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railway reservation counter


Complaint against railway reservation counter – In general regularly we face
That as we have demanded on reservation form (never been allotted)

1. Never has been given allotted – says if you want choose you will get waiting (We Have Demanded Lower Berth)

From To PNR No Ticket No Date Coach No Berth

Nagpur Nasik Rd [protected] [protected] 10/07/2010 S4 29 MB
Nagpur Nasik Rd [protected] [protected] 10/07/2010 S4 30 UB
Nagpur Nasik Rd [protected] [protected] 10/07/2010 S4 32 SU

Return Journey
Nasik Rd Nagpur [protected] [protected] 11/07/2010 S1 35
Nasik Rd Nagpur [protected] [protected] 11/07/2010 S1 38
Nasik Rd Nagpur [protected] [protected] 11/07/2010 S1 48

2. Railway Ticket was demanded –
a) For Nagpur to Gwalior signal Ticket
b) They has issued in two Parts Ticket

Particulars as following: -

From To PNR No Ticket No Date

i. Nagpur Jhansi Jn [protected] [protected] 10/06/2010
ii. Jhansi Jn Gwalior [protected] [protected] 10/06/2010

We requested for Help us to have Customers Service we can Have Comfortable Journey After plan also we are not able to get due Railway Staffs

With Regards

Sanjay Bhandarkar
Plot No – 73, Popular Housing Society,
Amravati Road, Wadi, Nagpur 440023
Tele – [protected], [protected]

waiting tickets given preference over rac tickets

I, V.K. Shukla, am travelling with my daughter from Gorakhpur Junction to Howrah on train number 5048 (Purvanchal Express) in coach no. S8 seat no. 15, have not been given confirmed seat even though some seats are vacant.
I had a RAC ticket which should be confirmed before waiting tickets. I and my daughter have to share one seat even though some seats are vacant. The TTE is confirming some waiting tickets but not the RAC ones.
The train is about to reach Barauni. This is highly irresponsible on the part of Indian Railways.

  • Ra
    Ravi Kira Jun 25, 2010

    Many times I travelled with huge waiting list ticket and got confirmation. Keep some amount inside the ticket then TT will allocate the berth. I know it is corruption because of this matter in general TT will not follow the order to allocate.

    Very sad we can’t change the government officers…

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misbehavior by tte

Complaint about the misbehavior of TTE - Mr. N.Devasundaram, Deputy CTA, Erode

I am a doctor practicing in Kochi. I had to travel by the Nagore Express from Ernakulam Jn. to Ottapalam on 29th. May 2010 for an emergency purpose. Since it was an emergency, I could not book my berth in advance. However, on suggestion from the Railway enquiry, I bought a regular ticket to Ottapalam and decided to try my luck of getting a berth with the TTE. I boarded the S2 coach and sat beside the Police constable who was the security in charge in the train. The constable reassured me that there were berths available and that I need not board the general unreserved coach. The train soon left the station and started moving at high speeds.

The TTE Mr. N. Devasundaram reported for his routine check whereupon I requested him to allot me a berth, if possible. He said it was not possible at all and that I should try my luck in the AC coach. He also added that I should leave the coach immediately. I walked up to the AC coach only to be told by the TTE there that there was no berth available in the AC coach too. I walked back and requested the TTE Mr. Devasundaram to somehow allot me a seat till Ottapalam. He retorted very rudely and asked me to go out of the compartment. I walked ahead and sat in one of the vacant seats in the S2 coach, waiting to alight when the train stopped next, to go to the unreserved compartment, as there is no connection of the rest of the compartments with the unreserved coaches. This was when the TTE approached me again. He was very rude. He asked me to go out of the coach. I asked him how I could get out of the coach when the train was moving. He did not have the patience to listen to me, but told me that I should not be seen next time he comes that way. I walked along the aisle and stayed close to the door to alight and get into the unreserved compartment when the train stops at the next station. Soon afterwards, the TTE came up again with a shower of abuses. He threatened to impose a fine on me... I asked him to fine me immediately. I produced my ticket and told him that I'm a person who obeys laws of the land that I was only happy to pay a fine as I had erred by entering a reserved coach without a reservation. He fined me. Now, I requested him to be a little more polite with passengers... he started abusing me... I asked him his name and designation when he flew up in a big rage and continued hurling abuses... and that he is willing to fight a case upto the Supreme court if I'm to face him legally. He asked me to get out of the apartment immediately. I told him that I'll take this case of misbehavior with the concerned authorities... I got out of the compartment at the next station and continued my journey in the unreserved compartment.

