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Chester, maryland, MD, United States Review updated:

My first, only and last experience at IHOP went like this:
I ordered the "patty melt" and I didn't realize that it had a patty of beef on it. (My own mistake)

On the menu it says "patty melt - American cheese and grilled onions on rye"
So I'm thinking I'm getting a grilled cheese with onions. It comes out, it is in fact, what I ordered, but it has beef on it. I stated "oh there's meat on here I didn't realize" and suddenly the surly white trash waitress GIGI asks me in a horrible attitude "why I'm looking at her like that?" when I was literally looking down at the table.
Me and the 4 other people I'm with are trying to simply say the order WAS correct but I made the mistake and just want to order something different.
She argues with all 5 of us that there's no meat on the sandwich until my boyfriend picked it up, opened it and asks why is there a beef patty on there if there's no meat on it?
She goes on to say "I'm not gonna sit here and argue with you" When no one is arguing except her.

She proceeds to bring out at least 3 different egg sandwich combinations, that no one ordered (that we ended up paying an $80 bill for by the way), trying to argue now that I had ordered them.. I only ever ordered the Patty Melt with hasbrowns and a side of turkey bacon.

She also back pedals and said I ordered the patty melt with no meat..

A) I never said egg, not once
B) I never said "no meat", not once
and C) I tried to admit fault and just simply explain that I ordered the wrong thing and nothing she did was even wrong until now

We were one of 2 tables in the entire restaurant late at night and apparently she couldn't handle that I just wanted to order something different. As soon as I expressed the small issue her entire demeanor changed, she singled me out in front of my friends, made rude comments, shot nasty looks and wouldn't just shut up and listen. All I wanted to do was order something else because I was wrong in ordering the patty melt.
The whole ordeal completely defeated my appetite and I ended up eating a bite of hash browns and paying for all the sandwiches that she brought out that no one ever ordered just to get out of there.

Also, the rest of our group showed up as we were leaving and when they sat down inside with the same waitress (GIGI) she proceeded to tell my friend that she never wants to see me in there ever again.

I'm never going to IHOP again and I'm very sorry to have ever stepped foot inside to have a great night ruined by nothing but a simple misunderstanding.

Oct 22, 2017

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