drivers is usually very rude towards the commuters. Especially the female commuters. They normally treat as if we are not human beings but a herd of sheep or cattle.

I daily use the BMTC bus to travel from BTM Layout to Electronic city and almost everyday, I see the same beahviour. It seems as if it gives them some kind of pleasure in doing so.

I would site today's case:-

The driver of BMTC bus No. 600 (KA-01 / FA-66) ( Time ~ 9:15 AM), was behaving very rudely with the female passengers. Even though the bus was over crowded, he was asking them to push themselves behind. On top of that his driving was extremely rash with sudden breaks which was causing more panic.

Not only that when I told him not to behave like this (even though I dont know Kannada), he felt offensive and throughout my journey for next half-and- hr, he was making lewd, though not direct, jestures. The way he looked at me when the bus used ot stop was unbearable. Do they behave the same way with their daughters and sisters too...

I want immediate action to be taken against this particular bus driver. Because he deserves nothing good.
Its a request and if not taken seriously, and I see the same driver again anytime, I will keep submitting more complaints. So kindly take some action against him

The people are not only harrassed by auto-rickshaw drivers but also bus drivers and conductors.
They need to be taught how to behave with the passengers and esp ladies.
They should be given badges with name displayed so that in case of any such incidents, people can logde complain against that particular driver or conductor.

If action is taken against them a couple to times, they will themselves change their behaviour. But if the authority doesnt do anything then this menace will increase and we will continue getting harrassed.

  • Sr
    srtz Aug 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'd like to know if any action was taken based on your complaint..
    i was verbally abused by the driver of BMTC bus reg no.KAo1 3439 going to Magadi road.When asked at the enquiery if the Minerva mill bus stand is valid they told me that all buses that pass by from there are supposed to stop and this was done for the convenience of passengers.
    When i enqiered the same from this bus driver he said that no one gives a stop there and I could do whatever i wanted.

    I called up the BMTC toll free no 18oo4251663 immediately to confirm again.the diver demand me to hand over the phone to him and hurled abuses at the BMTC call center employee assuming it to be friend of mine and the whole thing a prank.He cut the call and refused to give back my phone on which i had made the call.

    He went on abusing even after several attempts to convincing him it was a valid call and to cross check with any of his colleagues or superiors at the terminus as we were still at the KBS terminus.

    He pulled the vehicle to a halt creating panic among all the commuters and started abusing me in public.He told the people on the bus that this is what i do always, that i call make fake calls and ask for invalid stops and that i'v been taking advantage of many other innocent drivers in the same manner.

    The public in the bus was getting delayed and he took good advantage of it with all these stories he made up.He humiliated me in public till i was brought to tears and eventually forced me to get out the bus at that odd hour of the night.He refused to return my phone even as i said that i'd be getting off to complain about this incident to the BMTC office.After all the public asked him to return my phone only did he give it back.
    When i went to the complaint office i realized that there are plenty of complaints informing the officials of such acts and none of them are taking any necessary action.

    Not taking proper action will only add to more such events or worse happening.The drivers and conductors arrogant behavior and horrible attitude is no breaking news and has to be kept on check so i kindly request all of you to not let any incident go by unnoticed and to PLEASE follow up with all your complaints and give them their deserving punishment for their inhumane ways, however long it takes.

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  • Sa
    santhosh kumar b.s Mar 27, 2011

    im here to specify the complaint against bmtc conductor who have misbehaved with lady in date 26-03-2011.. bus no.290p.. unit/depot no. 10.. and vehicle no. KA-01 F-3686.. please consider this compliant seriously and take further decision on him.

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road rage

the driver of bus no KA01 F 8565 was driving rashly near yeshwanthpur railway station today, 12th july 2010 at around 4pm, and almost ran me over.if i hadn't applied the brakes at the right moment, my car would have definitely gone under the bus.with all the metro rail work going on in that area, the traffic is already congested, we dont need bus drivers only interested in overtaking other vehicles on the road with absolutely no concern about anybody's safety. i know for a fact that this bus driver did this deliberately because he was trying to overtake my car much before that.

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    Jayasri U May 15, 2013
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    I request BMTC Bus route no. G11 to pass via Richmond Road and then go to Metro Station M.G. Road i.e. from Indian Express come via stadium, UB city, Mally Hosiptal, Residency Road (richmond road)& finally Metro station. It will be very helpful to public coming from Hennur Road, Lingarajapuram etc... Please also divert few buses viz mally Hospital...

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Missing baggage

Yesterday(2.07.2010) my son was traveeling by BMTC Bus No 360B from corporation stop and he got down at devasthana stop at arount evening 7.30pm to 8.00 pm.he has student bus pass. he is a II year PUC student. by that time he was carrying his college bag and his sports bag. in that sports bags has his track pant and spikes shoes and some towels and cloths.that he kept at the centre enterence's next one under the seat. he forgot to take back his spors bag.that was in that bus only and he got down.kindly if that bus conductor or driver has found that please contact to [protected]. that bag is TIPTOP company bag Grey colour

Sampath kumar