As a patriotic Indian, I feel depressed when I think of such arrogant public servants... It is a disgrace for the country as well as the organization to have such people on rolls... they should be taken to task and reprimanded for their improper behavior. I fervently hope some authority in the Indian Railway sees this posting and takes appropriate steps against this extremely arrogant railway employee Mr. N. Devasundaram, Deputy CTA, Erode.

Dr. Prasanth Pillai

devgiri exp. (7058) not stooped at thane station

Devgiri express 7058 which is suppose to stop at Thane station for 2 times to short plate form stopped once and the passengers travelling from last 5 coaches ( B1, B2, A1, S12, General and ladies) were not able to get down. It has given the mental physical harashment to all passengers travelling by this coaches. All passengers has to go to Dadar and come back without any reason. I hope you will help us to get the culprits fined and get the compensation to us.

ac coach condition & services

dear sir
we were travlling by train no 0892 new delhi to durg dated 13/05/10 in ac 2 tier coach a1. train was delayed by 15 hrs my pnr no [protected]. when we entered in our cabin we saw so many plates & empty bottles & food particles was laying on birth, so many cokroches & insects small mouses in cabin. my child had refused to entered in cabin, in toilets there is no water in taps. when we asked to coach attended he said what can I do. I demanded complaint book from tt he said I dont have complaint book. another passengers told us some tts & another staff taking dinner in the cabin & they left all waste food material. sir only we know how did we spend 24 hrs. sir we want to bring in your notice what happing with ac passengers in indian railway. my birth no was 39to41.

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poor food quality and coach maintenance


This is to bring to your notice that the food served in 2703/2704 Falaknuma Express from SC-HWH-SC is completely Veg. There is no option for N-Veg food and furthermore the food quality is worst ever than it was 3 years back. Once I asked one of IRCTC Boy and to my surprise what he told is as follows:-
"Sir, the owner of this catering is a Vegan so still he is here no N-Veg is to be supplied".
Its a punishment for guys like us to just survive on this veg food and with only egg available (which better to be avoided). The quality of chappati that is served is soo hard that one would break his.her teeth.

Similar is the coach maintenance as we find cockroaches and rats running everywhere. Many of a time I have written in their feedback form but nothing seems to happen. This is not only in 3 Tier, but also in AC II Tier. Its a menance.

This train is one of the best train like us guys travelling from SC-HWH and back.

It would be very good if these things are looked into which will no doubt make the train to the best likings of its passengers.

With best regards,
Subhro Gupta

complan against fake ticket brokers

I m Surendra khandelwal from new Delhi. I traveled from Mumbai central to Nizamuddin station in Delhi, by train "Golden temple mail" on date 19/4/2010. My ticket was not conformed, one man came to me and said that he can arrange a ticket for me. He took Rs. 3000 from me and gave me a fake ticket for the train and told me that after Surat station T.T. will give me my seat in 2tier A.C. coach. But when T.T. came he told me that this is not a valid ticket and i have to pay penalty now. Then he made a new ticket for me in the normal non-a.c. coach for Rs. 820. And all those fake ticket brokers at the Mumbai central station are doing this work in the presence of railway police and other railway officers. And i was not the only victim, there were many other passengers who suffered a lot because of those ticket brokers. Please take some needful action against these type of anti-social elements of society as well as against the Railway police and officers who are involved in these activities.

