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IC System Complaints & Reviews

IC System / debt collection

Brandi Hawkins on Apr 14, 2017
This company tried to charge me more for a debt than was owed. This all happened April 14, 2017 I called 1-888-735-0516 I had an old account with COX cable totaling $193. I paid a portion of the account with one debt collector in the amount of $80, January 2017. The account was since...

IC System / Contracts and client services

Reviewer90123 on Feb 9, 2016
I nearly signed a contract with this company. However, once you contact them, the reps hound you to sign (and pay the retainer) and disregard anything you say. Since my business went on break for the holidays, I told the rep I would read and sign the contract when I got back in January...

IC System / Imaginary bill!!!

Michael Washeleski on Dec 15, 2014
These people ( IC System Inc. / PayPal Inc. ) say that I apparently owe someone quite a bit of money, $16, 978.05 to be exact. Anyways, I've never once used a paypal account in my life. I don't exactly remember when, but I did in fact attempt to open a paypal account a long time...

I.C.System / charges for service not used

lori hairston on Oct 13, 2012
My son is incarcerated and Cons call home was a business to get discounted calls from the inmate. I purchase this package for a year yet while the year was in process my son was sent to con solitary confinement and the service wasn't used I called Cons call home to get a refund they...

IC Systems / Ex-husband

angiehorton on May 25, 2012
I received a phone call today from an anonymous number. The woman who called left a message and a call back number for me. She said it was an "Important business matter." As it turns out, she was a representative for a company called IC Systems.and she was looking for my ex-husband, whom...

IC Systems / Unprofessional

jackie0als on Feb 28, 2012
This company has been calling my cell phone for about a year now, from several different numbers. They often call 3 times in a row. If I answer my phone, it is just silence. If I let it go to voicemail, they leave no message. If I call them back I either can't get through or they...

I.c. Systems Inc / Rude

bkuriak on Oct 4, 2011
I.C. Systems is one of the worst collection agencies. They don't understand the laws and use rude behavior to collect on their debts. They are archaic as I could not send an email or fax disputing the charges they claim I owe, but instead I have to send "snail" mail. I have already...

IC Systems / Harrassing me at work

Welchga on Oct 3, 2011
IC Systems has been harassing me at work. They call several times a day. I informed them that the debt they were trying to collect was not mine, and could not be mine as I've never had AT&T service. I informed them that this was my work number and not to call me any more. 20 minute...

I.c. System Inc. / Unethical charger debt

Shahab-abro on Sep 7, 2011
I lived in a rented house and used RCN Internet Service in chicago ... I moved to other city in January 2011, before moving I called RCN and told them to transfer thier service to my new location, RCN declined as they do not have services in that area. I therefore told them to discontinue...

IC Systems / Rude & Unbending

JenZee1 on Jul 18, 2011
On July 5th, I had emergency surgery. That same day, while coming out of anesthesia, I made the mistake of making my house payment, but unfortunately to the wrong account. I used my banks bill pay option, and the account I erroneously selected was an account of my husbands, to which my...

I.c. Systems / Harassing Calls

HCartag520 on Jun 15, 2011
IC Systems have been calling me a few times a day for the last month. When I did pick up the phone last week, and spoke to someone (Amanda), she explained the reason for the call. Amanda demanded payment on the spot. I told her that I did not have the money at the time and that I will pay...

IC Systems / LETTERS

Julez on Mar 23, 2011
I called Ic systems debt collection agency and paid off a medical bill for my youngest daughter and when i asked the lady i was speaking to on the phone if i had anything else in there system for me or my children she had told me that i have another bill for $50.00 and when I asked her if...

IC Systems / never use them if you are a company

We used IC Systems to help us collect outstanding dept. and the people were rude and obnoxious to our customers. We were told one thing and they delivered another or did not deliver at all. Their systems are antiquated and they lied to our customers. In dealing with customers who...

IC Systems / Rude, belitting

In the numerous dealings I have had with IC Systems Collections I have been belittled, told to do what I was told, told that if I paid my bills then I wouldn't be having these problems, been hung up on when trying to give information. I have asked for a statement and was told they...

IC System Inc / trying to collect debt that I did not incurrred

I.C. System are calling about debt to Excel Immediate Medical Care. Excel Medical Care has never had me as a patient. In addition, there is no legal person at the above address named Betty Hargrove. This is not my legal name which I have told them. Why would I pay for medical charges which...

IC Systems / possible ID theft scam

Sometime in March I received a phone call from Bay Area Credit Service, LLC, located in Antioch CA, 94509. I was told that I owed AT&T $158, and asked if I still lived at( some address) in Overland Park, Kansas. Now I know where Overland Park is, but I have never lived there. I explained...

Ic System Inc. / this company is a joke

ok...so ive got a phone call from ic systems inc saying i owed about $200 to a company. that theyve sent me a letter explaining. well 2wks go by, never got the letter. they call again saying well we sent the letter you need to pay. well i never got a letter. they have called at least 4...

IC Systems / Class action lawsuit

Let's get together and sue IC Systems into oblivion. I'll be posting an email address dedicated to this cause soon. Also, I encourage those of you wrongfully harrassed by this demonic, evil company to notify the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission. They are the branch of...

IC Systems / Harassment, lack of info

Harassing phone calls, rude and threatening attitudes, these people refuse to give me any information. i have never received a single piece of mail from these people in reference to any collections. they do however call constantly, and when asked for info they refuse to tell me anything...

IC Systems / Late/early phone calls, harassing phone calls, being called 15 times in a day!

I get atleast 10 phone calls a day from IC systems anywhere from 7:30 AM all the way till 10 PM, not only are they rude, but when they call you it's not even the main person it's an operator who sometimes apoligizes because the line of the person who wishes to talk to is not...

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