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These people ( IC System Inc. / PayPal Inc. ) say that I apparently owe someone quite a bit of money, $16, 978.05 to be exact. Anyways, I've never once used a paypal account in my life. I don't exactly remember when, but I did in fact attempt to open a paypal account a long time ago. But as far as I can remember I never did in fact complete the process. That was a long time ago though so I don't remember any specifics, all I really do know is that I NEVER once used that account wether it was completed or not!!! Anyways here is the supposed account info...
Paypal Inc
Account No: [protected]
I.C. System Reference No: [protected]-1-59
Principal Due: $16, 978.05 Balance Due: $16, 978.05
Anyways like I said I never once used PayPal and I sure as heck don't owe them any money!!! Thank you for reading.

Dec 15, 2014
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  • Ri
      Mar 26, 2008
    IC System - Employee complaint!
    United States

    They come off as a reputable employer but it seems no matter how much you work or collect, they always have excuses why they seldom ever give a commissions check. and beware of your fellow peers giving your their bronchitis, etc even if your dr. tells you to stay home, they have a way of reneging on your commissions that way too.

    Run for the hills if they ever what to hire you, your much better off not working for snakes.

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  • Tr
      Apr 07, 2008

    In all defense, I am just looking from both point of view. if someone else owes you money, you expect it back in a timely fashion, no one wants to push for money that's why we have collection agencies. a collection agency does not have customer services, if you want customer service then go to burger king. the customer in their view is the client that they are collecting for, the consumers are the debtors. do you see the difference? on occasions you have those who can't pay their bills and those who simply are bums and won't get off their buns to pay any bills but expects the food for free. you are given a time frame before being put in collection, don't you think it is fair that they are harsh at times? there are people who wait six months or one year to pay their bills, don't you think your electricity would have been cut off by that time? I personally don't feel sorry for anyone. a medical bill is different from all bills. it is unexpected and life sometimes has that but other than that then everyone deserves what's coming to them. you had time and bills, pay them. and just fyi, whatever the debtors don't pay because their butts are too loaded paying their cell phone bills instead, I will have to pay for their debts with my taxes, so I say if you owe money, then pay it otherwise, you deserve what you get it. it's not a surprise, you got the service, pay the god damn bill!

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  •   Jun 03, 2008

    These people call me everyday. I do not have any outstanding bills with anyone. since I bought this house three years ago, i've had all kinds of bill collector calls harassing me. it seems they take the address and find out the phone number to the address. they won't leave me alone. they do not believe me that I am not the previous home owner who I assume has lots of debt collections because I bought the house from a bank that was repaid. this is outright harassment. imagine being a person who pays bills on time and getting harassed for someone who doesn't pay their bills. I have had to change my phone number twice before but the harassment never stops.

    I even get mail addressed to someone who owes the bills. trust me. I am telling the honest to god truth. only in america can an on time bill payer get harassed like a deadbeat. the bill collector company is named I c systems. if they do not stop it I will sue them.

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  •   Jun 04, 2008

    We are receiving 3-4 phone calls per day from this company. they are asking for a person that has never lived at our address. there was one owner in our home before us. before that it wasn't built.

    We both have spoken to this company with the result being either rudeness or feigned stupidity.

    We have also spoken to our state's attorney general's office. we were informed by that office that we needed to write to this company, which we have done. now we will wait and see what action we need to take next.

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  • Ri
      Jun 21, 2008
    IC System - Unsolicited phone calls
    IC System
    St. Paul
    United States

    This company keeps calling me and there is never an answer when I pick up. I have been able to find that the calls are coming from san diego, ca. they must have my number in their computer and I get these calls several times a day. I am not in debt so they have the wrong person. how can I get them to stop? plz advise smb!

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  • Lr
      Jul 10, 2008
    IC System - calling every 20 mins
    I C Systems
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    These people keep calling my cell phone between every 20 to 30 mins from 8am to after 9pm and it is not me there looking for. what can be done

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  • Wi
      Aug 07, 2008

    But to tell me I have to do automatic deduction from my checking during a time that I am not sure I will have enough that particular week to pay is wrong. I agreed to repaying but to demand my checking account number and tell me I have no rights. that was marie's number one mistake. do not tell me I have no rights because, lady, I can show you my rights.

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  • Kr
      Oct 02, 2008
    IC System - debt collection
    IC System
    444 Highway 96 E
    St. Paul
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    They keep calling me on a medical collection of a dead relative of mine. they demand a copy of his death certificate, and personal information I refuse to share with them. I have told them numerous times to stop calling to which they usually say we'll just call back tomorrow and they always do. please help, I am not financially responsible for a medical debt incurred by a relative.

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  • Be
      Oct 22, 2008

    Amen! I hear you! exact same experience here. i, too, have absolutely no outstanding bills and excellent credit. they call for the person who had this phone number before we did... three years ago. and they are rude and nasty beyond belief. they basically think anyone that says they don't know the person they are calling for is a liar. they make me ill.

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  • Pa
      Feb 14, 2009

    I doesn't sound like they are saying you're responsible. Most office require a death certificate in order to write-off a balance of a deceased patient.

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  • Sh
      Sep 29, 2009

    Answer the damn phone and say youve never heard of the person how the # are they suppose to know they have the wrong number if you dont tell me

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  • Sk
      Dec 19, 2010
    IC System - harassing phone calls
    United States

    I keep receiving phone calls the message is left on my answering machine, the person they are looking is not at this number. I finally got to talk to someone who said they would take me off the calling list, that was at least 2 months ago. I am still getting phone calls. How can I get them to stop calling me ?

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  • Cr
      Mar 30, 2011

    If they call again request a supervisor and let them know that you have repeatedly asked that your number be removed as it is an invalid number.

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