waiting list passengers boarding the reserved compartment

I was travelling with my family from Kopargoan to Bangalore in Karnatak Express, reserved compartment S-2 on...

froud reservation & police

dear sir/friend

Its my experience that mumbai is beddest city in the world and mumbai railway police is worst part or railway and no one has care for tourist and to help them.
At railway station I want to ticket to travel ahmedabad and a agent find out me and told me to help me in getting ticket he told me that I have to spent 800 Rs. for that but after few time the train is about to leave station he comes and ask another 700Rs. when I refuse to give him he and his few friend come and tell me "MAR DENGE _ AND TERI TO _" LIKE FOOLISE WORD "and when I told to they tell"kuch kam ho to vaha aa jana "AND they gone away. Like this police is also involved with them.

ticket allotment

I, Sreekumar P (43 yrs), with due regards would like to bring to the notice of the Hon’ble Authority that I had purchased 2 tickets through internet reservation bearing PNR No. [protected] & [protected] from Mangalore to Aluva on 21.03.2010 & 01.04.2010 respectively for the journey to be performed on 04.04.2010 by the Train No.6603 in 3 AC. During this travel my Dad (73 yrs), my son(13 yrs) and my daughter (6 yrs) was along with me.

When I took the above tickets through e-net my first ticket status was W/L 2, 3 & 4 and second ticket status was W/L 8 which was booked later. On Journey date when I have checked my tickets before chart preparation the status was updated to W/L 1, 2, 3 & 6.

I have noticed that the chart was not tagged at the time departure for confirming my tickets so I have no other choice rather than get into 3 AC. I approached the T.T.E and he told me to wait in another compartment since he was busy with chart sorting. After some time when he came and verified my tickets he told me that my tickets are cancelled tickets. I was shocked to hear and further to see that he was alloting berth to W/L 4 & 5 in front of me. I requested so many times to allot me at least 2 tickets so that my father and my daughter can sit there. But he behaved unethically, used harsh words, refused to give the same and charged penality Rs.1387/- for traveling without ticket. This is really surprising policy of indian railway where the the wait-list e-ticket will be automatically cancelled after chart preparation. Eventhough the railway department had provided one more 3 tier AC coach due to heavy rush my ticket was not considered.

I had no other option but to travel in the same train since I have to reach cochin next day itself. The whole night was sleepless and uncomfortable standing journey for me and my family. I travelled a lot in Indian railways and never faced this type of treatment from any railway officials.

In view of the facts stated above I request you to look into this matter and take strict action against the faulty person, who has committed this illegal activity, so that no body can dare in future to commit such type of activities which are spoiling the image of our respectable Railway department. It is also requested that the excess fare charges taken from me as fine may please be refunded and a compensation of Rs.10000/- must be paid to me for the physical and mental harassment faced by me and the activity against my dignity/prestige, otherwise I would have no other alternative but to proceed in the court of law.


Sreekumar P
DGM (Fin & Admn)
R F Motors Pvt. Ltd.
Skyline Gateway Apartments
Edappally, Kochi - 682033
Phone - [protected]
Mobile - [protected]

wrong berth information on sampark kranti trains

The Sampark kranti express which runs from Delhi to patna has 9 seats in a coach, but the seat number issued in the ticket is for 8 seats in a coach of 3 - Tier.

If an elderly person reserves a ticket for lower berth, say seat number 9, he will actually get the Side Upper berth according the seating arrangement there.

Same would be happening with other trains with similar arrangements.

Its actually a fraud done by Ministry of railways giving us printed tickets with wrong berth information.

inconvenience at sleeper class

I and my mother had aboard the Kalinga Utkal Express from Sagar (M.P) to Bilaspur (C.G). As we entered the sleeper coach we were shocked to see so many unreserved passengers lying and sleeping inside the sleeper coach. It was very difficult even to walk or even place our foot on the ground. We were loaded with our luggage and locating our seats that to at such a time of 1:00 AM was a nightmare. Those who were sleeping on our berth, when we told them that this is our berth they misbehaved with us and they even abused us and were not allowing us to enter inside. What is very strange that all this "tamasha" was going in front of TTE who was present at the coach. Anyway we got our berth but there was no space to put our luggage. Hence, we put our luggage on our berth and tried to sleep any how but all in vain. Whole journey was disaster, at all station many where entering the coach without reservation. The coach was dirty, noisy, crowd and frustrating.

