IHOP Restaurants / food and negligence

Hialeah Gardens, FL, United States

On June 2nd, I visited the IHOP restaurant in Hialeah Gardens, Florida, located on Hialeah Gardens Blvd. I went with my two children, ages 7 and 9. It was their graduation day. After their graduation, we went to get a quick bite to eat at IHOP, before catching a movie.

Our server was Elio. My daughter wanted the three small pancakes from the kids menu, that included eggs and bacon. We asked Elio to please substitute the eggs with another slice of bacon because my daughter has an EGG ALLERGY.

He stated that he could not do so. I told him well we're not getting the eggs because she's allergic, can't it be substituted. His reply, well I could do it for hash browns. My daughter doesn't like hash browns I replied. (Isn't the purpose of eating out to order something that you like). I replied, well we always come here and the eggs get replaced on the kids combo with one slice of bacon because she can't eat eggs. I asked dont you ever get people with food allergies, what do you do in that circumstance? I'm already not getting the eggs I'm paying for in the combo, I stated. His response was I don't know why in the past they've done that but I cannot. Then he suggested I can pay a dollar extra to get one slice of bacon. I said but I'm not getting the eggs, which I'm paying for in the combo.

By this time I was just beside myself of his poor customer service and lack of care. I could see the entrance to the kitchen from where we were seated. I hear him complaining about me to someone in the kitchen. He was stating, I'm not going to substitute what she wants. So I took a few deep breaths, thinking ok I'm not going to let him ruin our moment for a measly restaurant check under $40. It wasn't even the money bc lord knows I can more than afford our meal. It was the principle of it all and comparing prior servers, he was obviously having a bad day or wanted to be an [censor] (excuse my wording but that was exactly what I was thinking).

I let it go, because as I previously mentioned, I was not going to allow someone's bad attitude ruin our day. The food wasn't even up to par as it normally is. My son complained that his mini burgers had a lot of fat parts in it, and left the food. My daughter received the three small pancakes and one slice of bacon. When I paid, I even tipped him, to much regret afterwards.

We went to see a movie and not far into it, my daughter began to complain that she felt bad. We left the movie. When we walked out and into the light, her face was red, extremely swollen, and was experiencing difficult breathing. I rushed her to the ER. Can you guess what she had?!! I'll tell you, it was an allergic reaction to EGGS!

From the beginning I told Elio at IHOP restaurant that she has an egg allergy!!

If instead of complaining and talking about us in the kitchen, he would have put his efforts on communicating to the person preparing our food, about my daughter's food allergy, this would of been avoided. What a [censor] server and a [censor] thing to do to a child.

My job is in clinical marketing for the Memorial Hospitals. Of course it extends to all aspects of clinical and customer service. So my question is, are we not properly training restaurant servers and personnel on food allergies and its severity? Much educated must be provided as even cross contamination can be life threatening to a person.

I will not be visiting that IHOP and I hope Elio learns of how his actions or lack of, can have serious effects on someone's health.

Jun 10, 2017

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