IHOP Restaurantswaiting too long for a table

Hi I visited the ihop situated at 316 south airport Blvd on south San francisco california. Well let tell me experience to understand the complaint I arrive to the store and I have to wait more than 20 minutes to have the attention of somebody to request for a table my surprise was that it was more people waiting for it. It was today november 21 around 10:45pm to 11:05 that a manager I couldn't get the name but he looks Spanish gave some attitude that they didnt have enough crew. Well ok I dont have a problem with but wait more than 20 minutes for that attitude like that is unprofessional I noticed that it was enough tables to this people sit why the manager didnt approach and start taking care of the customers. 2 weeks ago was the same problem was around 2:00 am. I enter the restaurant and I saw the same spanish guy I assume is the manager I saw the manager sat for at least 15 minutes before another customer enter the dining area and tell that there were people waiting to be seat. Finally when he decide to come a asking why? You took so long to host everybody is waiting for you and I answer you are lying I saw you sitting on one of the tables in the corner. So what I want to complain that I dont know why a company like ihop have this lazy, unprofessional crew working next time I will get the name of this manager because he dont deserve be in that position

Nov 22, 2018

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