On another day while going from Durg to Bina, when the Bina station was arriving many "sabjiwalis" were carrying many, large and heavy bundles of vegetables. They kept these bundles on the way of exit. When the station came and train halted I was trying to get down the train carrying my luggage; one of the "sabjiwali" pushed me back heavily and shouted at me saying 'Maine bola na tujhe rukne ko?" I really don't understand who was she to yell at me. She was the one unauthorized inside the sleeper coach.

Then why should any body reserve their tickets, if they can travel more conveniently than those reserved ones. It shows our poor management, performance and dedication of railways. This was just one case we had lot more troubles while going and returning back from Sagar. One more thing I want to add Why we always had to change our train either at Bilaspur, Katni or Bina. Their should be regular and direct train from Durg to Sagar as the route is someways same. May be all these "tamashas" are the regular jobs going inside the Sleepers. Sleeper coach has now became worse than the General ones, any body can enter the sleeper mostly those who has their nature undisciplined, rude, manner-less, very unfair showing their low class category.

grp ki gundagardi

08-02-10 ki raat mai dost ki shadi me Ghaziabad se bareilly Rexsole Express se gaya tha by chance mai GRP ke dibbe mai baith gaya usme koi information nahi thi ki ye GRP ka dibba h ..usme jab baith gaya to hapur station se do GRP wale chad gaye wo har sawari se 20 rs lene lage aur bachho aur mahilayo se to badi hi besharmi se galiyo k sath baat kar rahe the..kuch sawariyo ko to mara bhi ..train me aisa phayyukt mahaul dekh kar to mai dar gaya
mai railway aur public k samne kuch mudde uthana chahta hu

1.train me GRP ka dibba kyo lagaya jata h jab ki usme koi bhi GRP wala nahi to sarasar loot aur kamane ka jariya h

2.GRP walo ko sabhyta sikhane ki jimmewari kiski h?

3.aise bhayyukt mahaul me hum safar kaise kare..jaha GRP wale hi dakait h.

complaint about the southern railways

i was travelling with my Mom and Sister in train no:6348 Mangalore- Trivandrum exp: on 15th of NOV 09. We had reserved a Sleeper Class Ticket and we were on the RAC list 5, 6, 7 respectively due to the rush of sabarimala pilgrims they provided an Extra coach(EX1) and we had confirmed seats 65, 66, 68. The coach was just behind the engine and they was a whole lot of rush inside our sleeper compartment and there was a stage that i had to beg to general compartment passenger to occupy our seat. With a lot of wispering they moved out and kept standing next to our seats making us uncomfortable there was not even a TTR to check the ticket nor a police for our safety. I was just doomed in that situation with my Mom and Sis and cruel and fierce looks given by the general compartment passenger. Do we reverse tickets for an uncomfortable journey like this or is it our mistake that we traveled in that train.

  • Na
    navin nahar May 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Date: 17th/5/2011
    Sourther Railway

    Sub: complaint against the head of attender mr.srinavasan

    My name is Navin Nahar, I am a crime reporter. I was travelling in karnatak express on 15th may 2011 from jalgaon to Bangalore. Following are my ticket details
    My Ticket No is 889330001 wl/9 n
    receipt no. D893934 Receipt of Rs. 400 of differences Seat no. A1-31.
    On 16th may when train was abt 15min to reach Bangalore cant. We bought our luggage near gate
    As my other family member had too many luggage, passage got little blocked.
    Same time this guy name Mr. srinivasan (the head of all attendant of Karnataka express a/c 2 train no.12628) came there n started using cheap language against lady passenger . when I said him to talk
    Respectfully he also started using cheap language against me and threatened me to throw me out of the running train he also threatened to call all his colleagues and to hit us. He also raised his on me.

