Hyundai Nelspruit / unhappy about my vehicle - fixed and warrenty used to fix for the dealers mistaces

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In February 2011 I was in an accident with my Hyundai Tuscon. The vehicle was towed in to J & H Panel Beaters in White river for repairs. The vehicle was fixed and returned. After a while the vehicle's aircon started making warm and cold in between and the vehicle also did not want to start on two accasions. The vehicle went back. The aircon temprature was still flactuating to cold and warm when I received it back. I discovered that the vehicle had no water in the radiator and the vehicle blew a head gasket. This was now after the 5th time the vehicle went back and returned and back and returned as fixed. When confirmed that the head gasket blew and needs to be fixed, Hyundai Nelspruit used my vehicle warrenty to fix the head gasket which I feel should not be done because the cost should be paid by Hyundai as well as the panel beaters as the vehicle was 1stly not filled with water when the radiator was replaced and the vehicle was at Hyundai in Nelspruit on several occasions for days on the machines and according to them the machines could not find any fault with the vehicle. I collected my vehicle from Hyundai Nelspruit on the 4th July. On thursday morning on my way to JHB...the car overheated and blew another head gasket. The vehicle was once again towed in and back to Hyundai (Witbank)- now for the 6th time. Hyundai Witbank phoned me today and inform me that the head gasket needs to be fixed again because the water pipes was not fastened by Hyundai Nelspruit and the water pipes are hanging loose underneath the vehicle. I want Hyundai Nelspruit to cancel the first warrenty they used to fixed my vehicle and I also told Hyundai Witbank that I will not sign anything to give them permission to use my warrenty again to fix my vehicle. This cost must now come from Nelspruit's dealer pocket.

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      Jul 13, 2011

    Don't fall for this...the biggest scam ever. I receive them on a daily basis on my laptop, my e-mail address has won this amout in the lottery and then that amount. Before you can claim your money, you must pay a cash amount into their account and then they disapear. Be aware!!!

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