IHOP Restaurants / service, food & manager on duty

Fountain Colorado, United States

We went to the ihop at On highway 85 87 In fountain Colorado we arrived and was seated by what we now know to be the manager On duty and she did not give us menus she just shoved a couple of tables together as quick as she could and had a sit down after 15 minutes of waiting and the restaurant filling up with more customers and them getting served and receiving menus and getting their orders field I went and got another waiter to help us which got us our menus 10 minutes later we finally gave Our orders to our waiter and then we received our drinks we did not receive crackers that we asked for We waited almost an entire hour for our food our waiter did not even bring refills that he said he would when we receive the food it was refrigerator cold all of it not one item all of it when I asked to speak to the manager the woman that set us at our table approached me and asked what she could do for me I explained to her what had happened she plopped on the bench next to me curled-up her legs and said I was right there when that came up to the window it must have been the cook at that point we got our things To leave at which point She ask if we would like her to have it re cooked with-in this time by the way everyone that had came into the restaurant after us have received all of their food and it was all hot we did not have time to sit there and wait another hour for them to cook our food and bring it to us cold again so we left I will never go to another ihop I know that might not affect your business very Much but for me and my grandchildren am I children-and husband that means we will never have to experience that again

Jun 22, 2017

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