    Kindly take a serious action against this person, and make sure that such incidents do not happen again in future. As a responsible citizen of India I would like to know what action has been taken against him.

    Thank you,
    Navin Nahar
    (Crime Reporter)

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non issue of platform tickets


The General Manager
Northern Railway


my complaint is regarding non-issue of platform tickets at counter number.19 of ajmeri gate side of new delhi railway station. Today i had gone to the railway station to meet my uncle and aunt, who were travelling my BBSR rajdhani exp to BBSR. For entering the platform i had gone for one platform ticket, then i saw a board displaying in large fonts above counter number 18 to 20 about the issue of platform tickets from any of the counters in que. by reading this i standed in que for platform ticket at counter number 19. but the clerk in counter number 19, strictly refused to issue me the platform ticket and directed me to go for counter number 13, i also reminded him of the board on which it was written. it was 16:40 at that time. as the train was scheduled to depart at 17:15, still left with no option i have to stand in long que of 50 people to get one platform ticket. if this is the motto for issuing platform ticket from a single window, it's my humble request to kindly remove such flimsy boards to relieve people from harassment.

  • Ss
    S. S. Virdi Aug 05, 2014

    I fully agree with this gentleman. Issue of Platform Tickets at Ajmeri Gate side is a big nightmare. People are forced to go inside to receive their near and dear ones without a Platform Ticket and then have to pay fines for ticketless entry.
    There is no single dedicated window for issuing Platform Tickets with clear instructions. I had to stand in a long queue when I went to receive my old father in law and mother in law who arrived by Jan Shatabdi on 27th of last month. Finally, I had to speak to them over mobile to come out of the Station by themselves as I could not enter the Station. I saw Ticket inspectors at the Exit were very busy catching people who were forced to enter the Station for receiving some kid or some lady/ ladies. These people had no other option, and one of them was almost in tears and explaining that he had already stood in a line for 15 minutes and he had to enter the station as his very young son was travelling alone.
    I must also say that the situation at Pahar Ganj Side is not so bad as there is a seperate dedicated queue for P.T.s. I would request the Railway officials to do something about all this... With regards, S. S. Virdi, 9810814477

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railways refund

With Reference to TDR for the PNR No: [protected] and [protected], Kindly note that the train had been cancelled due to floods for the week from the date on the travel. i.e. 11/10/09.Inspite online booking for the train was done on 5/10/09.

When approached the station of Egmore, Chennai. It was informed that 100 % refund will happen. Inspite, on filing TDR /cancelling on the very next day i.e. 12/10/09 only Rs. 85 /- and Rs, 299 /- respectively is credited.

Clarification needed on same why 100 % refund not done inspite TDR filed in time. None of the Delhi or Chennai Customer care has a proper answer to this. When train is being cancelled for consecutively a week, why was online booking possible through your official website. Who is responsible for the negligance and why is the customer money be penalised. Customer will have to pay penalty if we do not follow rules of railway. What is the answer for this kind of and lack of responsibility by railways injustice ?????????????????????????

  • Su
    sukhbir mahal Jun 25, 2010

    same happened with me also where i booked with rajdhani from delhi to howrah and train was delayed for 7 hours. i did not travel and filed TDR and should have been refunded the full amount as per rules. railways sent me Rs. 1005 only which is 50% of total amount when contacted they replied we are sending all the documents to railway ministry and will get back to you its more than 6 months now nothing happened.

    I guess railway ministry is reading all the document very carefully everyday hence the delay. i think there is some fraud going on in railways where lot of public money going in few people's pocket.

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non payment of pension arrears

I am a retired Officer from the Eastern Railway of Indian Railways in March 2003. My PPO No: [protected], I have not received the pension arrears so far. I request that the same may please be paid immediately.
My pension SB aC No.:[protected] of
SBI (754)
Collectorate compound, (2551284)
Visakhapatnam 530002 AP

Eastern Railway of Indian Railways

  • Sa
    sakajayesh Mar 01, 2011

    Respected sir,
    I am widow of Late VithalRao G. Saka pensioner from the Western Railway expired on 13/10/10. His PPO No: WR/11227/232979 dtd 6/11/1997. I have not received the DA arrears (10%) from july2010 not received till today. I request that the same may please be paid immediately. Pl. be noted I am recieving the family pension in below mention sb account.
    My UCO Bank Sb A/c 01840100001917.
    Leelavati V. Saka
    W/o Late Vithal Galappa Saka.
    127, BK. Chawl
    Opp Amruta Mills Saraspur
    Ahmedabad - 380018.

    Your's Sincerely,
    Leevati V. Saka

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  • Ab
    abdullahfarooqui43 Jun 08, 2011

    kaneez fatima ppo no a/pn/wcs/ub4b/1602i hyderabad bank account no 30009359977 sbi charminar branch din`t get medical alounces,
    kindly take some action in this matter as soon as posssible because i am a bed ridden patient,
    thanking you,
    kaneez fatima.

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  • Vi
    Vikram Goswami Nov 13, 2013

    Respected Sir
    Sub: Non Payment of Pension
    Ref: PPO No. 386/PNB 1513
    Late. Shri Madan Mohan LAl
    My father retired from Indian railways and was pensioner since July 1987, expired on 20th of december 2012. He was receiving his pension from Bank of Baroda, Roza Mandi, Shahjahanpur(U.P.). Since the death of my father which is app 1 year, my mother Smt. Nirmal Kanta who is entitled for the pension is not receiving her pension. I have completed all the formalities which are required for her to receive the pension. Please take necessary action so that my mother starts receiving her pension as soon as possible.
    Bank detail of my mother is given
    Bank name-Bank of Baroda
    Branch- Roza Mandi, Shahjahanpur
    A/c No. 26990100020899

    Vikram Goswami

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insufficient counters to issue tickets for mmts

What would a normal citizen do : when he is in the queue to take a ticket for MMTS waiting for 15 min and...

train departure before time

Today it was a shocking that i had reached palwal railway station in morning 8. 17 A.M
The GNP ( Palwal – New Delhi – Ghaziabad ) EMU departure before time from palwal railway station even 3 minute left and train almost crossed to platform and its out of reach at 8.17 A.M.

Really sir this is very big surprised for us, we have always listen about late for Indian railway but this time before time.

GNP Actual Departure time =8.20 ( as per railway schedule) from Palwal Railway Station, but today we don’t know why pilot was in so hurry.

safety & security at kalyan railway station

I submit that i was traveeling to vishakhapatnam on 15.08.09.I
got RAC accommodation up to Srikakulam Road in Konark Express. I was travelling with wife, daughter and two grand children. While iwas boarding iwas cornereed and my mobile phone and ticket were snatched. As i have to go urgently i continued my journey. I could not find any RPF personnel. I told the TTE who is S1 coach. He told me to sit in the place allotted to and the TTE will come at Pune and prepare the ticket. I was told that i Have to pay entire amount. I have Paid Rs 2150=00 as there will not be any concessional fare is allowed in the train. I immediately informed BSNL and submitted an application through my office staff to block my number. [protected]. Immediately after returning from Vizag i made complaint in the local police station at Ambernath on 24.08.2009 about the lost phone and got new Sim card with same Number. I have sent an E-mail to Cyber cell mumbai also with IMEI number.I feel that stolen ticket must have encashed.The sad part is that gang which cornered me was comprising of a female well dressed may be around 50 years and she had gathered all information about berth nos etc from my family. I feel that Kalyan station is paradise for all such anti social elements. I am still keeping the ticket prepared in the train for further reference if required. Railway administration should take suitable measures to prevent such incidents.

Dhavala Ranga Rao
C/O D.M.C.C Ltd,
Phone [protected],
mob : [protected], [protected]
email. [protected]